Santa Barbara Real Estate

Jelle Van Dijck, Belgium

After being in Santa Barbara for a few days, there is one thing everyone tells me about living here: it’s so expensive. Is Santa Barbara becoming the new Beverly Hills? Is the middle class being excluded from this beautiful place?

13600 Calle Real, Santa Barbara, CA 93117

Coming from Belgium, I’m surprised to see the price of a single-family home. Prices are more than double than what I’m used to. What would be influencing these prices? Is it the gorgeous coastline and mountains or is it the amount of multi-millionaires and celebrities that escape busy LA and San Francisco? Many celebrities put Santa Barbara on the map by buying a home to live in during the weekends or during holidays, it’s their second home to get away from work. Same situation with the owners of big companies, they probably run their businesses out of LA or San Francisco and come to Santa Barbara to live a stress-free live. This is influencing the prices of the different neighborhoods in the city, some places are becoming exclusive and hard to get in for many families.

SB real estate prices

In the future, I see myself as a real estate agent and real estate investor. Everywhere I go, I look for what’s on the market and what prices are common in the area. (The Zillow app is a real good friend of mine). If you look at the statistics, you can conclude that the median sale price is around 1 million dollars in almost the whole county of Santa Barbara. If a middle class family is looking for a place to live, they are most likely to find an apartment downtown or a single-family house in the Goleta area. If they are looking for a house closer to downtown (West-Montecito, Mission Canyon or Hope Ranch), the listings get more exclusive and you are most likely to pay 2-3 million dollars for a single-family house all the way up to 30 million dollars.

Is it realistic for a young couple who just got out of college to find a home that suits their ideas for the future? Maybe they want kids and a dog, so they will need a garden and a good location close to school. In their situation, they need a single-family home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a decent sized garden for their dog and kids to run around in. If both of them have a job, they are likely to have at least two cars. So they also need a garage or enough parking space on the driveway or down the street.

5360 Plunkett Ln

I went to and entered my needs all the way from West-Goleta to East-Carpenteria. The website gave me around 130 results, only 19 of these homes were priced under 1 million dollars (which is around 14%). Only five of these homes are close to the downtown-area. The remaining 14 homes are located in Goleta or Carpenteria. So for first-time home buyers it’s probably more interesting to start looking for a place in Goleta or Carpinteria, or they can buy an apartment around the downtown-area for the same price. If you really want to live downtown or in the more exclusive area’s of Santa Barbara, you’ll have to safe enough money and decide to move later in your live. This explains the statistics I found about the residents of Santa Barbara on Only 52% of the residents of Santa Barbara are the owner of their own house. Also, the median age of a home-owner in Santa Barbara is 42.

The Luxury Side of Santa Barbara

So for this topic, I didn’t just want to write about these nice homes by looking at the pictures and the description. I want to see these homes and look for myself why these homes are so expensive. Is it the view, the safety of the neighborhood or the privacy that make these homes so expensive?

There are many expensive houses in Santa Barbara county, some who are more expensive than the others. But for “The Luxury Side of Santa Barbara”, I want to focus more on three luxury areas: Hope Ranch, Montecito and Santa Ynez. Hope Ranch and Montecito are very similar, both area’s offer beautiful ocean- and mountain views and there are even some homes who have access to a private beach. Santa Ynez is different, it is located around 30 minutes North-East from the city. Most of the homes are considered ranches which have vineyards, paddocks and barns.

  • Hope Ranch

Hope Ranch is located West of downtown, the area has beautiful palm tree lined streets and a few gorgeous golf courses. Home prices in this area go all the way up to 25 million dollars. On Sunday October 7th, I went to three open houses in this area.

1.  3429 Sea Ledge Ln, $6,950,000

The first house was a beautiful beach house with amazing views of the ocean and the Channel Islands. It was the smallest house I visited but still the most expensive one, this is not surprising since the two most imported things in real estate are location and views.


