Michael scioli, Spain

  • What your name?


  • And your second name?


  • How many people are living with you at your host-family?

-There are living 3 people right now

  • Where are you from?

-She is from Belgium

  • Where are you living?

-She’s living at Goleta

  • How far are you from the school?

-30 minute in bus

  • Did you need to take a bus to come to school?

-Yes she takes a bus to come to school

  • How do you feel in the school?

-She feels very good and really fine with the teachers

  • Are you studding for job or only for the language?

-Yes, she’s studying for his job

  • What’s your favorite food?

-She likes everything but also she don like frog legs

  • Do you like animals and do you have some pet at you home?

-Yes, she has 2 horses, 2 turtlesand some goldfish 

  • Do you think the English language is the most important language in the world?

-Yes she does but she thinks that Spanish is very important too

  • Do you think American food is healthy?

-No because there are so many fast-food restaurants and the healthy food is expensive

  • Do you like to do some sport?

-Yes, she rides two horses

  • What do you think about these 15 questions

-Yes it was interesting


The Spanish Michael Scioli’s Interview

 By Margaux Borgniet, Belgium 

1) What’s your name?
2) Where do you come from?
3) How old are you?
4) Why are you here?
    To learn English for his work
5) What’s your favorite city in the world? And why?
    Naples because Italian food is the best
6) What’s your biggest dream in your live? And what are you able to do to achieve it?
    To be an Airplanes mechanic in Dubai
7) What’s your image of the perfect live?
    To earn a lot of money and help the poor people
8) What are your biggest fears?
    Lose his car’s keys
9) If you were very rich, what would you do with your money? And why?  
    Help poor people, because when you die nobody can take care of your money so it’s better to give it to       poor people
10) If you had the possibility to create a new product, what would it be? (Clothes,    technologies,…)
     A chip to put in your skin that is able to give you the knowledge of languages

Interview with Klara Keysendal, Sweden

Eva Wipplinger, Germany

  1. What is the name of your hometown?

           I live outside of Stockholm. 

  1. Do you have siblings or pets?

          I don’t have pets. I have two younger siblings.

  1. Who is your favorite teacher in EF?

          My favorite teacher is Karen.

  1. If you would do another language trip would you go with EF again?

          I want to go on another language trip, but maybe I will go there on my own.

  1.  Why did you choose EF? Are you happy with your choice?

           Yes I am happy, because it is well known and my  sister also did a trip with EF.

  1. Do you like your host family / home share?

          I live in a hosfamily and i really like them.

  1. Do you Like your SPIN classes?

           Yes ( Media & Writing)

  1. Do you think SPIN classes are necessary? Do you learn sth at your SPINs?

          Yes I think I learn a lot at the writing SPIN.

  1. What is your favorite shop at State Str?

            I like Paseo Nuevo.

  1. What is your favorite restaurant in SB?

           I really like Sushi tyme.

  1. What is your flirting technique?

          Being myself, being friendly, smile

  1. What is your favorite job?

         I already work in a bank and I really my job.

  1. Would you like to have a different name? What would it be?

           Actually my name was Beata. 

  1. What is your favorite tv show/ series?

           My favorite tv show is Keeping up with the Kardashians.

  1. If you could be part of a tv show, which one would it be?

           It would be great to be a part of thr show Keeping up with the Kardashians.


Interview with Coen Kleinegris

Celina Backman, Sweden

1.Where are you from?

  • Netherlands

2.How old are you?

  • 19

3.Are you single?

  • Yes

4.If you were a girl for one day, whats the first thing you would do?

  • Stare in the mirror

5.What’s your dream job?

  • Soccer player

6.Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

  • Finish with studies, have a job

7. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

  • Neither

8.Whats your favorite food?

  • Greek or Italian food

9.If you won 10 million dollars, what would you do?

  • Travel the world, build my dream house.  

10.Your dream destination in the World?

  • Australia

11.Would you brake your best friends arm for 1 million dollars?

