One Belt, One Road: China’s Plan to Dominate Global Trade

By Carl Blomberg, Sweden

Global trade and cooperation across borders has been shown to be crucial for nations all over the world. Ever since the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944, where 44 allied nations agreed on a new global monetary system, trade interdependence has benefited countries on all continents, causing expanding economies and improving standards of living. One of global trade’s most prominent players though, China, has for a long time remained low profile in international matters. The nation has implemented former leader Deng Xiaoping’s words ‘’hide your strengths, bide your time’’. Until now. With one of the largest and most comprehensive infrastructure projects ever, called the Belt and Road Initiative, China’s position in global matters is expected to move towards the very center. What is the Belt and Road Initiative, and more importantly; how will it impact the world and international relations?

In order to answer the above-mentioned questions, we will have to take a giant leap back in time, all the way to 130 B.C. and the introduction of the Silk Road – an ancient network for trade and commerce. The Silk Road stretched four thousand miles, from east and central Asia all the way to Europe, through India and the Middle East. The various routes that together formed the Silk Road promoted trade and had a large impact on participating nations. It brought great benefits in communication and movement of goods, services and ideas, and, as a whole, the network increased cooperation and commerce between nations significantly. From China, the Europeans received goods such as silk, spices and medicine. In return, the Chinese could trade for grapevines, horses and animal fur. Consequently, the Silk Road was an early example of globalization.

When Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Chinese communist party, first initiated the ambitious Belt and Road Initiative at the Association of Southeast Nations summit in 2013, it was with the idea of rebuilding the ancient trade network in a new modern take. According to the World Bank, the Belt and Road project, also referred to as the One Belt One Road Project or just BRI, ‘’is an ambitious effort to improve regional cooperation and connectivity on a trans-international scale’’. Furthermore, the World Bank explains that the large investment effort will involve multiple different trade routes, both on sea and land. Altogether, they aim to strengthen infrastructure, trade and investment links between China and approximately 70 other nations committed to BRI so far.

The population of the countries involved amount to 4.4 billion people. This, in turn, are equivalent to more than 60 percent and almost two thirds of the entire world’s population. Committed countries, coming from Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania, together constitute one third of the global economy. According to ChinaPower’s article ‘’How Will the Belt and Road Initiative advance China’s Interests?’’, the estimated cost of infrastructure needs in the developing parts of the Asia-Pacific exceeds 25 trillion dollars through year 2030. Already in 2017 China had pledged 1 trillion dollars to the project.

Given the size of this broad and highly prestigious investment, it is not difficult to understand that opinions of both the positive and negative kind have occurred following its beginning. Proponents of the BRI argue that not only China will benefit from the deal, but also many of the less developed participating nations. During the past four decades China’s growing economy has enabled more than 800 million people to improve their standards of living, going from extreme poverty to a more stable economic situation. With the BRI China’s economy is expected to grow further. Also, BRI allows China to move up in the global value chain and gives the nation geostrategic advantages. On a bigger scale, BRI possesses the potential to help poor countries improve their infrastructure and enhance connectivity to the rest of the world. Thereby, they get a chance to increase commerce and enrich their relations to other nations.

Despite the mentioned benefits, there has been, and still is, strong resistance towards the project. United States, together with Germany and other European nations, are a few influential actors that have raised concern and opposition towards the BRI. But why? Well, one reason is that mentioned nations view the project as Chinese expansionism. The main controversy following the BRI has been that less developed countries, that are in deep need of infrastructure improvements, agree to large loans issued by China. That way they are are put in debt, which they, in turn, might be incapable of paying back. When borrowing nations are not able to return the loan, China gain access and ownership in the actual investments, for instance ports or railroads. Among others, this has been the case in Malaysia, Montenegro and Laos. According to Business Insider, Malaysian president Mahathir Mohamed even cancelled further Chinese-funded BRI projects in the country in order to prevent Malaysia from ending up in unsustainable debt.

