Typical Dutch Dishes

Tibbe Teunissen, the Netherlands.

In my country we have a lot of typical dishes. We have a lot of typical dishes because we as society like to cook, so we improve and develop our dishes all the time. Seldom do people hear about the dishes I will talk about because they are only popular in Holland, furthermore we don’t eat that varied our most conventional dishes are most of the time with meat, potatoes and vegetables.

Let’s start with the first dish.

We call this dish poffertjes, it’s like small pancakes and most of the people like to eat it with syrup and powdered sugar. I think it better than pancakes because the dough is thicker and the flavor is more sweet. The poffertjes are emerged from the France revolution, and after it became famous in the Netherlands.

Dutch Stamppot Recipes

The second dish is also incredible popular in the Netherlands and we call it stampot, it’s a meal where you mix the potatoes and the vegetables together until it’s smooth and than you put some smoked sausage on the top. It’s a meal that came from the farmers many years ago because it heavy on the stomach and that’s amazing when you worked a long day on the field.

Lopertjes -drop- 1 kilo- snoepgoed-snoep- wandelen- hardlopen | bol.com

Drop it’s a very well known candy in the Netherlands, you have two species of drop salty ones and the sweet wants. Many people don’t like drop and especially the salty wants because it’s a big difference between candy and drop, people expect candy but this is something you never had before. We made drop from licorice root from Italy and that became the first pure form of the drop. The drop that we know now is by origin from England, only we put sugar with it. The first drop is made 300 years ago, so it’s a really old candy.

Doughnut - Wikipedia

The popular doughnut that everybody knows it’s made by dutch people we also eat this a lot in Holland and after that it went to America. There are the possible origin of the doughnut, and one is that Dutch American people made it from another popular dough dish and that’s how the doughnut born and i also believe in this story.

In short, we have a lot of typical dishes in the Netherlands, but we don’t eat that much varied food. Dutch people like heavy food and when we make candy we like it when it’s really sweet.

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