Things to do in SB

Lena Schmitt, Germany

There are a lot of things to do while you’re staying in Santa Barbara. This should be like an insider guide, it will tell you about my own experience as well as about the ones from my fellow students. Many of the activities are close to SB so you can easily reach them without a car but everybody knows about them already and to be honest the really fun stuff is more far away and a car is necessary to reach them.

Let’s start with the unusual things you may haven’t heard about until now. I highly recommend visiting Pismo Beach, it is close to Santa Maria and the main attraction there are sand dunes. I know it doesn’t sound very exciting but I promise it was totally worth it to go there. They offer ATVs for renting and that is something everybody whose heart is into motorsport should definitely do!! Of course you have to be aware that it’s also kind of dangerous because you can get stuck very easily but it was a lot of action and one of the best things I did in my time here.


Another attraction I would suggest visiting is a shoothing range. There are a couple ones around Santa Barbara for instance in Oxnard. Having fired a gun is in my opinion something you have to do while you are in the United States and it is not as expensive as many students think for around 60$ you can shoot at least two different guns.

The last thing I advice you do if you aren’t afraid of height is skydiving. it’s about an one hour drive to get there and on a sunny,cloudless day you have a breathtaking view over whole SB.


Japanese Have a Low Tolerance for Alcohol

Rikako Fujita , Japan

Generally speaking, Japanese are not strong for alcohol. We can drunk quickly. On the other hand, people from Europe and Latin is really strong. Sometimes, I see them drinking wine straight from bottle. If Japanese do same thing, we will die by acute alcohol intoxication.

What is Acute Alcohol Intoxication.



Alcoholic drinks menu

As a result of examining the genetic information of Japanese people, it was found by RIKEN which is Japanese science organization. That “evolution” has occurred for thousands of years to increase the number of people with weak constitution to drink. Although detailed cause is unknown, weak constitution of alcohol seems to have worked advantageously for adapting to the environment for some reason. It announced to the English scientific journal Nature Communications of 24th.
Two types of metabolic enzymes, “ADH1B” and “ALDH2”, are involved in the alcoholysis in the body. Each enzyme has strong and weak types, with 75% of ADH 1 B and 25% of ALDH 2 being weak in Japanese. On the other hand, Westerners and others are known to have strong types for most two types.

Analysis of the total genetic information of 2200 Japanese people revealed that there are many mutations that are rarely found beside genes that produce weak type enzymes. When genetic information is inherited to offspring, it indicates that the mutation accumulated without being lost together with this gene, and it is considered to be one of the evidence that having a weak type of enzyme worked advantageously. They also found that Japanese with weak type of enzymes increased over the past 100 generations.

This is why, Japanese have a low tolerance. When Japanese drink with friends who is from foreign countries, they must care about amount of alcohol. They DO NOT drink same like friends.

Kaesespaetzle – Macaroni & Cheese – Austrian Style

Jennifer Hebenstreit, Austria




This hearty dish is served in Austrian and is called “Kaesespaetzle”. The food in Austria is very differently as to America. If you ask an American person, if they know what Kaesespaetzle is or some other Austrian food, they will not know it.

How to make it:

For the spätzle:

  • 9 oz (250g) flour
  • 5 eggs + 1 egg yolk
  • a good pinch of salt
  • 2-3 tbsp water (if necessary)
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 5 – 7 oz (150-200g) cheese, grated (Emmenthaler, Gruyere etc….)

For the onions:

  • 3 oz (75g) butter
  • 2 mid-sized onions cut in rings

Start with combining flour, eggs and a good-sized pinch of salt. Blend well and add, if necessary, water spoon by spoon. The dough should not be runny, but soft enough to gradually flow. Then set aside and allow the dough to rest for 20 to 30 minutes. Meanwhile heat the butter in a frying pan over low to medium heat, add onions, and let them slowly turn a golden brown color. Don’t let them get too dark, as they tend to become bitter. Drain on a paper towel and then set aside.


Bring a large pot of water briefly to a boil, add a pinch of salt and then reduce heat. The water should simmer throughout the whole process. You can either cut and shape the spaetzle by hand, or, which makes things easier, use a spaetzle-maker or a colander. Cook the spaetzle for about 2-3 minutes until they float back to the surface, then remove them.


When done, drain the water, melt 1-2 tbsp of butter and return spaetzle to the pot. Shake the pot a few times to evenly distribute the butter, then add the grated cheese and mix well. Now simply add the browned onions and chopped chives on top and serve.

Spätzles have an interesting history. 
Little Sparrows

The name comes most likely from the German word Spatzen, which means “little sparrows”. Why little sparrows? Some think that before there were Spätzle tools they would put dough into their hands like holding a little sparrow and put small pinches in the water. Another idea is that it as the dough was formed with 2 small spoons making little oval shapes like little sparrow bodies. How it got from Spatzen to Spätzle is not clear, as are many names of dishes in food history. For example if you see “Chili Size” on a menu in the U.S. how would you know that it is a chili burger?

