Hugo Bicho

Interview by Eri Yamashita, JAPAN

normal question  

1 Where are you from?
Switzerland French
2 What’s your favorite food?
fried rice
3 Why are you studying English?
movie, his future job
4 What’s your favorite sport?
5 How many siblings do you have?
unusual question
1 What do you prefer to do in your free time?
Take some pictures and play games, learn more about planes, go out with friends, drink beers, watch movie, series …
2 What do you think about Japanese culture?
You are crazy people (very good  and funny)
3 How much time do you need to sleep?
4 What do you want to do in Santa Barbara?
Helicopter trip
5 What should I ask you??
About my passion
(Aviation, types of planes…)

Personal Interview with Elsa Abergel


Personal Interview with Elsa Abergel

By Jessica Fruehbrodt, Germany

Basic Questions

  1. Where are you from and how does your hometown/-city look like?

I’m from Belgium in Antwerp. It is a pretty small city but really nice.

  1. When you compare it with Santa Barbara, CA do you think your hometown is similar to this city? Where are the differences?

My home city is really different compared to Santa Barbara. The city where I come from is a lot bigger than SB. Our downtown is much bigger than State Street and Paseo Nuevo.

  1. Do you have siblings? Do you already miss your family?

Yes I have one brother and one sister. I’m the middle one. Yes I miss them but I’m already excited to see them soon because I’m going back to Belgium to spend the holidays with them.

  1. Have you ever been to the USA before? And where have you been exactly when you answer that with ‘yes’?

Yeah I’ve been here for a few times. I’ve visited Washington, Miami, Philadelphia, and right now I’m enjoying my life here in California.

  1. Are there any other cities or state that you want to visit while you’re here in Santa Barbara?

I definitely want to see Las Vegas. That will be my last trip here in California because I’ve already been to San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  

Unusual, open-ended Questions

  1. What would be your first reaction if a shark attacks you while you’re surfing?

I would get a heart attack because I’m really afraid of sharks. That’s also the reason why I don’t go into the water at all.

  1. You’re going to transfer to Boston soon. Why did you choose this city? Aren’t you afraid of the cold?

I choose this city because it is the biggest EF school in the United States of America and also because my best friend goes to university there. I’m not afraid of the cold because I’m used to it because it is also really cold in my home city.

  1. What was your most awkward situation ever?

When I was in the plane I was talking about a girl sitting next to me and I said to my friend that I’m sitting next to the ugliest person ever. I didn’t realize that she also spoke French and understood me.

  1. When you could decide where would you like to spend the rest of your life where would that be?

I would move to London, England.

  1. When you would be stranded on a lonely island. With whom would you want to be with?

I would want to be there with my best friend.

Interview with Clara Wagner

By Camilla M. Frederiksen, Greenland

I Have interviewed Clara Wagner, Clara is 21 and she’s from France.frankrig

She have finished university in France, she studied marketing at the university.

Her plan is to study business after she finishes, her school year here in Santa Barbara EF.

Clara’s favorite cake is fruit cake and her favorite sports game is volleyball.

If she has to choose three tings to bring to an Ireland, she would take her pillow, phone and her best friend with her.


If Clara’s house starts burning and she had 60 seconds to take what she can take, she would take her pictures because the pictures are memories for her, passport, wallet and her grandfathers ring that mean a lot to her.

And for the last, the country she want to visit next time she travels is Thailand.o-THAILAND-facebook.jpg


About Faye

What is your name?

My name is Faye Van Buren.faye

How old are you?

I am 17 years old.

Where are you from?

I am from the Netherlands.

What languages do you speak?

I speak Dutch and English.


 What made you decide on going to Santa Barbara?

My mom had been here and she told me it was very beautiful and a good sized city. And I wanted to go somewhere warm.

What is your favorite thing to do in the States?

My favorite thing to do in the States is to go out and eat, especially pizza. I also enjoy travelling and visit different places.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

South Africa.

What would you do if you won $1 million?

I would buy a house in Spain, and all different kinds of stuff that I want.

What are your life goals?

I want to find something that I want to study that I would enjoy working with. Then I would like to start a family.


By Carolina Magnusson, Sweden


Make Time For Yourself

By Maria Paula Volker, from Argentina.



Have you ever thought in make a time for you in the day to relax, to think about you? Just imagine what things would you like to do in this time and imagine how would you feel after doing this. It is amazing believe that with a simple time we can feel really harmonized.

The greatest of people spend of lot of their time living on the run, trying to get on time all the activities, work, home and satisfy others but hardly ever make time to be alone and do the things that we indeed enjoy.


The first thing that you have to do, is to book in you schedule a time during the day and think the place where you would like to go and the things that you would like to be doing, regardless of what timetables of the gym or any sport. I consider that, although , this is something that improve the health and that it cause welfare state but make a time for you to doing nothing you feel good the mind and spirit.

Then you only have to relax and enjoy the moment and have on hand something to write about the things, wishes and projects that came to mind.

It seems to me that all people should make time for themselves because I think that this way, you get to know yourself and will have a more clear mind to continue your routine, make good decisions and love yourself.


Interview with Jana Odermatt

 By Maria Paula Volker,  Agentina


Jana is 19 years old. She is from Swizerland and lives with her family, but in this moment she is staying in Santa Barbara because she loves studying English.

Her family consists of her sister Lena and her parents Martin and Tatjana.

She has got a nice cat called Vanessa.

She is in secondary school and her favorite subject is Art.

She would like to be an Actress.

She speaks German, a bit French and English.

Her favorite food is the pizza.

She enjoys going shopping and the best shop for her is Brandy Melville.

She doesn’t have preference with any film but she likes funny movies.

She doesn’t have a boyfriend but I think that soon she will have one.emossimages

She would like to know the city Los Angeles.

She told me that in her city there aren’t a lot of interesting places to visit but if I went there, I could go to the disco and go shopping.

I think that Jana is a very funny girl! cara feliz2