The Past of the Rigs Still Ongoing

By Loelia Lecouffe, FRANCE

As you probably know Santa Barbara County hosts active oil rigs* that we see from the coast. One platform and one artificial island in Santa Barbara Chanel, four artificial islands and three platforms in San Pedro Bay/Long Beach harbor. About 23 offshore* drilling and production platforms remain in federal waters. They produce 22 millions barrels* of oil and 21 billions cubic feet of gas per year (2009).


They drill, extract and process oil and natural gas an temporarily store product until it can be brought to the shore for refining* and marketing.


Santa Barbara County had a tough past when, in 1969, a blowout* occurred. About 80 to 100 000 barrels have been spilled into the water. Nearly 3686 birds died and unknown quantity of sea lions and elephants seal. That’s by that event that ‘Get Out the Oil’ has been created. People were cleaning the beaches along with ‘Heal the ocean’. In 1974 Santa Barbara County was charged 4 millions dollars in penalties for well blowout drilling from offshore oil platform. In 2015 that tragedy happened again with, that time, 3400 barrels discharged in the water.

Sea lions and different animals are still dying on the beaches and are, apparently, affected by the Domoic Acid*


As you can clearly sea i took that picture on West Beach, showing a baby sea lion dead with oil just next to it.

The Domoic Acid is an illness that is carried into the food they eat such as died planctons but I personally do not think that it’s the only reason and I’ve been to diffent associations as Community Environmental Council (CEC). I met Linda Krop, Director of the Environmental Defense Center that did a Public Forum this May 16 about the oil platforms.

The Impact of Social Media in 2017


By Hugo Martinez, Mexico.

As many of us may know, digital has grown potentially since year 2000. Millenial generation is here to change the way advertising has been made the last five decades.

Most popular social media ‘‘Facebook’’ increased its population drastically, from 2004 to 2006 in almost 9000% This year Facebook reached 1.86 billion active users becoming the most used social media on planet earth period. With that said we can get an idea of how many people is using this social network on daily basis. Marketing companies, had put their eyes into the digital market and internet users.

Weather it’s fashion or food or new products, in 2016 marketing companies invested 1.2% more on digital publicity rather then ”old fashioned” advertising (TV, Radio & propaganda). It might seem really little when it comes to percentage but talking in millions, 1.2% represents more than 54.6 million dollars.

Social media its a MUST nowadays but, like all media forms it has its strengths and weakness, social media users can get really judgmental, there’s been campaigns that have been retired from every site they were advertised on, such is the case (lately) with Kendall Jenner and Pepsi, there’s no sign of that campaign on the internet because it was racist according the media users.

For us, the MILLENIAL generations social media could become a full time work, from influencers to bloggers, you can always make an income involving social media. from YouTube to Instagram to Facebook and twitters, there’s always a way to use the social media to make some money, It’s not only about sharing pictures and liking photos, but a growing business, social media is definitely the future advertising.


Events in Santa Barbara

By Abdulmajeed ALfrayan.  Saudi Arabia

Santa Barbara- Parks& Recreation events:


Santa Barbara Arts & Crafts Show

Is an event to enjoy your time to give your lives more experience. There are a lot of people selling new things and they’re made in home. You can go there with your family to see new things and learn new culture.


Relaxing under the sun:



In this picture we can see the people sitting under the sun and enjoying the time. Here you can chat with everyone because it’s public and there are a lot of people who come for relaxing and enjoying themselves.


There are some small competitions for the kids:


There is jogging contest for the kids and there are small gifts for the winners and the moms help their children like say good things to them while they running like “you can do it”, “you’re a hero”.



Firework in the park:


There are fireworks at the end of the day and it’s so beautiful. Everyone on this day is waiting for this moment to say it because it’s a beautiful view from the park.


Party in the park.


They make a small party in the park to have fun and enjoy in themselves. But this party dose not happen every year in this event so some time it’s there and sometimes not.