  • Yes if they agree

12.IF you must choose between been stuck in a room full of spiders or full of snakes, what would you choose?

  • Spiders

13.Would you like to be famous?

  • No, maybe if I do something that’s improve the world.

14. Is this your first time in the USA?

  • Yes

15. How long do you stay?

  • 2 more weeks.



Interview with Eva, Germany

By Klara Keysendal, Sweden

1.What’s your name?
My name is Eva Wipplinger

2. Where are you from?
I’m from a city called Passau which is located in the south part of Germany, close to Austria

3. How long have you been in Santa Barbara? And how long will you stay?
I have been here for five weeks and will stay here for seven more weeks

4. Do you live in a host family or a home share? Do you like it?
I live in a host family and I really like it

5. Do you live with other students?
Yes, I do. I live with two other students, one from Japan and one from Switzerland

6. How would your friends describe you in three words?
Crazy, helpful, I don’t know the third one

7. Have you been in America before?
No, this is my first time

8. What did you do this weekend?
Me and my host family went to Cloud 10, which is a small park, and we had a BBQ with the family

9. Do you have any plans for this summer?
Yes, I have to study before school start, and me and my friend will travel to Italy

10. What do you think you will do in five years?
In five years I’m 21 years old, I hope to have a good job, have my own apartment and maybe have a dog

11. Describe your dream vacation with five words?
My dream vacation is to Florida or Africa. Five words to describe would be beach, friends, sun, having fun and food

12. What’s your dream job?
I don’t have a specific job but I would like to work with people and not work on the weekends

13. How do you spend your free time?
I’m with friends and having dance lessons

14. What is your best childhood memory?
It was seven years ago, me and my best friend travel to London for three days with our parents

15. If you won the lottery, what would you do?
Have a big swimming pool, travel a lot, of course save money for the future, and buy a big house

Interview with a Funny Swedish Girl

Jeni Kuruthukulangara, Switzerland

Interview with Josefin Groth, Sweden:

What are you most proud about?
I am most proud of my family.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes I do. This actually happened to me.

Which is the one job in the world that you would love to do?
I would like to work for a NGO to help starving and poor children.

How do you spend your spare time?
I like to watch TV shows.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
I would like to have a family with children.

If you have got six months to live, what will you do first?
I will be travelling around the world and force my family and friends to come with me (hehe).

What makes you laugh?
Probably everything. Yeah almost everything.

Are you a morning person or a night person?
Oh definitively a night person.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
That would be in California.

If you could travel back through time, what one mistake would you correct in life?
I will give myself a good speech.

Do you believe a cup is half empty or half full?
I believe a cup is half full.

Into which personality’s shoes would you like to step for a day?
I would love to be Jennifer Aniston and the US president for one day.

Would you like to climb a mountain or trek across a desert?
I have already climbed a mountain so I will trek desert.

What was your best weekend this year?
The weekend before I left for California.

Do you snore?
Yes, I do like a man.

What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?
Travelling around the world by myself.

What is your favorite takeaway meal?
Mc donalds

If you have three wishes, what would they be?
To have a lot of money to pay off my debts, stay healthy to have always a good body, have a happy life

Are you repair your stuff yourself or call an expert?
I will call someone.

Which animal would you like to be?
A dog or a panda, I want to be cuddled.

Interview of an EF student, Daan Klein Schiphrost

Lysiane Sublet – Switzerland

What’s your name and where do you come from?
I’m Daan and I come from Holland.

What’s your favorite series?
Game of Thrones

If you could be one of the characters of these series which one would you be?
Jon Snow, because he is the best and he is alive.

Where did you party last weekend?
IV and the beach

Do you prefer to party in Santa Barbara or in your country?
Here in Santa Barbara, because of all the strange people, that’s so crazy.

If aliens come tonight to visit you, what would you do?
Get fucked up with them, drink beer.

What’s your biggest fear?
To be alone.

