Education First Annual International Day March 8, 2019.


Paula Mota – Uruguay

Edward Christopher “Ed” Sheeran is a really talented singer and songwriter, who also play the guitar. He was born on February 17, 1991, in Halifax, West Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom. With only 26 years old he is doing very well in his career, everybody knows him and loves his songs.

He has a characteristic romantic and melodic style, and sometimes he does some raps too. Besides singing and writing songs, he also plays the guitar. His talent led him to compose for important artists. ‘Love Yourself’, the ‘megahit’ of Justin Bieber, is an example. Like ‘Everything has Changed’, by Taylor Swift. He also did it for One Direction with ‘Little Things’ and ‘Over Again’. Also, originally, ‘Shape of You’ was written for Rihanna.

Sheeran comes from an artist family. His father John is an art curator and his mother Imogen is a jewelry designer. Also, he has an older brother, named Matthew, who has studied music at university and is now a classical composer. He had been playing music since he was a child in Framlingham, Suffolk, a small town of 3.000 inhabitants. His childhood was not perfect. His stuttering, reddish hair and the fact that it was not good for sports made him an easy target.

Sheeran started writing music in his early teens, recording a self-made album called Spinning Man when he was thirteen in 2004. In addition to making music at home -he put out an EP titled The Orange Room in 2005- he’d busk on the streets and play whatever stage he could find. At age of sixteen, Sheeran dropped out of school to start his professional music career in London.

In ‘Take it Back’, included in the deluxe edition of his album X (2014), sings: “For four years I did not have a place to stay, but that kept me focused (…). I went from sleeping in a subway station to sleeping with a movie star (…). You found me singing in the streets when it was cold. And now I’m perspiring on stage on a sold out tour.”

Sheeran made his first steps playing comedy, hip-hop and jazz clubs, and open-mic nights. Uploaded songs to the web and thousands of students began to share their music. It did not take long to get the attention of Elton John, today his musical godfather.


Nowadays, he is paired with Cherry Seaborn, his high school sweetheart, with whom he reunited in New York. Moreover, he has a group of friends he has known since he was 10 years old. He is doing pretty well, he is on the best moment of his career, and we can see that his personal life is going really well too. I believe that a lot of good things are coming with him. So be aware!!


Barack Hussein Obama

By Giulia Bamberger, Germany

Barack Hussein Obama is an American politician who is a member of the Democratic Party. As a candidate for the office of the president, Obama won the first preliminary elections in Iowa, 2007. He was the first Afro-American president in America.

Barack Hussein Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961. Two years after his birth, his parents were divorced. After this happened, Obama moved with his mother to Jakarta, Indonesia. There, he went to an Indonesian state school.

In 1971, he went back to Hawaii and went to a private school. There he finished high school with honors.
After he was at Occidental College in L.A, for two years, he traveled to Columbia University in New York. In 1983, he received his Bachelor of Arts in political sciences.
In 1985, he traveled to Chicago and decided to study law at Harvard Law School. He took his final examination at Harvard in 1991. After that, he went back to Chicago and worked as an advocate for civil rights.

barack obama mother

Barack Obama as a child with his mother Stanley Ann Dunham

Obama entered into state politics in Illinois in 1992. He started a campaign for the mobilization of Afro-American electors. By this campaign, he mobilized 150,000 electors. Four years after that, he was elected into the Illinois state senate by the southern constituency. There he took on the leadership for public health service and welfare.
In this legislative period, he supported working-class families and homosexuals. Furthermore, he succeeded with new remedies for AIDS research.
In his second legislative period, 2002, he required the police to use a body cameras and worked further at a health insurance system, which he succeeded.
In the year 2004, Obama gained acceptance in the preliminary elections without problems because of many political personalities that helped him and the two biggest Chicago newspapers.
Obama began his first period in office in the American Senate in 2005. He used a lot of time for training into his position. In the following two years, Obama was one of the most active politicians. He succeeded with 152 decisions.

barack obama joachim gauck

Barack Obama with the former President of Germany Joachim Gauck

Barack Obama always was against the Iraq war and against the politics, which George W. Bush operated in this regard. He wanted a gradual withdrawal of the troops from Iraq, which ended after 16 months. Obama wanted to diplomatically counter conflicts with Iran in international cooperation.

After the election in 2017, where Donald Trump won the presidency, he had to move out of the White House with his wife Michelle and his two children Malia Ann (19 years old) and Natasha (16 years old).

barack obama family

Barack Obama with his family in the White House

By Giulia Bamberger, Germany