The food in Brazil

By Renan Hirt

The variety of different types of food that can be found in Brazil is very large due to the great cultural diversity that can be found there,the result of this, is the appreciation by all over the world!


The Brazilian sweet, usually related to birthday parties, is very popular in other countries. One of the reasons that contributes to the success of the candy is the fact that it is very similar to a chocolate truffle. In addition to the traditional, there are also several derivatives of the brigadeiro in other countries, such as Oreo, and Red Velvet.

Brazilian Churrasco (Barbecue)

Although barbecue is not exclusive to our country, it is here that the meat is seasoned with coarse salt and served well pink. Here, the steak and the chicken heart were invented, not to mention the rennet cheese and the garlic bread. Furthermore, only in Brazilian steakhouses does the waiter go to the customer’s table to cut the meat.

Pão de queijo (Cheese Bread)

Cheese and bread, two darlings from all over the world, are joined through the oven and result in the famous Brazilian cheese bread. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this food has become known for its uniqueness.


Meat dipped in black beans, pieces of sausage in the middle, desalted pork and quality, feijoada is one of the best known Brazilian foods worldwide and the one that has the least changes in the menu so as not to take the essence of the dish.


Caipirinha comes from São Paulo and is an alcoholic cocktail with cachaça, sugar, lemon and ice. Cachaça is also a Brazilian ingredient, which makes finding the original more difficult in other countries.


Of all the fruits in the Amazon, açaí is perhaps the best known. Served as a kind of sweet ice cream, sometimes with granola on top, pieces of banana, condensed milk or strawberries, this is a very famous dessert, especially in the USA and Europe, here in Santa Barbara have some locations that have the famous açaí but i really recommend the Oakberry in Paseo Nuevo they have a really good bowls, everyone needs two try,here in California also is a famous dessert that you can find easily !

Polish traditions

Nell molimard france

Slavic culture is mainly the origin of Polish traditions, and its main customs.  Also Byzantine, Ottoman, pagan or even Christian influences.  Its central position in Europe allows for a cultural mix. The roots of Poland are above all Catholic, hence the unmissable religious events of Polish culture.

The biggest celebration in Poland is Easter, it is not limited to one day but starts 40 days before, it’s Lent.Before doing Lent, there is an essential date in Poland: Fat Thursday.  The tłusty czwartek is the day when you eat lots of Polish donuts.  But also many other sweet

Easter is a symbolic holiday in Poland.  Respecting the Polish tradition at Easter is important for many Poles and their descendants.  The celebration of the Easter holidays does not end with the Polish Easter Sunday meal.  Everything starts on Saturday with an end on Monday!  Which will be described as wet.  Like a procession, on Easter Saturday, Polish families walk towards the church.  With their baskets filled with bread, sausages, eggs, salt, horseradish, cold cuts and pastries.  Each element composing this Święconka has a symbolic meaning relating to the Christian religion.  This blessed food can be eaten as part of the Easter Sunday meal. 

The Polish Easter Monday tradition is marked by the Śmigus dyngus.  This Monday is above all wet.  In true tradition, Polish men and boys watered women and girls.  This Polish Easter custom is no longer just for men.  And the whole family can go there.  In parts of Poland, the status of a married woman will protect her from watering.  But it’s safe to say that no one will be safe from the water today in Poland.  Even in some streets, or at the exit of the church, wet surprises can await you. 

Since religious marriage has the same legitimacy as civil marriage, the couple often choose to celebrate the marriage in church.

 Tradition has it that the festivities begin at the homes of the bride and groom where it is customary for parents to bless their children.  The couple and their loved ones then proceed to the ceremony venue accompanied by traditional Polish music.

 They then find their guests, friends, relatives who form a barrier when they enter the church.  In order to cross it, the bride and groom must distribute vodka and cold meats.


Top 8 Activities in Santa Barbara

by Tessa Huigsloot (The Netherlands) and Selina Guenzel (Germany)

Are you going to EF Santa Barbara soon and are you curious about what activities you can do in this sunny city? Then follow our tips! We are Selina and Tessa and have been staying in Santa Barbara already for three months. These are our favorite recommendations as locals:

  • 1. Visit State Street

State Street is the main street of Santa Barbara where you can find everything. Do some shopping in Paseo Nuevo, grab some lunch in one of the many restaurants, go out in one of the clubs or watch a famous sport game in one of the bars. If you want to buy some fresh vegetables, than visit the Farmers Market every Tuesday or Saturday!