If you could do anything you want to for one day, without consequences, what would you do?
To rob a bank and keep the money.

If you could spend one day with one known person, who would it be?
Melanie Iglesias.

Where would you take this known person for the day?
On an island where no one lives.

Do you often lie? If yes what’s your more common lie?

What is the last book you read?
Harry Potter, like 6 years ago.

What’s your dream job?
Work on Wall Street.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
In Wall Street, I hope. In New York in a penthouse.

Do you want to get married and have children or do you prefer a lifestyle less traditional?
Get married and have children.

Do you prefer chill nights or party nights?

Social Anxiety

Lysiane Sublet – Switzerland

What is social anxiety?

Social anxiety is an anxiety disorder in which the person has an extremely fear or nervousness in social situations as speaking in front of others, being the center of attention or having a date, for example. The person is scared of being judged, criticized or looking bad. Anticipatory anxiety is also present in social anxiety. An event that is simple for most of people can be very stressing for people who suffer from this disorder. They can get nervous just because they have a phone call to make and stress about what they are going to say to their interlocutor. Another example can be when the person has to
make a presentation in public. They get nervous weeks before, sometimes months before and are like paralyzed just by thinking at this event.

Video – social anxiety disorder


What can explain social anxiety?

There is a model, which is called skills deficit model that assumes that the anxiety in social situations is caused by a lack of social skills. The result of that is the establishment of a vicious circle. Because of their inappropriate social skills, people with social anxiety are getting in aversive social situations and the experience of bad social situations will convince them a little bit more every time that they do not fit in society norms and that they are not made for social situations.

Another approach, the cognitive self-evaluation model, states that this anxiety results from the representation of the person’s inadequacies. A research proved that socially anxious people estimate their social skills as more negative that they are in reality, have also a more negative perception of themselves and evaluate the regard of others as less positive that he really are.


A third model, the classical conditioning model, assumes that social anxiety is conditioned when some neutral stimuli are matched with aversive social consequences.

For example, someone makes a class presentation and a classmate laugh during his presentation. Maybe his classmate laughed because he wasn’t listening and was talking about something funny with his neighbor, but the person who does the presentation might think that he makes fun of him because his presentation is bad or because he is bad. This person will associate presentation in public with a consequence of humiliation.

Finally, there is a fourth approach, the personality trait approach, that suggests that social anxiety is just a personality trait. Some person might have a disposition to shyness and anxiety.


 Are there any treatments to social anxiety?

Treatments involve especially psychological counseling, to find some ways to reduce the anxiety in social situations. Just taking medicine, like antidepressants, is not enough because it won’t help to reduce anxiety, it will just stabilize it and that is not the purpose of the treatment. Psychological counseling and medicines can be used together for a long-term efficiency, but at one point it is better to stop medicines, in order to be able to live without taking any pills and just be well in our skin by working on how accepting ourselves and do not be afraid by the regard of other anymore. The more important thing is to be ourselves and to enjoy it.



Cenet Durak, Switzerland

Let’ say, you are a teenager who is searching for something in his or her life, something that would make you happy once in your life. A lot of teenagers are searching for kindness in people, others are searching for love and comfort, and others are traveling all around the world to find true friends.

Holden Caulfield (pg.17) is one example out of 348 million (33,6%) teenagers . I read the book with an unbiased mind. I think, what the author of “The catcher in rye” (J.D.Salinger) tries to explain is that sometimes you can go through trouble, but at the end you end up being in the place you should be. Call me naive, but I think everything we go through in our lives prepares us somehow for something bigger in the future.
Holden Caulfield was in the beginning at a school called Pencey and felt like he did not belong over there. While he was in Pencey, he often talked about his little brother Allie who died at a young age. Holden also described himself as corny, old, and strange, because of his grey hair at early age and his solitary. When Holden left Pencey, he did not go home until Wednesday. Therefore, he went to a payphone and called some of his crushes, friends and frenemies. He did not like to be solitary. It was compulsory for him to have someone to care about.1*UMEB_E073nhNH7e1bXg-jw