About The Batter for Spätzle

It is amazing there are so many opinions for a batter that basically consists of just flour, eggs and water. Some Germans are at polar opposites when it comes to making the batter. So you will have to figure out which way is best for you.
While some folks like to use warm water, others like cold.
While some folks swear by mineral water, others prefer milk.
Even in some regions they will put some quark, or sour cream, in the noodle dough.
Some like to coordinate their Spätzle batter with their housework for the perfect dough. You start it at 8:00 am and every time you walk by it you stir it for a minute. By noon it is ready and perfect.
Others feel that to make perfect Spätzle the lazier the cook the better. Just a few strokes, and you should even be able to see the eggs and the flour.I like to beat the Spätzle dough until you can see it get a bit stretchy off the sides, and I know it is developing some gluten.
For a Spätzle Press you should make the dough very thick.

Side dishes

In Switzerland, they eat the Kaesespaetzle with apple puree. In Austria, we eat the Kaessespaetzle with potato salad. It depends on what type you are. Do you prefer to eat sweet or salty cheese?

My Opinion

I love Kaesespaetzle and I prefer this food for everyone to try. It is easy to make and is very delicious. I love the way the author described Kaesespaetzle. I was very interested in its history about Kaesespaetzle. I would suggest that the author add that people have to rinse up the spaetzle with cold water after its boiled.

A Beautiful View That You Need To See in Santa Barbara

Floortje Klein Schiphorst, The Netherlands

The name of the place is Knapp’s Castle in Santa Barbara. Knapp’s Castle is a privately-owned landmark ruined mansion in the Santa Ynez Mountains near Santa Barbara. Located near East Camino Cielo in the Los Padres National Forest, the ridge-top site has a panoramic view of Lake Cachuma and the Santa Ynez Valley. It is a popular destination for photographers and hikers.

George Owen Knapp, founder of Union Carbide, built Knapp’s Castle in 1916. In 1940, Frances Holden bought the property and invited her friend, world famous opera singer Lotte Lehmann, to move in. The mansion was destroyed  by a forest fire only five weeks later, and now only the massive sandstone foundations, fireplace pillars and walls of the original seven structures remain intact. The parcel is still privately owned, but open to the public.

This is not my video but here you can see what Knapp’s Castle looks like:

A lot of people go there and see the sunset. You have a beautiful view and amazing pictures. It is a place where you need to go. You need to climb on the walls to take the nice pictures like the one below. You can see here the pictures I took when I was there:



If you want to go to Knapp’s Castle, you need to go by car. It’s a road to the mountains that is too long to walk. You need to park your car next to the road and walk the last part. My advice is to have warm clothes with you because it could be cold on the top of the mountain with a lot of wind.


Rip Curl

By Valentina Monnerat, Switzerland

Rip Curl is an Australian designer and manufacturer of surfing sporstwear and clothes. It’s one of the largest surfing companies in Australia, Europe, America and South Africa. The CEO of the company is Michael Daly.

The name “Rip Curl” comes from a surfboard that one of the co-founders bought in 1968: “Ripping was groovy, surfing was groovy, we wanted something groovy” -Matt Warshaw

At first the company was producing surfboards, and in 1970 they started to produce high quality diving technology wetsuits for surfing.

rip curl tina rip curl tina 3

Rip Curl created one of the most powerful marketing campaigns in surfing history, The Search.  “We were looking for a way to describe ourselves to surfers and customers which illustrated who we really were as a group of people”

A lot of amazing surfers are sponsored by Rip Curl, like Alana Blanchard, Owen Wright, Gabriel Medina and much more.

I think Rip Curl is an amazing brand, the designs are always really creative and all the products are really good quality.





Global Warming

By Romane Millet, from France

The Global warming has increase since the last 20 years. Global warming is already having significant and harmful effects on our communities, our health, and our climate.


The Global Warming cause a lot of difficulties in the world :

  • Sea level rise is accelerating.
  • The number of wildfires is growing.
  • Dangerous heat waves are becoming more common.
  • Extreme storm events are increasing in many areas.
  •  More severe droughts are occurring in others.


On our planet, many people use large quantities of products and objects every day for their daily work. Unfortunately, this craze is harmful for our natural environment, the product of the production and the waste of these products. Smoke and fumes from factories are concentrated in our atmosphere, leading to global warming. Carbon dioxide thickens in the ozone layer, a sort of shield that filters the major part of the UV rays all around the globe. The Earth is warming up little by little because of the greenhouse effect. Around the world, a random collection of waste affecting the health of animals and insects. Garbage destroy the beauty of our landscapes. In any case, there are many ways to contribute to the destruction of the planet. We must stop this for the future and for us. We must make efforts to limit pollution and for the next generation.

In conclusion, we must take immediate action to address global warming or these consequences will continue to intensify.  The global warming destroy the planet everyday. We need to stop this for the future and for us. We have to make effort for limited the pollution.


global warming r

How paparazzi works on our society ?