The Belt and Road Initiative is a very versatile and complex project, and thus only time can tell whether it will be a global success or a vast failure. At present it is easy to argue for both cases. To date, questions remain for instance on how the US and the EU will treat the matter; European nations such as Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Russia and Switzerland have all joined in to cooperate in BRI, but will there be more to come? Does Washington, with president Trump leading the way, have to oppose themselves to this project, or could the US actually take part in the BRI and gain economical benefits? And how will the BRI affect China, and other committed nations? These are just a few of all the questions following the development and progress of the Belt and Road Initiative. In all uncertainty, though, two things are for sure: One, that the BRI will change the economic environment and geopolitical relations in the world. Two, that China are done hiding their strength, and biding their time.

What makes Denmark the happiest country in the world?

By: Johannes, 5/9/2019

According to 2016’s statistics, Denmark is the happiest country in the world and there are probably many reasons for that. It could be the country’s strong history with great author, poets and philosophers. It could be the unique weather only appearing in Denmark, or it could be something completley else. To get a better understanding of Denmark and its happiness, the following cultural and political factors might be a part the explanation:

Strong economy:

“Money can buy material things, but real happiness must be truly earned” are words spoken by Jean-Jacques Rousseau in 1750. But one thing that Rousseau did not mention is the fact that money definitely makes the way to happiness shorter. The strong Danish economy is one of the main reasons why Denmark is considered one of the happiest countries, the world has ever seen. According to analysts, Denmark has the 39th largest economy in the world and the country’s GDP is slightly less than 300 billion dollars on a yearly basis. The numbers are very impressive considering Denmark’s population is less than 6 millions and it gives Denmark a spot among the 20 best countries when it comes to GDP pr. Capita. It makes the citizens in charge of a big purchasing power that helps the entire economy to run smoothly. It lowers the number of unemployment and it gives the individual citizen the ability to not worry about their own personal economic situation, which might be a reason why Danes are in a situation where they have the energy to enjoy what life is really about.

Nordic social model:

In the early 1960’s, Danish politicians started what we today know as the Danish welfare state. It is a system consisting of high taxes and a large number of public services, and it is widely recognized to be among the top reasons why Denmark is one of the happiest countries. The average Dane pays 45% in income tax while some individuals under special circumstances pay up to 60% in income tax. Many people around the world will probably ask themselves why Denmark as a whole is satisfied with their tax rate but statistics show that 90% of all Danes happily pay their taxes. The answer to the satisfaction is simple: it is an investment in the Danish people’s future and safety. The hospitals in Denmark are among the best in the world and everyone has access to them in case of an emergency. Furthermore, universities are totally free to attend and students get paid an amount of roughly 1000 dollars every month while they are studying. These are just a few of the best examples of what Danes receive from the public sector and the result from that is less inequality between the over class and middle class which definitely increases the happiness for the general Dane.


What impact does architecture have on us as human beings? The biological answer is that the brain releases endorphins when we look on something we like. But scientists also suggest, that it creates a deeper connection between people sharing the same architecture. Denmark has a proud history of great architects who have impacted Denmark and the rest of the world alike. Most Danish cities are dominated by Renaissance architecture, where buildings like Borsen, Rosenborg Castle and Frederiksborg Palace are great examples of that. This old style mixed with modern buildings from Bjarke Ingels (best known for designing Two World Trade Center) and Jorn Utzon (designer of the Opera House of Sydney) makes cities like Aarhus and Copenhagen really beautiful and enjoyable for even the hardest critic. But architecture is not just about a nice look. It gives the Danish population something to gather around and is an essential part of understanding what being Dane is all about. It is a fundamental pillar for people to stay happy and many Danes definitely take advantage of that.


“Hygge” is described as “A Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cozy, charming or special”. For Danes it is not just a foreign word or an indescribable feeling but a part of their DNA. It is a cornerstone of the Danish culture and it has been around in the country for 1000’s of years since it comes from the Old Nordic language (hyggja), originally meaning “to think”. In American popular culture, “hygge” is always connected to a cozy cabin with a small fireplace and pot full of hot cocoa, but for Danes the word means way more. The entire society is more or less build around “hygge” and everywhere you go you see small coffee houses with only one purpose: to provide Danes with a “hygge”-chat over a cup of “hygge”-coffee. In general, Danes seek their “hygge”-moments as often as possible and in many cases it is all about the small everyday moments that results in “hygge”. It gives the ability to enjoy a stressed out everyday life and is for sure a contributory factor to the happiness of Denmark.