Paseo Nuevo, shopping mall
  • 2. Take a beach day

The weather in California is always amazing! So visit one of lovely beaches that Santa Barbara offers. At the end of State Street, you have West Beach and East Beach. The beaches are separated by Stearns Wharf, so you have a perfect view from both of them. The two beaches are really wide and clean. A perfect spot for a sunny day after a hot school day. Do you want to learn how to skate? Than you have the perfect opportunity to do this at the skate park on East Beach.

Other beautiful beaches are Butterfly Beach, located in Montecito and Hendry’s Beach in Santa Barbara.

Hendry’s Beach
  • 3. Go on the adventurous whale watching trip or a romantic sunset cruise

Santa Barbara is not only beautiful from the land, but also charming from the sea! It’s perfect if you want to see some of the wildlife animals in the sea, like sea lions, dolphins and whales. The perfect time to see those animals is in September and October.

Are you looking for the perfect spot for your first date? Than we have an idea for you! The Sunset Cruise is a really romantic boat trip and it gives a gorgeous golden view of Santa Barbara. This amazing cruise is also perfect if you aren’t looking for something romantic.

Sea lions during the Sunset Cruise
  • 4. Go to the mountains and do a hike

You can do a lot of different hikes in this beautiful city. There are hikes for every level, so you will find a perfect match. Our favorites are Lizard’s Mouth and the Hot Springs.

Lizard’s Mouth is a 0.3 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Goleta, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. The trail is hard to follow, but quickly becomes a fun boulder scramble. At the top, you have the greatest views of Santa Barbara, especially during sunset.

Hot Springs Canyon Trail is a 3.7 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located in Montecito. You have to put more effort in this hike than the first one, but it will be worth it! At the end of the trail you find the 7 rock walled pools in which you can take a warm bath.

Lizard’s Mouth hike
  • 5. Visit a typical American sports game of the High school, College or University

Sport is a really huge thing in schools in America. During every game there is a great atmosphere and there are cheerleaders who support their team. There are a lot of options from which sport you can choose. At almost every school there is: American football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, water polo and ice hockey. So buy a ticket and check it out!

An American football game of the Dons (Santa Barbara High School)
  • 6. East Beach batting cages

Are you looking for a typical American sport activity? Check the East Beach Batting cages! It’s a fun place for an family-friendly activity for baseball fans! There are batting cages for players of every type. The Select-A-Pitch baseball machines pitch balls between 40 and 80 MPH with adjustable height. There are also softball machines served up high-arc slow pitches and fast pitches offerings of 40 and 50 MPH. Further, if you are hungry, there is a really lovely taco place, East Beach Tacos. Every day is a good day to take a swing!

East Beach Batting Cages
  • 7. McConnell’s Ice Cream

Do you love ice cream? Than check out McConnell’s Ice Cream in one of the stores in Santa Barbara. McConnell’s is California’s Original & Finest Ice Cream since 1949! Banana & salted caramel, double peanut butter chip and Santa Barbara strawberry: every flavor that your heart wants. The ice cream is totally fresh and the flavors change a lot.

McConnell’s Ice Cream store at State Street
  • 8. Stearns Wharf

Stearns Wharf of Santa Barbara is one of the most visited places. The Wharf has endured since 1872, making it the oldest working wooden wharf in California. It’s 2,300 feet long and has an area of 3.8 acres supported by 2,307 pilings. On the Wharf you can find a lot of varied shops, restaurants and a small aquarium! Also, it gives an amazing view over the water and Santa Barbara. The Wharf is also a perfect place to start a sunset boat cruise or try a traditional dish called Santa Barbara lobster.

The Wharf of Santa Barbara

re you already excited about Santa Barbara? We both love this sunny and friendly city and everyday we are surprised by this lovely place. You will not be definitely disappointed when you visit Santa Barbara.

Typical Dutch Dishes

Tibbe Teunissen, the Netherlands.

In my country we have a lot of typical dishes. We have a lot of typical dishes because we as society like to cook, so we improve and develop our dishes all the time. Seldom do people hear about the dishes I will talk about because they are only popular in Holland, furthermore we don’t eat that varied our most conventional dishes are most of the time with meat, potatoes and vegetables.

Let’s start with the first dish.

We call this dish poffertjes, it’s like small pancakes and most of the people like to eat it with syrup and powdered sugar. I think it better than pancakes because the dough is thicker and the flavor is more sweet. The poffertjes are emerged from the France revolution, and after it became famous in the Netherlands.

Dutch Stamppot Recipes

The second dish is also incredible popular in the Netherlands and we call it stampot, it’s a meal where you mix the potatoes and the vegetables together until it’s smooth and than you put some smoked sausage on the top. It’s a meal that came from the farmers many years ago because it heavy on the stomach and that’s amazing when you worked a long day on the field.