The whole story is about the people, he cares about and the ones, he likes to care about, but he does not know how because there is a missing link in knowing them and being friends with them. Generally, his siblings are the most important people for him. His friends. Allie who is dead and Phoebe who relies on him.Catcher-in-the-Rye
Already at a young age Holden saw a lot of bad things. One of his classmates, who lived next door committed suicide in Pencey. His interactions with his teachers and bad grades caused him to drop out of school, which led to the story of the book : ”The catcher in the rye”. Shortly after, he dropped out of Pencey, he took a taxi undecided where he wanted to go. Inside he was thinking to go to New York and he did. In his hurry he changed his mind and told the taxi driver to take him to Central Park, New York. While the taxi driver was trying to figure out, where he could possibly turn. Holden asked him : ”Do you know where the ducks are in the winter, when the lake freezes? I mean, I see them in the summer in the central park, all the time”. The taxi driver is baffled and answered : ”I don’t know where the goddam ducks are.” The rest of the time, while being in the taxi, the driver kept talking and kind of getting sore. All of sudden, he claimed :”They have to be somewhere, God would not let them die“. Holden stayed silent in that moment. I think in moments like these Holden was thinking that, what the taxi driver responded could be true. Subsequently, he arrived at the central park because he wanted to check on the ducks.

Afterwards, he went to a motel or hotel, where he met some hookers (prostitutes) and decided to stay with one of them, at her room, who was possibly his age or younger. Throughout the time in the room with the young girl, he only wanted to talk and someone who would like to listen to him, but in his bad luck, she did not listen at all. Again Holden felt misunderstood and behaved badly after he left the motel or hotel wounded because of the money battle about the five dollars, he should have given to the hooker.002e8026956178ece11c192eab2c9832

Throughout the story, he kept calling some girls out of a payphone like old Sally. He also toyed with the idea of running away with her somewhere into the woods. He slept in a subway in New York for a night, which he had to leave because of the people. Then he saw his old teacher who offered him his couch to sleep on, and at the end he ended up being with his sister who was his true friend. After experiencing all of these in around three days. Holden found comfort in his unusual life situation and decided to stay, where he was.
Finally, I can say Holden Caulfield you are a great guy. I do not know why J.D. Salinger wrote “The catcher in the rye”, but I am glad he did. “The catcher in the rye” is an incredible masterpiece. The book does not describe a life of a teenager, it describes what happens at the end of every story. The people and the things that belong together come together. We end up where we should have been the entire time, but we needed a bit longer to arrive and that is the only bad luck.


Influence of Social Media on Teenagers

Kirsten Forkink, The Netherlands

Social media, it is a term everybody knows. You cannot ignore it. With the advent of the smartphone you can use social media all the time where ever you want. Teenagers are the heaviest users of social networking. 75% of the teenagers in America have profiles on social media networks. Facebook is the most popular one.

Social media networks are not always good for teenagers. They sometimes create network-induced obesity, Internet addiction and sleep de
privation. Another problem is sexting and cyber bullying on the internkirsten 2et. Cyber bullying can be directly threatening and unpleasant emails or anonymous activities suc
h as rolling. It’s also not good for the school results. The school grades are lower than before. In the long te
rm social media can take care of health problems.

kirsten 3The reason that social media is popular is due to the contact people wants with other people. The quality of this contact doesn’t matter. On the other side friendships become closer. A positive thing from social media is that people can discover. We are living in the time of globalization. The world is getting smaller and you can talk easy with everybody in the world.

Another pokirsten 4sitive thing about social media and teenagers is to create self-confidence. People respond to pictures on profile pages. Most of the time the reaction is positive. This gives the teenager a good feeling and more self-confidence.

In short, social media have two sides of impact on teenagers. Most of the time it is positive, but sometimes it can result in internet addiction and other negative things.


I found also a YouTube video about this subject: