My Experience in Santa Barbara

Nicolas Brandenburger, Germany

This is my 4th week in Santa Barbara and I enjoyed my time very much. I’m living in a homeshare together with 25 people from all over the world and every week new people come and leave. We are centrally located near the beach and downtown, which is very good. I like the ocean, beach and weather very much because, in my country, it rains a lot. The people are relaxed and don’t rush you if you ask for something. I like the mountains in the background of the downtown. From there you have a very good view over Santa Barbara. Restaurants are very expensive here. Even fast food is not that cheap, like in my country.

Living in a Host family

by Sophia Zimmermann, Germany


In a few days, I will be back in Germany and will talk about the amazing experience I had with my host family here in Santa Barbara.

It is my first time in the US, so I was really afraid what it would be like living in a new family. You don’t know the people that you are going to live with, but you have to live with them. It’s a whole new culture, especially when you’re from Germany living with a Mexican family in the US.

All my fear was taken away when I saw my new family for the first time. When I got out of the car they were waiting for me at the door. They hugged me, brought my suitcases upstairs and showed me the whole house. Since the first moment I was a part of their family.

They took me to family parties, they went shopping with me, they cooked the meals I like, they made me feel so welcome in this family. I couldn’t be more grateful to call this people MY American family.

My American family is like my German one. Three children, a son and two daughters, mother, father and a pet. All family members didn’t treat me like someone they barely knew, they treated me like one of them. It was so nice to see that they cared for me and that they did everything for me so I felt good. And I did, it felt like home there and I think that is the most important thing.

But I also heard a lot of other students say that they don’t like their host families because the parents didn’t care much about the students. I feel so sad for them. You are miles away from your home and when you don’t feel comfortable or welcome your whole experience won’t be as you would like it to be. When I hear about their experiences, I feel even more grateful to have such an amazing family.

After one month in California, I will go back home with a lot of memories and new experiences. On the one side I don’t want to leave Santa Barbara, but on the other side I am really excited to go home and see my family and friends again. It will my host sister’s quinceanera in four years and I definitely will be here and celebrate this big party with her.

Santa Barbara stole my heart and I will never forget the wonderful time I had here!


The link between self-confidence and theater

Heloise Hassan, France

Hi guys! Welcome to my personal blog!

As you already know for the most of you, I used to talk about my lifestyle, my trips, my friends, my advice about shopping and cosmetics… But today, I would like to talk about something I did in the past so you will know more about me.

One thing that I didn’t tell you is that my favorite thing ever is the theater. Indeed, this is my hobbie, and I discovered that when I was 5 years old!

At a first sight, I wanted to take theater lessons because I wanted to be like my mother who practiced that too in the past. But then, I realized very fast that I really loved that and I wanted to continue even if I was a little child.

I stopped the class at the conservatory at 10 and when I was 13 years old I started to attend one of the best school of theater in France : les Cours Florent.

Masks with the theatre concept

After 4 years of this class I realized how much the theater has helped me for my life… Here we are, I am talking about that because I wanted to share a good experience and something that you need to try in your life.

Firstly, the benefits of the theater are several. It has been like a therapy for me. When, in the school, the life wasn’t really like I wanted them to do, I remembered that I had to wait until the Saturday to see people who shared the same hobbies as me and to practice what I really love to do. This day of theater was MY day, an escape from the school and a break.

It helped me to open my mind, but also to be more confident in my life. I learned how to speak, how to answer and how to put away my shyness.

Sometimes, guys, you don’t need a therapy when you don’t feel good. Just find something that you really love to do and who makes you happy, share your hobbies with people who really understand you so you can blossomed in your life.

I recommend you so much to try theater. When I acted, I felt like I could do whatever I wanted and it was true. The purpose is to feel totally free when you are on stage and to make a total omission of the reaction of the others.

If I have to talk in all honesty, I can say that without the theater I would have never been brave and self-confident enough to leave France to take a trip alone at the age of 18 and live my own adventure that I share with you every day…

carte monde helo

Thank you so much guys for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed the edition of today.

Enjoy your life. Live your life and don’t be afraid to try new things and to move on when you have to.

XOXO, Heloise Hassan






Why is loving yourself so hard nowadays because of social medias?

Image result for social medias impact on confidence

by Lea Barras, France.

I have to admit, sometimes I lose confidence in myself when I spend too much time on social media sites. But, even if most of people don’t admit it, I think that nowadays it is common for everyone, especially for teenagers and young adults. Indeed, nowadays, social medias are everywhere and everyone has an Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account. Event though these sites are really useful and have a lot of positive aspects, sometimes they can also have a lot of negative impacts, especially when it comes to self confidence and loving ourselves.

For example, when we are scrolling our Instagram page, we’re always seeing perfect girls with perfect bodies in perfect places. Also, with the famous hashtag #goals, we always see pictures of #couplegoal, #lifegoal, #friendshipgoal etc. In fact, these kinds of posts can have a really negative impact on our way of loving ourselves. Indeed, we start to compare and to wonder why we do not have that kind of body or why we don’t travel as much, why we are still single, why we do not have that much money etc. Then, we start to post pictures or posts just for people to like them because we always want to be the one with the most of likes etc. But when we don’t, we become sad or question ourselves, thinking it’s our fault or  that we are not enough.

We are used to see celebrities, such as Selena Gomez (in the picture below), who have the most liked pictures on instagram (she has sometimes more than 8 million likes) or influencers who always seem to have the perfect lives. In the end, it has been proven that these habits damage a lot our self confidence.

Image result for selena gomez most liked photo on instagram

Indeed, for 60% of people, social medias have impacted their self-esteem on a negative way. Let’s see the 3 main reasons why loving ourselves has become so hard because of social medias and the 3 main attitudes we can use to resolve this problem.

3 mains reasons why loving ourselves has become so hard because of social medias : 

  • Most of the photos we can see on social medias are retouched. 

Indeed, often when we see a picture on internet, it’s not real. The photo has certainly been retouched to fit the beauty standards that society has imposed on us today. Nowadays, women should all have perfect bodies, which means thin legs but with curves, tanned and clear skin, long beautiful hair, but this is not reality. We can’t be that “perfect” and this makes “normal” people,and especially teenagers, feel bad about themselves and having complexes about their physical appearances.

  • Famous people on the internet always show the best sides of their lives. 

People rarely talk or post about what’s going wrong in their lives or about their insecurities and fears. They only show the best that’s happening in their lives. That gives us the feeling that they have perfect lives with no bad days or struggles, whereas in fact it’s not true. Everyone has bad days or struggles with something. So we have to remember that people on social medias only show us what they want to and that we don’t know what happens in their lives behind the camera.

  • The constant run for Likes. 

Nowadays, Likes are more important than everything else. Everyone wants to be the one with the most Likes on his pictures. This leads to people being ready to do anything to achieve it. Indeed, sometimes we post things more for others (because we know it’s the kind of poses or pictures they like) than for ourselves. In the end, we don’t even like the things we post, but we post it because it’s the “trend”.

3 main solutions for being able to still love ourselves while being active on social medias :

  • Don’t compare.

“Personality begins where comparison leaves off. Be unique. Be memorable. Be confident. Be proud.” is a quote by Shannon L. Alder that we should all keep in mind when we’re using social medias and start comparing ourselves to these perfect girls in photos. Indeed, the only person we should compare ourselves to is ourselves because that’s what matters the most to us and that’s the most important for our own self-image. By doing this, we can only do better, whereas comparing with others on social medias can only bring us negativity because we’re different people so we’ll never look like them.

  • Trust your own timing. 