2.  3240 Campanil Dr, $3,199,000

The next house I visited, was just a few-minute drive up the mountain. This house was the least expensive one, but still the biggest house with the most living space indoor and outdoor. Since it was higher up the mountain and all the electricity cables on the street were underground, the views got even five times better.


3.  4050 Via Laguna, $4,000,000

The last house I visited was all the way up north in Hope Ranch. The house was located on a death-end street and was surrounded by a beautiful golf course. Since this house has no views, it provides you a lot of privacy and it has a pool and hot-tub. This house felt very different than the other two homes, but from the inside it was definitely the most updated.

  • Montecito

Montecito is located East of Santa Barbara, this area has the most beautiful and exclusive real estate of Santa Barbara. Montecito is a community on it’s own, there are some beautiful stores, hotels and beaches that are very famous and exclusive. Some hotels in Montecito are considered the best in the United States. Montecito is also known for having celebrity residents, Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry and Oprah Winfrey all own a beautiful estate in Montecito. On Sunday October 14th, I did three open houses in this area.

1.  636 Woodley Rd, $6,795,000

This house, close to Coast Village Rd, is a modern house with floor-to-ceiling windows and gorgeous mountain views. The modern homes are very rare here in Santa Barbara, that’s why the house is rather expensive for it’s low square footage.

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2.  1147 Glenview Rd, $5,900,000

The next house was just down the street from the first one, this one is faced towards the ocean so it has beautiful ocean-views. The house had multiple levels with a gorgeous game room, sauna and even an outdoor kitchen. Every room has a beautiful ocean view.

3.  2775 Bella Vista Dr, $7,000,000

The last house I saw in Montecito was definitely the best one I saw in all of Santa Barbara. It was all the way up in the mountains of Montecito, far away from the busy streets downtown. It was extremely quite, the only thing you could hear were the birds and the fountain that was running into the pool. The views here were almost unbelievable, you could see all the way from Carpinteria to downtown SB and the pier.

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  • Santa Ynez

Santa Ynez is about a 30-minute drive from Santa Barbara, but also has some amazing luxury real estate. The real estate is very different from Hope Ranch or Montecito. Most people in Santa Ynez want a vineyard or horses, so most of the real estate has a lot of land and people are looking for ranches. Prices can also get really high, you can buy a rather smaller ranch for about 3-4 million. But if you are looking for a ranch with more than 100 acres of land, you can easily pay around 13-14 million dollars. Santa Ynez is also a popular spot for celebrities. The famous “Neverland Ranch”, which used to be Micheal Jacksons house, is now for sale for over 60 million dollars. Also, the famous singer Pink bought a ranch in Santa Ynez five years ago and is now starting her own wine brand.

So as a conclusion, I can say that Santa Barbara is an expensive place for first-time homebuyers and maybe even homebuyers in general. There are also many hidden places that were turned into exclusive and luxury neighborhoods. And last but not least, there is a real estate market for celebrities that want to escape LA for more privacy.


What To Do in Carpinteria

Florencia Casas Kemundris, Argentina

Weather73°F (23°C), Wind SW at 10 mph (16 km/h), 73% Humidity
Population: 13,684 (2016)

Carpinteria is a beautiful place with awesome beaches near the city. It’s such a quiet city where you can chill and sunbath under a lot of wonderful palms. The weather is pretty warm. The temperature is about 73°

What About Food

Top ten best restaurants:

  1. Sushi Teri: a local sushi chain with five locations across Santa Barbara Country, this restaurant serves up tasty sushi and teriyaki in a relaxed environment.
  2. Crushcakes & Coffee: the variety of cupcake flavors offered changes everyday. Creative varieties include hot buttered rum, tiramisu and, their signature, red velvet.
  3. Lucky Llama Coffee: In the mood for a fancy latte? Stop here.
  4. Siam Elephant: They offer a variety of curries including seasonal flavors, like pumpkin curry in the fall.
  5. Padaro Beach Grill: Enjoy fresh salads, burgers and milkshakes which are blended by hand.
  6. Zookers Restaurant: Try their seafood tostada (made with shrimp and scallops), turkey mushroom meatloaf or Niman Ranch pork chop.
  7. The Palms: Order the cut of meat of your choice (steak, salmon or halibut).
  8. Giannfranco’s Trattoria: The best Italian restaurant in Carpinteria. Enjoy paninis, pasta and meat for lunch or dinner.
  9. The Spot:  Serving up delicious burgers and fries for over 90 years.
  10. Sly’s: Fresh seafood, prime steaks, and classic cocktails.