Low crime rates:

The fact that your family and best friends are safe and sound is an important part of your happiness. In Denmark, safety is not really a daily life issue since reports consistently show that Denmark is a top 5 country when it comes to safest countries on earth. It means that the Danish people do not have to fear criminals when they leave their houses and therefore it is easier to enjoy life. Furthermore, Denmark is considered the least corrupt country in the world, which is super important as well. It is the main reason why the Danes are more willing to trust their politicians, which helps the society to be a place where people in general trust each other. It lowers the amount of inequality, which definetly benefits the average person and the overall happiness.

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A few simple physical exercises to enhance your learning

Nellie Robertsson, Sweden

For several years teachers have been preaching that there is no easy way to earn good grades, that the key to success is simply hard work and late evenings with repetitive homework. However, is this all of the truth?

Image result for studying

Neuroscientists have for many years informed us about the benefits of physical exercise and, if combined with learning, there will be positive effects on your memory skills. These positive effects first emerged in a research during the 1970s when researchers examined the possibility that exercise could be a support therapy for mentally ill patients. The researchers were examining mice and their performance in a maze task. Before the task, some of the mice were able to run on a wheel and the researchers instantly revealed that these particular mice performed much better in the maze task than the mice who did’nt use the wheel. This was the first indication that physical exercise does effect how the brain operates.

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪mice wheel‬‏

Although, does this mean that we need to take a long run before every class to enhance our chances of better grades in school? No. Recent research demonstrate that a few simple exercises during or before class can improve your ability to memorize things and help the brain to make faster conclusions.

Here’s a few simple exercise to perform in the classroom to enhance your learning:

  1. Star Jumps
  2. Take a quick walk to a nearby cafe and grab a coffee before class
  3. A few squats up and down from your chair
  4. High knees
  5. Jump around on one foot
نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪star jumps\‬‏

So do yourself a favor, take a minute to do one of these simple exercises and you will both save time and improve your grades at the same time.

Florida Teachers Will Be Allowed to Be Armed in Class

Nina Mundwiler and Melanie Galera, Switzerland

In order to avoid any other killings in schools, the Florida State Parliament approved a law that would allow teachers to arm themselves. This measure still has to be proved, since is it extremely controversial.

The purpose of this new law is to prevent any further killings, since what happened in the Parkland High school, where a student shot 17 people on February 14 2018.

This law was approved on Wednesday 5/1/2019 by 65 against 47 in the Florida House of Representatives. The law says that teachers may arm themselves on a voluntary basis, after having completed 144 hours of training in the use of weapons.

“The recipe for a tragedy”

Opponents argue that the solution to gun violence cannot be to allow more firearms. They are concerned about the danger of accidents. Teachers might have to face once an urgent situation with real police officers and could be mistaken for a dangerous shooter or even just make a false manipulation that could inflame the situation. A person that is not well trained to face this kind of situation can easily make matters worse.

“Arming teachers is the recipe for a tragedy” said Florida Democrat Representative Val Demings. “The real solution is to keep weapons out of reach of harmful hands.” After the Parkland killings, President Donald Trump proposed to arm teachers in the United States, and also refused to consider banning assault rifles, a type of lethal weapon used on the day of the massacre.

What Defines Art?

by Santiago Bustos, Colombia

In every particular time in history, the concept of art has changed as a result of the human conception, it goes beyond our need of communicating and reach the void between our need to feel comprehend. Beginning with the first art expressions appeared in the paleolithic, the art evolve through the different civilizations, bond to our perspective of the world; reaching in modernity the concept that everything could be art. Therefore, if everything can be art nowadays, what defines art?Image result for the campbell soup andy warhol

We used to think that art could be everything that shows our reality or at least the way we see it, showing in periods as the renaissance, almost identical paintings of a determine subject, such as bodies or nature. But in the other hand, with the creation of the camera, we lost the value of that art, because we could be able to capture the real life without any chance of making a mistake, so it was likely to think that art would cease to exist because it wasn’t useful anymore, even thought, it didn’t. Instead, art evolve to a new concept in modernity, redefined as every way of expression needed in the human behavior.

