Outdoor activities in Santa Barbara

By Sophie Habermann (Germany)

A lot of tourists are travelling to Santa Barbara each year. One reason for travelling to this city is the variability of activities, especially outdoor activities, that Santa Barbara offers to their tourists.

kayaking Sophie Habermanna 1  kayaking Sophie Habermann 2

Kayaking is a very popular outdoor activity in many places. If you’re in Santa Barbara you’ve got the opportunity to do different kayaking courses\routes. On the one hand, you can do coastal kayaking at the Santa Barbara Harbor. Coastal kayaking includes a relaxing introduction to the exciting sport of sea kayaking and afterwards a two hours paddling adventure around the Santa Barbara shoreline. The paddling distance of this tour is about 1-2 miles and it costs $55 per person. Coastal kayaking is the perfect half day activity for the whole family. On the other hand you can do Channel Islands Kayaking, the most popular Channel Island National Park tour. It’s a 2-3 hour trip with a paddling distance of 2.5-3 miles. By doing Channel Islands Kayaking you’re going to explore the sea caves around Scorpion anchorage on Santa Cruz Island, where some of the most beautiful sea caves of the world can be found. The costs of this this trip are $149 per adult and $139 per child (12 and under).

Other popular water sports in Santa Barbara are surfing and stand up paddling. Stand up paddling is the fastest growing ocean sport that allows guests to experience incredible views of the city, mountains and ocean while enjoying a great total body workout. In Santa Barbara it’s possible to take stand up paddle lessons, a two hour session of instruction and practice for $89 per person.

If you’re not interested in stand up paddling you can take surfing lessons instead. Surfing lessons are a simple introduction for a first time surfer or someone who has tried surfing a few times and needs some pointers. Santa Barbara Adventure Company’s surf lessons offer students a great foundation to this exciting sport with knowledgeable instructors.


In addition to water activities, Santa Barbara offers different outdoor activities. Biking tours in Santa Barbara are very popular. For example, the wine country tour is a moderate biking tour for $159 per person. The distance is about 10-15 miles and it takes you into the heart of Santa Barbara’s wine country, home to several very popular California vintners. Another popular biking tour is the Mountains to shore tour for $119 per person. This bike ride is great for all skill levels. The start of the tour is high in the mountains and while heading downhill you’ll be stopping to enjoy some of the area’s most loved locations, including the Santa Barbara Mission. The end of this biking tour is at a local Santa Barbara beach. The biking tours are not just about biking. If you want to enjoy the beauty of Santa Barbara you can do the Seaside Biking Tour for $119 per person. This tour, with a distance of 15 miles, is designed to show the beauty of coastal Santa Barbara. The guides will be guiding you along the way, stopping at points of interest for photo opportunities and talking about natural history.

Another outdoor sport in Santa Barbara is rock climbing. Santa Barbara offers you the opportunity to choose between basic and intermediate climbing. Basic climbing is a thorough introduction to rock craft with emphasis on safety and fun. Intermediate Climbing will cost $169 per person and you’ll be climbing basic and challenging routes.

If you’re in Santa Barbara you have got way more activities like horseback riding, snorkeling, etc.. The opportunities for outdoor activities in Santa Barbara are limitless, just give them a try.

Writing this article inspired my to do some of these outdoor activities. Next week I’m going to do surfing and maybe kayaking.

Food Vs Fashion

by Caterina Ciabatti

Foods and fashion are two different realities that collaborate every day.

lobster dress

Pioneer of the fashion inspired by food is the stylist Elsa Schiaparelli, who presented the “lobster dress” in the summer of the 1937. This was a very simple white evening dress with a big red lobster printed on by Salvador Dali. From this moment foods becomes a fabulous inspiration for the fashion’s world.

The biggest designers of the fashion industry always take their inspiration from food.

One of the most important is the genius Jeremy Scott, who realized, for his debut with Moschino’s griffe, an incredible collection based on the McDonald’s icon. It’s a big provocation for the fashion system that he called “Fast Fashion-Fast Food”.