When In Mexico

By Amanda Svensson, Sweden

mexico 1

During Spring Break, my friends and I decided that we wanted to go someplace new. After a short discussion we ended up booking a flight to Cancun, Mexico. So, the second week of Spring Break our journey began, early in the morning. A week later, we got home feeling tired, sunburned, and ready to go back to school knowing that Mexico was one of the best trips so far. Therefore, I would like to share with you what you can do while visiting Mexico. Nevertheless, keep in mind that all experiences are individual.

The reason we went to Mexico was due to our holiday break and the fact that we wanted to have a good time. The one thing that we were interested in was learning about the culture and meeting the local people. However, we were having communication problems with people, especially at the airport, due to the fact that not all Mexicans know how to speak English. However, we solved our problems because some of us know how to speak some Spanish. Other than that, Mexicans are really friendly and welcoming. In addition, Mexican food is delicious! Something to keep in mind is to be aware of the food trucks and the warm weather which can cause the food to spoil. I would not recommend eating something out of a food truck; there are a lot of really nice restaurants in Cancun that arenot too expensive.cancun 4

We stayed right next to the beach wit
h our beds facing towards the ocean. It was magical sleeping next to the sound of ocean breeze. The water in Cancun is the bluest I have ever seen in my life. After a five hour flight and security control on top of that, getting to jump into the water and just enjoying ourselves couldn’t have started off our week better. If you are going to Cancun, make sure you get to go for a swim in the ocean.

The one thing that we made sure we did was to go out clubbing. The clubs compared themselves with Vegas and one club’s logo was “putting Vegas nightlife in shame”. The club experience has got to be one of our best memories we took with us, if you are ready to pay for it. Some clubs cost as much as 80 dollars, thus we went to the smaller clubs due to the fact that we didn’t have the knowledge that the clubs were going to be so expensive. However, we did go to one of the more expensive clubs one night, which had the coolest layout any of us had ever seen.mexico 2
mexico 3

The second to the last day, we decided that we wan
ted to do something proactive. Turns out Cancun are full of adventures. My friends and I ended up doing a day trip starting early in the morning. An organization took us to all these different locations throughout the day. For example, the day started off by going to old town and after that we headed for lunch at a really cool hotel. After lunchtime we went to a sinkhole that was 150 feet deep and was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. Swimming in the water, looking up towards the sky was amazing. We ended the day with going to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Chichen Itza, which was a large pre-Columbian city built by the Maya people. It was the best day in a long time and it only cost us 50 dollars per person. Learning about the Mayan people and leaving the place still wondering how in the world they could have built the different temples 1100 years ago was truly inspiring and mesmerizing.

So, after spending one week in Mexico I can tell you this, I am definitely going back.



by Lucas de Prado

Today we are going to talk about Japan:

Japan is a country in Asia . This country is on an island. There are 128 million people who live in this country. In the south of Japan there are a lot of  big cities, but in the north the landscape is wilder, beautiful, and has a lot of waterfalls. In the Second World War,  the USA and Japan were in conflict. In 1945, two nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan, one  in Hiroshima and an other in Nagasaki. More than 250,000 people were killed.

Japan’s capital is Tokyo . In that city there are 12,989,726 people for 219,093 hectares, so the density is 59,378 people for one square meter.That is the most populous city in the world.The city was built vertically. There are a lot of people so  housing everybody requires construction of  a lot of buildings and skyscrapers.

tokyo ldp

A  lot of sports are played in Japan, like baseball is the national sport . There are also a lot of martial arts, like karate and judo and more. In 2020, in Japan the Olympic Games will be in Tokyo


Japan is a really good country to go to for a holiday because there are a lot of things to do, for example, there are  beautiful temples, you can walk to  Mount Fuji and there are a lot of beautiful walks to do in the forest or near the lakes. For people who prefer the city, they can go shopping. The best season is spring because all the trees are in flower. cerisiers-fleurs-sakura-hanami-Japon-16


by Nicole Huwyler, Switzerland

My name is Nicole and I’m from Switzerland. I’m 19 years old. I grew up in Zurich with my parents and an older sister and older brother. When I finished my school I went to Arosa for my apprenticeship as a waitress in a hotel. So for the last 4 years, I lived in Arosa and it became my home.