Image result for la fuente marcel duchamp

However, with the rebirth of art, our artistic creation went through its second crisis; art began to rebel against itself by manipulating our conception of beauty. Expression represent us, even the things we couldn’t express about ourselves (such as the abstract art) and show that our expressions are almost everything we want them to be, going from pictures of an urinal to a soup can. But, if the same soup we buy at a supermarket was the soup we pay for seeing in a museum, it seems illogical to keep appreciating art, because, in some way, everything could turn into art and also the world itself is already a piece of art.

On the other hand, even if art could be everything, it doesn’t mean that art loses meaning or importance; art could still be whatever we want it to be and still be precious, because it continues to have a technique and a process that keeps reflecting our nature, and trying to define it is as difficult as defining our nature.


Five Things Not To Do When Creating A Social Media Strategy

By: Daniela Sanchez – Colombia

Social media is one of the most important topics that businesses have been talking about the last couple of years. However, despite these conversations, it’s still hard for some companies to integrate themselves into the digital world, and thus, they often do not have a good experience with technology nor do they get the great results they want. Below, I would like to suggest five things not to do in devising a good strategy for your company.

Digital marketing

1. Start posting without a strategy

It is normal to think that the first step is to create a business profile on all social media platforms, and to start posting about your company on every one of them. However, there is a lot of work to do before even launching your company’s marketing on social media.

First of all, you should:

  • Create a strategy that’s in line with your business strategy. It is very important to have a goal in using social media: What do you want to achieve? Do you want to sell or be well known? How are you selling now and how do you think social media can help you to sell more?
  • Know your target. To reach who you want to see your content, it is essential to decide which social media platform you should focus on first. Having excellent marketing material on all social media platforms is a lot of work; as you start out, target only two or three. You also need to ask yourselves some important questions: Who do you want to market to? Where are they? What kind of things do they like? How do they communicate?
  • Keep your identity clear. Make sure people know they are dealing with the same company when they see both your digital and printed material. And, because social media is such an important part of your company’s image, it is essential to choose colors, language and style that accurately reflect your company before you even start to post.

2. Don’t face up the negative feedback

Reading and paying attention to your customers’ opinions is fundamental for your company improvement. Also, it is normal if someone isn’t a big fan of your brand and he says something bad. Don’t panic. You may READ IT, take advantage of feedback and try to answer in a very polite way. A good idea would be asking the person to call you or write you with more details about the situation and try to resolve the inconvenient as soon as you can.

This is the perfect opportunity to know what people really think about you or your brand, even you can talk with them and know more about their opinions and ideas. Be sure that you really pay attention to negative feedback because they are honest opinions about the user experiences of a product.

TIP: It’s very difficult to face up to a negative comment if you’re not prepared at all. You should think about all the possible situations and plan how are you going to react.

3. Acting always like a corporation

Remember that you are using Social Media. That means that people expect to talk with people, even if you’re a brand or a company. Actually, people love to talk with real people. So you should add a human touch to be closer to your target. This point is essential if you really want to have a connection with your customers, but it is also pretty hard to do.

The best advice that I could tell you is to create a brand personality; think how your brand could be if it were a person. Talk, write and answer like that person, choosing the perfect words without forgetting punctuation and grammar.  People want a sensitive brand which cares about the environment and market situation and in general about the world.

TIP: Customer service starts even before people buy your brand.

4. Using a lot of advertising

It’s not a secret that everyone hates advertising. So please don’t post just information about your brand, that will only cause you to have less followers. Of course, you should post about your brand, products and sales, but not all the time: even if the purpose of your profile is to sell.

Now you should be thinking: what am I supposed to post? Talk about interesting topics related to your market, the environment, things that are happening in your city, identify your team and use phrases that reflect your brand personality. You can start trying to post between 20% or 30% about your products and the rest with different and interesting information for your target audience. It’s not going to be easy at the beginning, but with time you might find the perfect combination.

5. Don’t pay attention to analytics

If you have already done all the steps, you should understand that this is a lot of work. Even though it’s very probable you’ll not benefit if you don’t do this last step. The digital world is moving around analytics. It’s the best and, for me, the most important part of social media. Analytics can change your strategies and help you focus on what you need.