Instead very sweat is the Manish Arora’s collection, which was inspired by cupcakes. Manish AroraShe prints many delicious cakes on her dresses and the result is very funny and ironic. The Queen of pop music, Katy Perry, wears her creations.

Dolce e Gabbana

Also Dolce&Gabbana are inspired by the nature of Sicily, with particular attention to lemons. That’s the symbol of Sicily, and all of us know how very important it is for these two extraordinary stylists.

Not only the biggest designers of the fashion world are impressed by food, also every one of us is influence by it.

Gretchen Roehrs 1

Especially on the web, people love fashion and food. So we can find some special blogs like the one of Gretchen Roehrs. She creates special prints using fruits and vegetables, and the result is very funny and original.

Gretchen Roehrs 2On the other side, normal people start using their smartphone to take fantastic photos of their meals.

Every one of us, every days, eats that’s for sure! But sometimes it’s more important to order beautiful dishes than good one. That’s because we have to post it.

Food must be more colorful than healthy;

So we have to order fabulous dishes, with many colors and the most different form and presentations.

eat is cool


Butterfly Beach

Pia Brandt, Germany

A delightful quarter-mile-long beach sits right at the foot of the Biltmore Hotel and Coral Casino. There is plenty of room to relax and enjoy the sun and surf or to take a walk in either direction at low tides along the Butterfly Beach.

This maybe Santa Barbara’s most elegant beach. The long sea wall is topped by imposing cliffs and tall palms blow back and forth in the breeze. You can lay down in the fine sand and enjoy the sun and the lovely smell of the ocean.

A half mile of open beach leads towards East Beach. There are a series of cliffs along the way, rocky outcrops where you can find a more private place. At low tides you can find a lot of seashells, some of them are really special and look gorgeous.


But you have to be careful because, if the tide comes up, you have to go back to the beach. If the water is too high, you can’t go back and it’s possible you can become surrounded by water within minutes. But, at lower tides, you can also go all the way down to the volleyball courts or the Cabrillo Bath House, which has a very nice outdoor cafe.

Another positive aspect is that people are allowed to bring their dogs with them to Butterfly Beach.


If you are interested in sports and you like to go jogging, Butterfly Beach is also perfect because the sand is not too soft to walk or run on so it is really enjoyable to go jogging on the sand. The view over the ocean is wonderful so you can call it jogging with a view. Butterfly Beach offers many possibilities to have a great day.

All in all I can say that Butterfly Beach is my favorite beach because I can calm down  completely while I lay down in the sand and can “recharge” my energy for the next day.  I also love the ocean. The sound of the waves and the salty smell is gorgeous. When you are in Santa Barbara you should go and visit Butterfly Beach. When you visit it once you may never want to leave it again.



Muay Thai – A New Way of Lifestyle

Aleksandra Bosancic, Switzerland


Deciding to start taking Muay Thai lessons was the best thing I have done so far when it comes to free time activities. That’s why I want to tell you more about this sport in particular and share my own experiences with you.


Muay Thai is a combat sport of Thailand, which is also called Thai boxing. There are always two opponents who have to face each other in a ring. A referee is also present. The equipment consists of boxing gloves, trunks and supporters to protect their groin. Mouth shields are also allowed. Contestants wear neither shoes nor shirts. Only ankle caps are permitted.box

The opponents fight against each other until either the fight is over, or one of them manages to knock out the other one.

The process of a fight is the following: There are five rounds and each of them lasts for three minutes. In between, the fighters have a rest for two minutes. At this time they are supposed to recover and seek advice from their coach. The jury is taking notes during the whole fight and distributes points for good hits round for round. So every round has its winner.  After those five rounds, the one with more rounds won, wins the whole fight.

You can also win the fight if you knock out your opponent. There are different kinds of knocking somebody out. First, there is a knockout if your rival cannot get up, thus he cannot continue fighting. Also, the rival can give in, even if he could go on.


As I mentioned before, taking up Muay Thai was a very good decision. Not only one can really exert oneself, but also one learns a lot of different things simultaneously.

First of all, one has to get used to the technique. It is not that easy, because coordination is demanded. Working with one’s legs, arms or basically with the whole body at the same time is very challenging, at least at the beginning it can cause trouble. That’s why training is the most important thing for the ones doing competitions.