Lopertjes -drop- 1 kilo- snoepgoed-snoep- wandelen- hardlopen |

Drop it’s a very well known candy in the Netherlands, you have two species of drop salty ones and the sweet wants. Many people don’t like drop and especially the salty wants because it’s a big difference between candy and drop, people expect candy but this is something you never had before. We made drop from licorice root from Italy and that became the first pure form of the drop. The drop that we know now is by origin from England, only we put sugar with it. The first drop is made 300 years ago, so it’s a really old candy.

Doughnut - Wikipedia

The popular doughnut that everybody knows it’s made by dutch people we also eat this a lot in Holland and after that it went to America. There are the possible origin of the doughnut, and one is that Dutch American people made it from another popular dough dish and that’s how the doughnut born and i also believe in this story.

In short, we have a lot of typical dishes in the Netherlands, but we don’t eat that much varied food. Dutch people like heavy food and when we make candy we like it when it’s really sweet.

Method to Make Children Remember the Planets in the Solar System

By Paola Liao from Panama

Astrology is not a topic that many people are interested in, and many times that can be detrimental for future generations. At the beginning maybe you think this article is kind of ridiculous, but, if the title caught your attention, then you know that your child needs it, not only to remember the planets, but also to expand his imagination and make his mind open to new ideas at an early age. Today, most parents have a hard time making their children understand the importance of being creative. Technology opens doors for them as well as closes them, and that is a problem because today if you ask a child, Do you know the planets? the first thing he will do is look at his electronic device and that is what we do not want. Well I will share my opinion so I hope this article is helpful.

Let’s started to describe some planets:

Mommy Earth

To keep a child interested, you must make what you try to explain arouse their curiosity, and that is why we are starting with Mommy Earth. Our Planet Earth is HOME and you can feel it when you are with your mother; it is warm as when she hugs you; she is a big circle and her favorite game is spinning all day; she likes to wear blue, green and white. Just as you love and take care of mom, you should also do it with Mommy Earth.

Mars The Grumpy One

Mars is always angry with everything and everyone; his favorite color is red and he will not accept another; Mommy Earth is always surprised that despite being small he has the temperament of a thousand demons; Mars the Grumpy won’t say it, but of all planets he prefers Grandpa Jupiter.

Grandpa Jupiter

Grandfather Jupiter is the greatest and oldest of all the planets; She likes to think that she doesn’t know that he is Mars’ favorite and considers all the planets her grandchildren, well except Mommy Earth. She is a bit scary sometimes and her job is to watch over the Vanity Saturn.

Vanity Saturn

Vanity Saturn calls herself the most beautiful and curious of the planets (that is what she says), but it cannot be denied that it is true either; what makes it so fantastic is the shape of it that from afar the gases and dust look like huge rings; she always boasts of being the first to be seen with a telescope. What all the planets agree on is that she wouldn’t be Saturn without her rings.

In this article I have only described four planets, but now I have given parents ideas on how to open their children’s minds. If they like my teaching methods, I will post another article on the other planets or any other topic that is difficult to understand for your children.

I wish you the best, thank you very much for reading.

Cities to visit in France

By Nina KETFI, France

The first city, i would visit if I was a visitor from another country would be Paris. Paris is the capital of France. And the Tour Eiffel is not the only building to visit. You can go round the Louvre museum (le musée du Louvre) or the tour Montparnasse. You may also visit l’Arc de Triomphe (on the photo) or follow the reconstruction of Notre-Dame-De-Paris because it has been burnt in 2019. Those buildings are the most important and famous, but you can also just see and walk around the streets in this beautiful city.

Bordeaux and Nouvelle-Aquitaine, if you wanna eat well and taste new flavors or go to the beach, go pack and come in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Bordeaux is the city of wine, entrecôte and also seafood. Have you ever tried escargots (snails) Oyster ? You’ll find them all there. But don’t eat just food ! You can also visit many monuments. You want to know about the history of Bordeaux, go to the Basilique Saint-Michel. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about this historical monument and this beautiful city.

Marseille. If Marseille is known for its ports and its boats, it is beacause it’s worth it. As you can see on the second photo you will be able to find coves like this one where the view is beautiful.Most of the french shows, series are filmed in Marseille.

I’m gonna share my personnal opinion about Marseille because I think it is a beautiful city that I’ve never visited. Marseille is also known for her footbal team, maybe in a bad way but at least they’re known… I know that once in my life I have to go to Marseille

And here is one of my favorite city ! I think Nice is a mix between most of the cities in France. The sun, the boats, the beach. You first have to visit Paris because it is the capital and the city about France. Then I advise you to visit Nice, as you see on the pictures on the right, this is a beautiful city with so many different landscape.