Everyone’s timing is different. Indeed, if your bestfriend is in a relationship and you’re not, that doesn’t mean that you “suck” or that you’re not beautiful or funny or anything enough to be in a relationship too. It just means that it’s not the right time for you. We shouldn’t pressure ourselves to be where other people are now in their lives because we do not have the same timing, and something that is good for someone now is maybe not good for you at the same time. Also, everything happens for a reason so we should just relax and appreciate life as it comes and not worry too much about the things we can’t control.

  • Remember that perfection doesn’t exist. 

Lastly, we should remember that perfection doesn’t exist because we can’t always be in a good mood, or being well dressed all the time because life comes in waves : one day you’re fine, the next day something is bothering you and it goes on and on like this. So we have to remember that it happens also to the perfect girl you see on Instagram, it’s just that she chooses to not show it to the world. Also, perfection is subjective : your definition of perfection is maybe not the same as the person sitting next to you, so you can’t be perfect for everyone. You should only try to be perfect for yourself and that’s enough.

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Santa Barbara

one thousand steps

Aoi Mieno, Japan

Santa Barbara is a beautiful place, for example beaches, buildings and many shops. This place the Spanish culture is penetrating. Here is a celebrity villa. Many people are relaxing on holidays.

Mainly you can see dolphins on the beach. This ocean is very big, so there are many sea animals. People enjoying surfing, BBQ, and kayaking…

Santa Barbara is publicized by media. Attention has been paid by many people.

You must visit here!


Views of Santa Barbara

Karen Yokoo from Japan

~the view at the bus station~

Beautiful views are seen in Santa Barbara.

This place is enjoyed by many people.

You can enjoy the city at any times because it is good weather in Santa Barbara every day.



~the view from the ship~

The nice sunset is seen from the ship.

The sunset cruise is enjoyed by many people in Santa Barbara.

You can see this wonderful scenery about from 7 to 8 p.m.KAREN1.jpg

One Thousand Steps Beach

Marco Schoba, Switzerland

The One Thousand Steps Beach is close to Santa Barbara. It is so beautiful and near the Butterfly Beach. When you go there, you can see sometimes the dolphins and sea lions. When the sky was clear then we have a nice view of the Channel Islands. The beach is very clean and the water looks like the sea at the Maldive Island.

one thousand steps

It has lagoon pools where we can swim.

laguna one

It​​​​ is my favorite place in Santa Barbara then we can relax after school or work. I have been in many countries and beaches, but I can see that it is the most beautiful beach where I have been.







From Paris, FRANCE

Last week, I spent four hours at sea, on the “Condor Express” hoping to see whales and dolphins.

I’m a passionate photographer and I’m also for the preservation of the marine environnement.

Being able to approach them and seeing them swimming in their natural habitat has been an incredible experience.

The emotion was very strong.

My dream became a reality when a pod of white and blue dolphins appeared at the front of the boat.

They danced in the waves offered us an incredible spectacle.

Then two Humpback whales appeared farther away, accompanied by seals that dipped beside them.

The scene was magical, it looked like a dance ballet, when the birds and dolphines joined them.

It was meal time, they had stopped a school of fish.

A little later, we crossed the Risso’s dolphins road, which is rare because it remains very discreet, but this time they did us the honor of approaching the boat.

We were like on a cloud.

During this expedition I learned that each whale had her own identity.

The stains and shape of their tail are similar to our fingerprints.

It allows researchers to recognize them.

In June, 177 whales were hunted and killed in Japan for their meat and this situation occurs every year.

It’s a majestic animal and we have to protect it.

I’m part of a French association “TERRE MARINE” that is researching the impact

that noise pollution ( like sonar ) has on mammals.


Why do we find dolphins, whales and others animals stranded  on the beach ?

At the moment we don’t have the answer.

I became aware of the real importance of this research.

Every day we can make a small gesture to protect our planet and all the beauties

it offers us.


The Earth will be grateful .😉

Click on the link to see one video and my pictures.