Earth Overshoot Day

The world overshoot day is the day of a certain year, beginning at the first of January that the humanity has used all earths’ materials that it can produce in one year. We can also explain the world overshoot day as a Global Footprint Network. With Global Footprint we can understand all the things like overfishing, overharvesting forests, emitting more carbon dioxide and stuff like that.


Some countries use much more from the world than the things they actually get. For Example South Korea and Japan use more than five times their output, even the USA use up over its output. We can actually say that the USA consumes five times the earth in a year.Before the 1970s we had even an under capacity, this means that humanity didn’t use all of earths materials. Unfortunately after the 1970 there is an over capacity, so we use more and more from earths materials. Nowadays we almost need two earths to feed humanity.

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