Important Information’s about Arosa

Arosa is in the southeast area of Switzerland in the canton Graubünden. You can only travel by car or train from Chur. Arosa has 3205 inhabitants. The high seasons are in summer and winter. In the spring and fall, only the inhabitants live there. They are two lakes in the center of Arosa called Obersee and Untersee. In the winter you can go skiing, walking and ice-skating and in the summer hiking, swimming in Untersee and enjoy the sun.



Lovely places in summer

The most beautiful and oldest building in Arosa is the Bergkirchli. It’s a church and they have an organ from 1762. In Bergkirchli we have concerts, marriages, funerals and on special days like Christmas, a religious mass.

My favorite place is by the lake Alplisee. It has a wonderful hiking tour for an hour. The trail is extremely precipitous, but when you are by the Alplisee you can enjoy the fresh air and the sun. Also, you can go swimming, but it’s very cold, like 5 degrees.

In the summer we also have
a beautiful lake Untersee where you can go swimming, playing Volleyball or just relax with your friends.

Winter experience

In the winter it’s common to go skiing. Since 2014 we have about 225 km ski runways together with the Lenzerheide. I love the winter when it’s white everywhere. Also, a fun experience is to go sledding. That can be hilarious but also very dangerous. We have two big events in winter. One is the Humor-Festival that’s always in the beginning of the season and goes 10 days. There are 3 shows in one the day where comedians present their programs. Artists from Switzerland, Germany, England and Austria come to Arosa and present their programs on 2000 meters in a very big tent.

The second event is called “Arosa Electronica”. It’s a music festival for the people who love electronic music. The Festival is always in the middle of March for a week. It has 11 locations for this event like in a skiing cottage, in a club or in a hotel.


Ice-hockey is the most famous sport in Arosa. We have two teams; one is playing in the first league and the second in the fourth league. In the past, the EHC Arosa was one of the best teams in Switzerland. They won 9 Swiss Championships in the years 1951-1957, 1980 and 1982.  The most famous player from the EHC Arosa was Guido Lindenmann. Now Guido has a bar in Arosa called “Overtime”. My best friend Alex and i go only to watch the games of the second team because my Uncle Bruno, my boyfriend Kevin, and Paul (Alex’s Boyfriend) a very good friend play there. Their team name is Wild Hogs.  

A “Little” of the American Culture

     By Louana Fancello, Belgium

When I say “America” what are you thinking about? Big country, celebrities, movies, big cars, famous cities, …? But what is the most famous topic in this country? The FOOD of course! In the United States, a lot of people come from various countries, bringing their traditions and food.

     Before I left to come here, I was really afraid of gaining a lot of weight. Actually, you just have to find a balance between the foods, your free time and sport … For example; you can follow a healthy diet during the week, and allow yourself to eat any kind of junk food on the weekend.


     Also, the most important thing when you have free time is to move and do something. If you stay at home and watch movies, you will be tempted to snack between your meals.

     Then, one of the biggest problems here in The United States is the constant exposure to food. Wherever you go, you can see that the food is unnaturally shiny and perfect; I mean you always want to try something which is different from your country. Most of the time, the color of the food is attractive. For example, the arrangement of the fruits and vegetables in the supermarkets will make you hungry.

     As The United States is a big country, the size of the portions is proportional. Everything is really big everywhere and it is difficult to refuse.

foodlou                      food 1

     They are not only difficulties about following a healthy diet. Another problem is the price. The prevalence of obesity here is awful. Why? Because healthy food is really expensive so we can say that it is not only the people’s fault. When you compare the prices and the time that you spend to buy food, it is easier to choose the junk food like hamburgers,hot-dogs, tacos,… than a salad or something healthy.


     To conlude, as it is my first time in this country, I don’t really pay attention on what I eat, I just motivate myself to go to the gym in order to enjoy my stay here. We are always criticizing people who suffer from obesity, but when we take a closer look at the situation, we can see that the rate of obesity is relative to the country. How people can eat healthy if the see publicities for fast-food everywhere, which are so attractives? Fran Lebowitz, a journalist said: “If you’re going to America, bring your own food.”