Influence of Social Media on Teenagers

Kirsten Forkink, The Netherlands

Social media, it is a term everybody knows. You cannot ignore it. With the advent of the smartphone you can use social media all the time where ever you want. Teenagers are the heaviest users of social networking. 75% of the teenagers in America have profiles on social media networks. Facebook is the most popular one.

Social media networks are not always good for teenagers. They sometimes create network-induced obesity, Internet addiction and sleep de
privation. Another problem is sexting and cyber bullying on the internkirsten 2et. Cyber bullying can be directly threatening and unpleasant emails or anonymous activities suc
h as rolling. It’s also not good for the school results. The school grades are lower than before. In the long te
rm social media can take care of health problems.

kirsten 3The reason that social media is popular is due to the contact people wants with other people. The quality of this contact doesn’t matter. On the other side friendships become closer. A positive thing from social media is that people can discover. We are living in the time of globalization. The world is getting smaller and you can talk easy with everybody in the world.

Another pokirsten 4sitive thing about social media and teenagers is to create self-confidence. People respond to pictures on profile pages. Most of the time the reaction is positive. This gives the teenager a good feeling and more self-confidence.

In short, social media have two sides of impact on teenagers. Most of the time it is positive, but sometimes it can result in internet addiction and other negative things.


I found also a YouTube video about this subject:









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