The Greatest Beaches:

Carpinteria State Beach

Carpinteria City Beach

Carpinteria State Beach Campground

Carpinteria Bathing Beaches

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The Hell That Majorca Is Living.

Alejandra Cabanas, Spain.

The hurricane Leslie caused the worst situation that this city could imagine. Its streets are full of water, causing the departure of the Majorca’s families, disappearances and deaths.

Image result for leslie hurricane in majorca

The roads are full of growing piles of broken furniture, street signs and clothing, as hundreds of residents return to their town to clean and restore their street homes.

It was in Sant Llorenç where 12 victims died, trapped in cars that were soon submerged, or unable to escape from their homes at the lower end of town.

Some of the residents, as Pedro Sánchez Caldentey, had lived through really difficult situations. Pedro’s Jeep was engulfed by the water and swept away. He says he was in there only minutes earlier, that he had climbed out of the window and swum to the roof of a building.

Now, there are 900 soldiers, police and emergency workers in the area, divided into groups, some helping with the clean-up, others trying to prevent the looting that has started. A third emergency search team is looking for an eight-year-old boy called Artur, whose mother died as their car was caught in the deluge.

Image result for policia trabajando en mallorca por el huracán

Six local residents have now been confirmed dead, and six tourists, including a German couple, an elderly Dutch woman, and a British couple in their seventies, Tony and Delia Green.

Also the citizens are working so hard to recover the normal life in their town. Majorcan tennis star Rafa Nadal was also one of those citizens. He had also opened a tennis center to Majorca flood victims at his Sport Academy. This actions honors himself.


At the time this disaster was going on, attention is also turning to how this tragedy that led to so many people losing their lives. Some organisations have accused the local government of allowing people to build illegally in flood risk areas.

However, some survivors here said they thought it would have made little difference, that what happened felt “biblical” to them and gave them little time to react.

There is Food which was Invented in Japan in America

Mio Fukuda, Japan

1.Beard Papa’s

「Beard Papa’s」の画像検索結果

Beard Papa’s is an international  chain of cream puff stores started in japan.

「Beard Papa’s」の画像検索結果

Cream puff that is used cookie dough on the surface is so good.

Beard Papa’s has a lot of stores in Los Angeles.


2.Marugame Udon

「Marugame Udon」の画像検索結果

We can eat Udon ( Japanese food ) in Marugame Udon.

「Marugame Udon」の画像検索結果

This is so good.

This store is very famous in Japan.

Japanese Marugame Udon and American Marugame Udon’s taste is same .


「yoshinoya los angeles」の画像検索結果

Yoshinoya is a Japanese multinational fast food chain, and the second-largest chain of gyudon ( beef bowl ) restaurants.

The chain was established in Japan in 1899.

「yoshinoya los angeles」の画像検索結果

Its motto is “ Tasty, low-priced, and quick. “

I want you to eat this.

This is so good.

4.Kura sushi

「くら寿司 los angeles」の画像検索結果

Kura sushi is a sushi restaurant chain located in Japan.

It has 362 locations in Japan, and a few more outside Japan.


In Japan, we can eat sushi for $1.00 per dish.

But if you eat sushi at Kura sushi in L.A, we have to pay about $2.00.Japan is very cheap.

Importance Of Bathing

10 / 02 / 2018   Sana Kato, Japan

public bath

Most Japanese like taking a bath. The history of bathing was transmitted from China with Buddhism. One of the teachings of Buddhism is “to prevent seven diseases and to acquire seven lucks”. Bathing was perceived as good for the body and the habit of bathing spread to people in Japan.