Roman Lamant, France


Paparazzi’s influence is emerging nowadays. This phenomenon is recent but getting harder and harder for those famous people. The competition between paparazzi keeps going up and can even sometimes go too far. Their goals are making picture from celebrities on their private area and then sell those to their company in order to published it as a  “scoop” like closer, Paris match and Voici on the first page. Being a paparazzi is not that easy. You have to blend into the crowd or dress up without being recognized. You also have to be creative, available at any times, keep abreast of the news all the times.


Image result for paparazziImage result for paparazzi

The most famous American paparazzo in the 60s (Ron Galella)

Why do paparazzi make pictures of celebrities ?

In our world, so many people wants to know and follow their favorite stars and even sometimes become addicted to them. That’s a way to make money as well. In conclusion we can say that celebrities are holding an important place in media and journalism.

Are Electric Vehicles green actually?

Michikazu Kitaoka, Japan

Now, we are facing global warming. Many countries, especially developed countries, are trying to reduce CO2 emissions. At the Paris climate conference (COP21) in December 2015, 195 countries adopted the first-ever universal, legally binding global climate deal. To achieve lowering 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels, they are taking actions in some way. It is said switching gasoline-driven cars to electric vehicles is one of the most efficient actions. They do not need gasoline to drive, so some researchers predict it is going to save amount of emissions. Some countries have already released banning sales of gasoline cars actually. Norway is going to prohibit them by 2025, India 2030, the UK and France 2040.

Electric vehicles have some advantages. As I mentioned before, there is no CO2 emissions to drive. In United States, a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. Cars and trucks account for nearly one-fifth of all US emissions, emitting around 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other global-warming gases for every gallon of gas.

On the other hand, some people say they have bad effects for environment. Electric vehicles use electricity for driving, and we emit CO2 to generate it. How they are generated is really important. For example, in China, the biggest energy of generation is coal which emits lots of CO2 emissions. According to researchers, for environment, electric vehicles are less effective than gasoline cars in China. In addition to resource of generation, electric vehicles emit more than gasoline cars in manufacturing process. According to a research, manufacturing a mid-sized EV results in about 15% more emissions than manufacturing an equivalent gasoline vehicle. For larger, the manufacturing emissions can be as much as 68% higher.

Electric vehicles could be ‘earth savior’ in a way of emissions reduction. They have some proved advantages and people seem to be excited to this solution. However, I feel people are in blind to disadvantages of electric vehicles. There is possibility make the situation worse because of the electric vehicles. It depends on the resource of generation or manufacturing process. Now it is time to think about how they are green actually.

My Experience About The Life In The USA And Switzerland

Michael Kressig, Switzerland

I would like to write in my final issue some things about the different living standards between California and Switzerland. I think some things are quite different between this two countries, but we have a lot of the same living standards and similar life settings.


The standard of living with the amount of food or the time for your hobbies are similar most of the time. In Switzerland, you must work around 42 hours a week, normally you work 2-4 hour more for more overtime. You can use this time for more payment, or more vacation days. I heard that many people here in California have two jobs to earn more money. A full time job here does not have as many working hours as jobs in Switzerland. So it is possible to work for two companies. The amount of the salary of same jobs are in both countries are similar.


In Santa Barbara, the prices of the houses are similar to the prices in Switzerland. A difference is that our houses are built a little bigger with better thermal insulation and sanitary facilities. Also I think is there a difference with the sound insulation in the walls. It is difficult in both countries to own a house with a normal paid job. You must have some money from the family or a job in the higher level. For the normal earning person both countries it is difficult to have a house.


I think the American lives more her life than the swiss people. They go more out in every age, to a restaurant, or a bar and have a good time. Even the time for the morning coffee, the American spent some time to have that in a coffee shop. The normal Swiss person drinks her coffee at home or at work to save money and also time. Also I think make the Swiss people make some things on her own and not from a company or another person. Some example are; the wash and vacuum the car; to have a cleaning lady; and make the work in the garden. These things are too expensive to pay every week in Switzerland. The opening hours from the restaurants and the shops are different. In Switzerland are all shops except the gas station shops are closed on Sunday. Also the restaurants, except in a centre of a big city, or some few restaurants in the residential areas. Because of them, you must plan your week quite differently. Sunday in Switzerland is a day to relax; take a trip; and play some sports. In America you do your stuff on every day in the week. You don’t have to think about the time or on the day to go shopping or do some things you would like to do.


I like the way the American live their lives and enjoy the moment. The personal contact with strangers is more open and friendly. People search here more the contact with strangers. In Switzerland every person thinks about a possible bad situations and to save money. Going out to a restaurant every week is only for the younger people. The older ones are enjoying the evenings at home in their own houses. In this point I think Swiss people are lazier than the Americans. In Switzerland is quite better in the whole working situation, the pension and the health insurance. You have on your retirement day the safety for a certain pension amount, and you know at which age you can go in the retirement without having problems with money. But I could imagine living here in the USA if my friends and my family were not in Switzerland.