Earth Overshoot Day

The world overshoot day is the day of a certain year, beginning at the first of January that the humanity has used all earths’ materials that it can produce in one year. We can also explain the world overshoot day as a Global Footprint Network. With Global Footprint we can understand all the things like overfishing, overharvesting forests, emitting more carbon dioxide and stuff like that.


Some countries use much more from the world than the things they actually get. For Example South Korea and Japan use more than five times their output, even the USA use up over its output. We can actually say that the USA consumes five times the earth in a year.Before the 1970s we had even an under capacity, this means that humanity didn’t use all of earths materials. Unfortunately after the 1970 there is an over capacity, so we use more and more from earths materials. Nowadays we almost need two earths to feed humanity.

Street Art

Cassandra Klaesson, Sweden

What are my thoughts about the street art?
Yeah, they are mixed. But I think it could be something beautiful. Some street artists are pretty good and are making some big changes in the cities. Making it more colorful.
But there are some people that writes meaningless words on walls or buildings. And that’s one of the things I don’t like.
But just because some people are destroying the town with these meaningless words doesn’t mean a city must remove them all. That’s just wrong. Instead it could possibly work with this and come up with a solution.

One of my favorite artists is Banksy whose gender we don’t know. When he first started with street art, he was just doodling his name everywhere. Maybe not that fancy. But he made something fun with it. He wrote his name on places you would never think a street artist would reach. Making the world become interested in the art. And, in time, the “doodles” developed artistically. They developed a meaning behind the art. Art have opened eyes for people and what is happening around us in the world. And because of it he has started a discussion about things around street art. Making people getting involved. Although he also made some enemies on the way, he doesn’t think about it and it’s just doing the thing he loves. But he mostly could do this because he’s been hiding his identity.

After all he’s been an inspiration to many. Art doesn’t have to be about colorful paintings, self portrait or a nice picture of a landscape. It could also be something on the wall you walk by each day on your way to work.


But the street art is not just some doodles on the wall. It could be knitting around a street lamp, bridge or something completely else. Or you could make the plates with the street signs more colorful or just pimp them. Street art doesn’t have a limit.


But as I wrote before, there are some bad things about street art, like the words are either racist or just bad in general. And sometimes it is in the inappropriate place, like a building or a monument that has some historical importance and is destroyed from these irresponsible “artists”. There are a lot that could be destroyed by street artists. And because of it the debate about street art is growing and there are a lot of people that want street art to be banned. I understand if something that’s already beautiful gets destroyed.

One solution is that some cities designated street art walls where people can come and do their art or just practice. But it still doesn’t stop some people from doodling somewhere else.
In a city nearby where I live they have these kind of walls as seen below, and I been walking past them many times and love some of the paintings.

But I still think cities could do more for the street artists. The cities should help them like they help other sports or artists. I think everyone deserves to do what they love. Some ideas are that they could get sponsored projects from the cities, like making a old wall look “new”. Or for example an old house that they couldn’t afford to renovate. Why don’t they create cool artwork with it?
There is a lot of possibilities you could do and it’s only your imagination that could stop you.

  A wall from my hometown Simrishamn, Sweden.

Life as a model during fashionweek

Lea Krummenacher, Switzerland

Twice a year there are fashion weeks in several countries, for example Paris fashion week or Milan fashion week. This is the time where models, just as athletes do during the olympics, have the chance to showcase their talent. Of course they can only do so after attending the castings and being chosen by the designers or scouts. For being chosen by them, you have to be in great shape and you have to be able to walk the runway like a pro. Depending on how many brands are interested in a model, it

Related image

has to go to up to 20 different castings in different places a day, which is exhausting and takes a lot of mental strengh because sometimes people treat models more like an object than a human being and critizie them.

After a model has attended the castings and has been chosen for more or one of the brands, it has to go to fittings and rehearsels. At the fittings, they are trying on clothes and the designers decide which model is wearing what kind of clothes. Days or weeks later there is going to be a rehearsel where the models get told how and what order they have to be walking the runway. Rehearsels can last up to one or two days. Days or weeks after the rehearsel, fashion week takes place and the rush begins.Image result for fashion week





The German Election and Its Results

by Jannik Decker, Germany

In Germany last Sunday, the 24th, the elections for the Bundestag, the federal parliament  occurred. The results are that Angela Merkel has secured a fourth term as German chancellor and that a new party, the so-called AFD has moved into the Bundestag.

But lets take a look at the exact results:

The CDU (the Union), the party of Angela Merkel, a rather conservative party gained a total of 32.9 % of the votes and is thereby the biggest party in the Bundestag. The next largest is the SPD, the Social Democrats. They got a total of 20.5% of the German votes. The third party is the new party, the AFD (Alternative for Germany) They are politically right and gained a total of 12.6% of the vote, which is concerning since it is the first extremely nationalistic party in the German Bundestag since its beginning in 1949. After the big three, there are the FDP with 10.7%, the Left Party with 9.2% and „Bündnis 90/Die Grünen” a environmentally focused party with 8.9%.


Compared to the last election, the Conservatives and the Social Democrats lost the most votes, which were gained by the liberal FDP and the populist right AFD parties.

Moving on to the future, there now are only two options for possible coalitions:

1: The “big coalition” between the Conservatives and the Social Democrats. This possibility is rather unlikely since they have not been able to work together in the past.

2: The “Jamaica” coalition. This possibility is way more likely. It would happen between the Conservatives, the Liberals and the Greens. But, either way, none of the options would be very stable and effective for the next four years.

Overall, the main result we all can be sure about is that Angela Merkel will be Chancellor of Germany for another 4 years.




By Florian Manert Munich, Germany

The Oktoberfest, in Bavaria called Wiesn, is the biggest festival worldwide. It has 14 beer tents where thousands of people can sit, stand or dance on the benches and tables. People from all around the world come there to celebrate together and have fun. It starts at the last weekend of September and takes place for two weeks. Not every beer brand can come there and sell their beer, only the big six Munich brands are allowed to present theirs. These are Hacker-Pschorr, Augustiner, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner and Spatenbräu.





But there are not only beer tents during Oktoberfest. You can get all kinds of sweets there, from apples with chocolate to roasted almonds. And if you love rollercoasters in all their different variations, you’re definitely going to love it. The scary haunted houses or the big wheel, where you have an excellent view over whole Munich, and the Power tower with a height of 70 meters are one of the attractions you can visit. So there are attractions for every age group.

wiesn 1



Arnold Chiari Malformation

By Lotte Van den Broeck,  Belgium

Aside from your heart to love and your lungs to breath, your brain is the most important thing your body needs to survive. Unfortunately, not every part that works well in every body. My mum always told me for every problem there is a solution, but it looks like there wasn’t one for Arnold Chiari Malformation, a brain disease where just a little is known.

arnold 2

The reason why I chose this topic is because I have suffered a long time from Arnold Chiari Malformation. The hardest thing to deal with was the unknown. For six years we passed so many doctors and professors, but there was no one who knew why I had all the symptoms like: headaches, vision problems, muscles weakness, dizziness and even sometimes paralysis in my arms or legs, but we kept searching and with success. Three years ago we were contacted by a professor for disease of the metabolism system. It was just a coincidence that he just made a paper about this Arnold Chiari. He just described all my feelings, without I telling him anything about it. He just knew that I searched for so long for a reason for my headaches and my dizziness. I had been examined by so many different neurosurgeons and there was no one who could accurately diagnose my condition.

These malformations are usually caused by structural defects in the brain and spinal cord. When you suffer from Arnold Chiari Malformation, you don’t have space enough in the brain where the cerebrospinal fluid can pass.

arnold chiari 1

If this cerebrospinal fluid can’t pass, it will probably cause problems while the fluid will gather and press on the nerves. Behind the cerebellum all the important nerves that go to your back come together, so if there is too much pressure on that specific part of the brain, it can cause not only headaches, but even paralysis.

What to do about it? Because there are many types of Arnold Chiari malformation, not every treatment is the same. Sometimes it can happen that you don’t have any symptoms at all. So why would you do something about it? In this situation, your doctor will just recommend you have regular examinations or MRIs. If you only have the primary symptoms like pain, your doctor will probably give you some pain medication. But when you have some more symptoms in addition to headaches, only a surgery will be sufficient, like it was in my case. It is all about decompression. What they will do is remove small selections of the bone.  This reduces the pressure on your cerebellum and spinal cord and the cerebrospinal fluid will flow again easily. There will be no more pressure on the nerves which lay behind the brain.


Do you know the metaphor “That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt”? Well I totally agree with it, BUT maybe you can turn a deaf ear to your pain which cries too loudly for your attention. That’s what I’m going to do in the future. Most of the symptoms are resolved by the surgery, but sometimes the awful headaches are there again… As long as it is just headaches I can handle it. Life continues and I’m so happy with my life now. I’m so thankful to professor Van Calenbergh that he would take the risk to treat me.

In the future, I want to motivate everyone who suffers from pain. It is absolutely not true  that there is nothing to do to reduce the pain. Continiue believing in a solution or treatment. I’m sure there is one. It doesn’t matter what your doctor tells you. Just believe!

– Cerebellum, it’s the part of the brain that controls balance.
– Spinal cord, it’s a long, thin, tubular bundle of nervous tissue. The brain and spinal cord together make up the central nervous system.
– Cerebrospinal fluid, it’s the fluid that surrounds and protects the brain and spinal cord.
– Foramen magnum, it’s a large oval opening in the bone of the skull.

I Love To Travel

By Corina Hurtig

I love to travel around the world and discover new lands and cultures, as well as meet different people. If I am in a strange country, I would like to see a lot of it and travel often by bus, ship, or by car.coco

I have already taken a lot of cruises and have traveled since early childhood with my parents or friends.


I love to have new experiences and grow beyond myself.


I love to meet new people from other countries and make friends.

Most important in life are experiences because you learn from them.coco1coco6

I am very interested in the American history and culture, especially of the Native Americans and their lives.I would like to live the same way as they did before other people came to live in this time and to learn from them. Unfortunately, they have destroyed my dreams.coco4coco5

7 German Foods You Have To Try

By Kira Maria Wasserthal, Germany

My name is Kira. I’m from Germany. I have lived there since I was born for 19 years. I’m really into German food because it’s so delicious and multifunctional. So I think everyone should know something about our really good food.

  1. Pretzel

In Ge1rman you don’t say “Pretzel” you say “Bretzel” with a long “e”.

A Pretzel is a type of baked bread product made from dough most commonly shaped into a twisted knot. It also has salt on it. Salt is an important part of the Pretzel because with salt it tastes way better than without.


Käsespätzle is my favori2te food here in Germany. Käsespätzle are a kind of soft egg noodle scalloped with cheese. You also put fried onions on it. This tastes so good!

For really good flavor you have to make the noodles by hand. It’s really easy.


3. Sauerkraut

“Sauerkraut is finely cut cabbage that has been fermented by various lactic acid bacteria. It has a long shelf life and a distinctive sour flavor, both of which result from the lactic acid that forms when the bacteria ferment the sugars in the cabbage.” This is the definition of Sauerkr6.aut from Wikipedia.

But I have to say that Sauerkraut isn’t really good food for everybody. To be honest I don’t really like it because I just don’t like the taste of it. But some people really love it. So you have to choose for yourself!

      4. Weisswurst

Weisswurst is typical Bavarian food. In the part of Germany where I live (Hessen), it’s not as common to eat Weisswurst like it is in Bavaria. But when I go to Munich (it’s the capital of Bavaria) I always it because it’s soo good!

I would say Weisswurst is similar to the normal Bratwurst (sausage in English) because the form is the nearly the same, but it looks different. In the image below you can see how a sausage looks if you have never seen one before:

Grilled barbecue sausage

Weisswuerste are usually eaten as a mid-morning snack. They are made fresh every morning. It has a really mild taste. That’s why it’s also really popular for children.


The next one is “Fleischkäse”. You can also say “Leberkäse”. It consists of corned beef, pork and bacon a9.nd is made by grinding the ingredients very finely and then baking it as a loaf in a bread pan until it has a crunchy brown crust. You can also eat it with bread. I always eat it like this at school. It’s way better!