People from all over the world take a shower to remove body dirt. There are other reasons why Japanese take a bath. Bathing has a relaxing effect. So we take a bath and cure the tiredness of the day. Bathing also improves blood circulation and leads to good health.

We usually have one bathtub per family. We clean the bathtub every day, keep it clean and take a bath.  For a short bath, people take a bath for a few minutes and for a long bath, people take a bath for several hours. A home tub is also a place where parents and children can communicate.

「bathtub in japan」の画像検索結果

We have a public bath in Japan. There are many types of baths that you can not take a bath at home. For example sauna, jacuzzi and outside baths. We go to the public bath for that. To make everyone comfortable, there are rules in the public bath. For example, we should take a shower before taking a bath because our body is dirty. Also we should wipe the body before returning to the dressing room because if we don’t do it the floor gets wet. Public bath is not a private, chartering bath, either. We should pay attention to it.

「public bath in japan」の画像検索結果

In America there is no culture to take a bath and there is no public bath. I like taking a bath and public bath. So I think it is hard for me to live here because I can not take a bath and go to public bath. I wish there was a bathing culture and public bath in America.


Why Run ?

Adele Fadier, France

Some people don’t understand the interest runners have in running. Maybe it’s because you don’t know all the upsides of running?

So I understand that it’s difficult to begin running because you don’t see the positive effects immediately and that may take a long time to see real improvement of your skills. But anyways work pays. I will show you in what ways it’s good for you.

First, running is good for your health like every sport, everybody knows that. You have to know that our immune system gets stronger when you run slowly. Moreover, running activates the blood circulation and that’s really good for our heart. That prevents many diseases and can also have a healing effect. Running also has a good effect on our bones and joints. Indeed, when we run our body reinforces our bones and joints to protect them against the impacts of each stride.


Then, running gives us a strong mental attitude. Running can be difficult and unpleasant even for people who have run for a long time. When you are in this bad stage, you must have a strong motivation to push on. Running is like a long project on ourselves to exceed our limits and be proud of ourselves. So jogging also has an effect in our daily lives, that improves our self confidence and mental capacities. So it’s good to overcome daily problems.

You can also run to overcome stress. Yes it’s true. Imagine that you have a complicated and stressed day period, in the evening you put on your running shoes and just think about nothing. When you are running, you forget all the pressure you have on your shoulders and you go back home with a smile on your face. Some Swedish studies even say that running can eliminate some toxic substances cause by stress and anxiety.


Finally, a big upside of running is the effect on our longevity. In fact, the Harvard school made a study that says that a heart which beats less quickly at rest is an important criterion for lengthening life. Moreover, in average, chronic diseases appear later in runners’ lives than in non runners’.

So as a conclusion, running can change your daily life physically and mentally. You have to try and push on even if it’s difficult because nothing is won without effort. For me, running is also a way to escape from my routine, get some air, and discover amazing landscapes, especially here, in Santa Barbara. So get rid of your false excuses and go running.

I can also give you some spots where you can go for a run. For me the better place is Santa Barbara Waterfront. When I run around 6 or 7 p.m the sunset on the ocean and the mountain is amazing. Then, you can find below a link for a website where you can find every run’s spots of the city.


Looking for Our Identity

Sayen Antil, Chile

What makes me be me? Do I have an answer for that?


Identity is by definition the distinguishing character or personality of an individual, so I’ve been thinking which things about myself make me who I am. For me, it’s a struggle, but why? Why is it so hard to think of all those things? I think its mostly because when we are trying, aspects of us that we have denied arise. But what we should do about it? Just stop trying and continue living like we have been?

I started reading many different quotes of different philosophers  or even current writers. The psychologist, Camen Duran, said that changing our being is changing our lives,  but changing our lives is not changing our being. At first I didn’t get it, but when I did, I thought about changing  the way we live for changing ourselves is just a transitory change, mostly because our inner struggles will keep coming back to our lives.