It is also a mental challenge. During a fight one should watch the opponent’s steps and his or her technique in order to win the fight, because one can take advantage of the situation if one already knows what one’s opponent will do, before he actually does it. It is also a question of motivation. A person cannot just give in unless he or she is really at his or her end, at least one is expected to give one’s best even if the person is already hurt.boxx

East Side Gallery Berlin Finally a Sign of Freedom? ______________________________________________

By Lisa Winkler, Germany

The Second World War, a disgusting man, who destroyed the whole respect and reputation of Germany, a mass of destructions, broken families and an unbelievable number of victims. All those things happened to Germany since 1939, the start of the Second World War. Now there is the East Side Gallery, which is a remnant of the Berlin Wall.


east side

Founding Firstly, the East Side Gallery is founded from February to September in 1990 and is opened all day long. Furthermore, an organization was established to fight for the preservation of the wall.

Location First of all, the largest Open Air Gallery of the world is located in Berlin Friedrichshain and is about 1300 meters (almost one mile) long next to the river Spree. The wall supposed to be a boundary between East Berlin and West Berlin after dividing the city in two parts as the Germans capitulated.

Meaning “Many small people who in many small places do many small things that can alter the face of the world”, the chancellor Merkel of Germany said once about the East Side Gallery. About 106 masterpieces of 118 artists from over 21 different countries all over the world are drowning on it as a sign of pleasure and gladness because of the fall of the Wall in 1989. Even the end of the Cold War between two sides, the euphoria about freedom in whole Germany, the end of oppression and espionage and the hope of all human in Germany for a better world are signs that are represented on this Wall. It is the only authentic monument till today, which appears for the reunion of Germany. All in all, the East Side Gallery stands for personal destinies, wishes and dreams and over 3 million people are going to visit it every year.

Personal Opinion In my opinion the East Side Gallery is a phenomenal opportunity for artists to be creative connected with processing the history of Germany with its ups and downs. Walking through the wall evokes a fantastic atmosphere of feeling the Berlin air and past. It is important for human to deal with the effects of the Second World War and the wall is representing all of these topics. But not only historical themes are painted on the Wall, also a lot of earth saving or current political themes are criticized and discussed there.

Mental Health

By: Justine van Hees.
From: The Netherlands.
It’s 2017 and I think that the world is handling mental health very incorrectly. To begin with, there are way too many people struggling with mental health issues that are afraid to admit it, for example depression. People will tell a depressed person to just be happy.
And maybe they are right; maybe the person just had a little mood swing. But if you are truly depressed, you can’t and won’t be “just happy.” It goes way deeper than that.
What you see in the picture is exactly what happens 80% of the time. People don’t know any better, but that is exactly why people won’t talk about it. Then the person gets deeper and deeper into a negative cycle, not just with depression, but with so many other mental issues. Not talking about it and just keeping it to oneself is the one thing the person shouldn’t do.
And then you are probably wondering “what is the solution?”
I think that there is not a perfect solution. I just think that people need to take this subject way more seriously! For example, take the taboo for these issues away.
A person with mental illness is NOT weird if he or she is dealing with any of these things. He CAN reach out to people, if they would just realize how serious mental illness can be.
There are many mental health clinics that a person can go to, that psychologists and doctors will recommend, but my opinion on that is that the clinics often won’t help. Being in a clinic 24/7 with other angry/ depressed and anxious … people. You will notice the their bad moods; see what they are going through and maybe some very hard moments for them. For example, someone that loses his temper and starts being aggressive really won’t help him to feel better! You’re basically in a home with people who have serious problems and therapists aren’t allowed to touch you because that’s the law. I think that isn’t the key to happiness.  (In some situations it might be the only option left, but I’m talking in general.)
People should be surrounded by love, inspiration and motivational support. Maybe go to another country to discover the world, get inspired, meet new people with other beliefs and get a new point of view on life.
I also noticed that people often think that there’s something physically wrong, but that isn’t always the case. It’s the opposite in my opinion. I believe that people have been through a lot when they deal with mental issues. Maybe a bad childhood, a terrible disease, lack of self confidence, and many reasons more. Don’t let anyone tell you that there’s something wrong with you, because there isn’t.