    6. Schnitzel

Schnitzel is also a really typical food in Germany. Even though it’s originally from Austria (Wiener Schnitzel) it’s still popular in Germany. In every part of Germany!

German people often eat this with fries or with mashed potatoes. Some people ea11t Schnitzel without any dip. Some eat it with ketchup. It depends on your taste.

You can also eat your Schnitzel with different kind of sauces like cream sauce (then it’s called Rahmschnitzel) or mushroom sauce (then it’s called Jaegerschnitzel) and so on.  There are many different options.

      7. Schweinshaxe

A “Schweinshaxe” is a roasted ham hock. “The ham hock is the end of the pig’s leg, just above the 12ankle and below the meaty ham portion”.

It is especially popular in Bavaria! In my part of Germany it’s called “Eisbein”.
You can eat Schweinshaxe with “Knödel” or Sauerkraut.
Here you can see Knödel:


Tłusty czwartek (Fat Thursday)

Katarzyna Golik, Poland

Tłusty czwartek (Fat Thursday) is a traditional Polish feast. It is celebrated on the last Thursday before Lent. Lent is time of fasting and restraint, so Fat Thursday is the last opportunity to feast before Easter. This day is dedicated to eating, meeting relatives and friends and celebrating together. Traditionally, the most popular dishes on that day are pączki and faworki.


Pączki are traditional Polish pastries. They are deep-fried, made of dough and usually filled with jam or custard. There are many ways to decorate them, the most popular are glaze, powdered sugar and pieces or dried orange zest. It is believed pączki were created for practical reasons –  sugar, eggs and fruit were forbidden during the Lent, so people used up all the products left in order not to waste food.



Faworki (Angel wings) is the second most popular treat on Fat Thursday. They are deep-fried, crispy pastries made of dough, sprinkled with powdered sugar. They contain flour, water, many egg yolks, confectioners’ sugar, rum, vanilla and a very small amount of butter.


On Fat Thursday many people wake up 3 hours earlier than usual in order to stand in line at their favourite bakery and buy delicious and fresh pastries. People compete with each other about the amount of eaten pączki. It is believed that those, who won’t eat any pączki during Fat Thursday will have bad luck.


Sports as an Important Part in Our Lives

By Kim Mazenauer, Switzerland

My name is Kim and I live in Switzerland, near Lucerne. I’m 18 years old and this is the first time I’m in the United States. I arrived on September 16th and will stay for four months.

In this article I want to write about my biggest hobby, sports. In my free time I do a lot of sports. I like to go running, go to the gym and play tennis. My favorite sport is playing tennis, because you can play it in a team and you can play it outside in summer such as inside in the winter. I started playing tennis when I was 8 years old.
When I was little, I tried lots of sports. I tried athletics, gymnastics and volleyball, but tennis was the only thing I really wanted learn because it was fun.

Sport is my hobby. I really like it, because I love to spend time in the nature and you can do a lot of sports outside. I also do sports to lower stress or just to calm down after a long day in school or at work.



My favorite sportler is Roger Federer because he plays tennis too and he lives in Switzerland too. Although he isn’t the number one in the ranking anymore I think he is the best player of all time. Remember, he won 19 Grand Slams, 33 ATP World Tour Awards and lots of other titles. I also think that Roger Federer is really down-to-earth and people in Switzerland adore him. Well, I don’t think only swiss people adore him. I would say that almost everyone loves him. I really appreciate the RF Foundation where Roger Federer helps children in the poorest regions in our world. I mean, he’s a guy with a big heart.


As I said, sport is a hobby for me but it could also be a profession. Like Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) or Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid), which are professional football players, or as introduced above, Roger Federer, which is a professional tennis player.
Well, sport do also have an important part all around the world. On social media you can follow numberless food or fitness bloggers who wants to encourage you doing sport and staying healthy.  On the other hand you can turn on your TV and will see that there are a number of TV sports shows you can watch e.g. the Olympics, soccer games or tennis tournaments.

So as you can see, sport isn’t only important in my life. Sport is present all around the world and people have fun doing it.