So where am I heading to with all of these? I want to know myself, and I am going to do it through these steps. First of all, I’ll stop comparing myself with others. Everyone does this to try to know themselves, but this is actually the worst thing to do, because we get so distracted in trying to be someone else. Maybe it’s good to look up to someone, but we’ll do this without losing our true identity,  trying to be the best version of ourselves.  I’ll be objective, if I refuse to accept some of the things I don’t like about myself, I won’t know what kind of person I truly am. I’ll try my best to identify my emotions and act according to them, that way I’ll know what  my character is like.

Once you identify how are you, you’ll be able to identify others. It will help you to improve your relationship with yourself and therefore, improve it with everyone around you. And let’s keep it honest, when you are happy with the environment of your interpersonal relationships, your entire life feels so much better because good relationships are the basis of a good, happy life. So knowing yourself, in other words, can lead you to live a fulfilling life.


What’s Happening with the Pipeline Project in Canada?

Maxime Vautrelle, France

It is a big disappointment for the Canadian government. At the end of August, the justice  stopped the construction of The TransMountain expansion.

One of the biggest projects in Canada, the TransMountain is compromised. The goal was the transportation of energy (petrol, oil, gas…) across Canada and the north of the United States of America. Actually, a pipeline makes the transportation from Chicago (with different ways) to Edmonton in the county of Alberta (Canada). This one is called Embridge Alberta Clipper. Also, the other biggest one is the Express and Platte from Pakota (near Chicago) to Hardisty (Alberta County).

NEW-Coastal-GasLink-Proposed-Project-Route-Map-Graphic (1).png

The Federal Court of Appeal cancelled the executive order to continue the project on the 30th of August. For the institution, the Canadian government has missed these obligations. They should consulted the native populations before approving the project, and they didn’t in November 2016.

The Appeals Court is thinking about the consequences on the environment for the expansion. If  the TransMoutain is built he should do the transportation from Edmonton to Vancouver, and the Canadian president, Justin Trudeau, accepted the project of Kinder Morgan (the investment company) in despite this cost (Ten billion dollars).

In the ‘First Nations’ camp it’s a victory. The balance sheet of the jugdment said, the ONE (Office National of Energy) has been a big mistake in the evaluations of this office can’t  be use for the expansion. The public interest and the environment impact was disregarded altough the economic impact on the region : The weekly capacity of the TransMoutain’s transportation could be 300,000 barrels to 900,000 barrels. The numbers of the tankers will be 34 against 5 actually.


Finally, the negociations between the different institutions should continue until an agreement, but the project raise so many problems. Actually it’s a public project bought by Trudeau’s administration, and many people in politic had criticized this spending. Greenpeace in head, the ecologic organisation asked the government to take these billions and spend it in favor of the renewable energies.

This case is pushing Justin Trudeau and this administration in the turmoil and it will be difficult for the President to find a positive issue. With the expansion of TranMountain the internationale figure of the Canada and his ‘green-values’, and the weakness of Justin Trudeau confront in the institutions, the Canadian government lives these worst hours.

My First Five Weeks in Santa Barbara


Tim Lerch Switzerland

My name is Tim, and I come from Switzerland in a small town in Bern. I am 19 years old. I have a big Sister and her name is Julia and she is 21 years old. My inspiration to come to Santa Barbara was my sister because she was here too with EF and she told me, it is e perfect experience.

I like Santa Barbara so much, because its a beautiful city, the people are lovely and my Host family is also very good. I had a little culture shock because the cleanliness, but it is not that bad.

I’m really happy because i meet some new friends, and do big things with them, for example go to the beach or do an bonfire, go to Isla Vista and make party or just a little shopping tour or just hang around.

I love Carpinteria and their beach, its so beautiful. I like the beach in Santa Barbara too.

My Host family lives in Goleta. Goleta is also a very beautiful city. The only negative point is the bad bus connection, sometimes we have to walk for maybe 30 minutes and that is not so cool.

Anyway i enjoy my time here and I dont want to go back home yet. I want to visit San Fransico and Los Angeles to visit Dineyland and things like that. I’m also very excited for Halloween, i thinks its very cool in America. The time goes fast….

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