The Past of the Rigs Still Ongoing

By Loelia Lecouffe, FRANCE

As you probably know Santa Barbara County hosts active oil rigs* that we see from the coast. One platform and one artificial island in Santa Barbara Chanel, four artificial islands and three platforms in San Pedro Bay/Long Beach harbor. About 23 offshore* drilling and production platforms remain in federal waters. They produce 22 millions barrels* of oil and 21 billions cubic feet of gas per year (2009).


They drill, extract and process oil and natural gas an temporarily store product until it can be brought to the shore for refining* and marketing.


Santa Barbara County had a tough past when, in 1969, a blowout* occurred. About 80 to 100 000 barrels have been spilled into the water. Nearly 3686 birds died and unknown quantity of sea lions and elephants seal. That’s by that event that ‘Get Out the Oil’ has been created. People were cleaning the beaches along with ‘Heal the ocean’. In 1974 Santa Barbara County was charged 4 millions dollars in penalties for well blowout drilling from offshore oil platform. In 2015 that tragedy happened again with, that time, 3400 barrels discharged in the water.

Sea lions and different animals are still dying on the beaches and are, apparently, affected by the Domoic Acid*


As you can clearly sea i took that picture on West Beach, showing a baby sea lion dead with oil just next to it.

The Domoic Acid is an illness that is carried into the food they eat such as died planctons but I personally do not think that it’s the only reason and I’ve been to diffent associations as Community Environmental Council (CEC). I met Linda Krop, Director of the Environmental Defense Center that did a Public Forum this May 16 about the oil platforms.

The Impact of Social Media in 2017


By Hugo Martinez, Mexico.

As many of us may know, digital has grown potentially since year 2000. Millenial generation is here to change the way advertising has been made the last five decades.

Most popular social media ‘‘Facebook’’ increased its population drastically, from 2004 to 2006 in almost 9000% This year Facebook reached 1.86 billion active users becoming the most used social media on planet earth period. With that said we can get an idea of how many people is using this social network on daily basis. Marketing companies, had put their eyes into the digital market and internet users.

Weather it’s fashion or food or new products, in 2016 marketing companies invested 1.2% more on digital publicity rather then ”old fashioned” advertising (TV, Radio & propaganda). It might seem really little when it comes to percentage but talking in millions, 1.2% represents more than 54.6 million dollars.

Social media its a MUST nowadays but, like all media forms it has its strengths and weakness, social media users can get really judgmental, there’s been campaigns that have been retired from every site they were advertised on, such is the case (lately) with Kendall Jenner and Pepsi, there’s no sign of that campaign on the internet because it was racist according the media users.

For us, the MILLENIAL generations social media could become a full time work, from influencers to bloggers, you can always make an income involving social media. from YouTube to Instagram to Facebook and twitters, there’s always a way to use the social media to make some money, It’s not only about sharing pictures and liking photos, but a growing business, social media is definitely the future advertising.


Events in Santa Barbara

By Abdulmajeed ALfrayan.  Saudi Arabia

Santa Barbara- Parks& Recreation events:


Santa Barbara Arts & Crafts Show

Is an event to enjoy your time to give your lives more experience. There are a lot of people selling new things and they’re made in home. You can go there with your family to see new things and learn new culture.


Relaxing under the sun:



In this picture we can see the people sitting under the sun and enjoying the time. Here you can chat with everyone because it’s public and there are a lot of people who come for relaxing and enjoying themselves.


There are some small competitions for the kids:


There is jogging contest for the kids and there are small gifts for the winners and the moms help their children like say good things to them while they running like “you can do it”, “you’re a hero”.



Firework in the park:


There are fireworks at the end of the day and it’s so beautiful. Everyone on this day is waiting for this moment to say it because it’s a beautiful view from the park.


Party in the park.


They make a small party in the park to have fun and enjoy in themselves. But this party dose not happen every year in this event so some time it’s there and sometimes not.