It’s possible to know if your posts are working or not, by just looking at analytics. That’s how you can change things that aren’t doing well or put more effort on topics that are having good results. You’ll be able to know: what kind of information is more interesting for your target? what time is better to post? who is looking at you? and in general, how is your social media working? The advice up to this point is to look at the results of your posts at least two or three times per week, but I really believe that more is better.

Definitely, social media can help you to grow your business. It’s time to work and good luck!

Arriving in Santa Barbara

Amanda Schnidrig, Switzerland


Finding the right terminal in an airport you have only been to once before in your life is difficult, especially if there are no signs leading you.

When I first arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport, I was lost. I knew I had to go to the John Bradley Terminal to find someone with an EF-sign to pick me up. This happened to be quite difficult because I could not manage to figure out where exactly at the airport I was.

I had just left the airplane and started my first journey all alone. But, as soon as I left the immigration station behind me, I had no idea where to go. I was able to find a customers service desk and the friendly woman there told me that I was actually at the right terminal. I wanted to thank her and look for my transfer, but the woman was faster and started to page them. When she finished, she immediately called the emergency number, without waiting for the transfer to react. I told her that I had only been there for a couple minutes, but she had already started calling. As soon as they picked up the phone I saw a young woman with a pink EF-sign walking towards us.  I told the woman at the customers service desk that I could see the EF transfer person and thanked the woman at the desk for helping me. Wo27F+UxRhSsOUreu7qqMg

The young woman with the EF-sign told me to wait there until another student arrived. She came back about half an hour later with a Japanese girl. Before we were able to start driving to Santa Barbara, our driver had to fill up the car with gas. The driver told me that it was her first time using this car. Unfortunately, she had no idea how to gas up. First, she picked the wrong  side and had to re park the car. After she had tried for 10 minutes to fill up the car, she looked for help. Two employees came and tried to help her, but no one seemed to be able to solve the problem.

About an hour after we had left the airport, we were still at a filling station near the airport, but somehow they managed to fill up the car. And finally, we were able to start our drive from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara.

We drove for about two hours and first I talked to the Japanese girl, but then I was too tired and hungry. I tried to sleep in the car because on my twelve hours flight I had not slept very much. Half an hour before we arrived I had to call my host family. The father picked up the phone and seemed to be very friendly.

When we arrived in Santa Barbara, the driver accompanied me to the door. When I first entered my new home, the father of my host family welcomed me and gave me something to eat. Shortly after, my new roommate came downstairs. She introduced herself and told me that this was going to be the best time in my life. I was also introduced to the other two EF-students living in the same house. I was too tired to remember all of these new names afterwards. school_us_santa-barbara_03

As soon as my head started hurting, the mother returned with her five year old son. He is really cute, but also very loud. He hugged me and asked if I wanted some candy. I thanked him and went to sleep.

It was a really hard day, but I was very excited for the next day to start school.


The Delicious Place Called PizzaRev

But what is special about PizzaRev? And why is it better than every other Italian restaurant?

It’s because the deliciously simple and satisfying concept, that you can choose everything for the pizza. You pick out your dough, sauce, cheese and toppings and the pizza crafters are working with you to make your own pizza right before your eyes. It’s like an adventure – A food adventure!

Image result for pizzarev
  • You can choose your Crust: Roman thin or gluten-free dough, traditional or cauliflower.
  • Sauce it up with savory organic marinara, creamy white Alfredo, spicy-sweet BBQ or olive oil. And for the crazy ones, they have the opportunity to make a mix of sauces.
  • Now it’s time to put some toppings on your pizza. You can choose between more than 30 artisan cheeses and fresh ingredients. And the craziest thing is, that you can pick as many pizza toppings as you would like to, because PizzaRev doesn’t charge by the toppings.
  • They put your pizza in a oven which is fired-up at 900-degrees. Your masterpiece will have a crispy perfection in less than 3 minutes.
Image result for pizzarev

And you only have to pay $8.99 for your own created pizza! Or you can have a half pizza and a slide salad for only $6. Isn’t that amazing? This is what we call the PizzaRev-olution!

Image result for pizzarev make it half

But where can your get the pizza? PizzaRev has a lot of locations in the USA and South America. You can find them on a map on their website.

If you like pizza, you should definitely try it! I’m pretty sure that you will love it. Check out their website, click through the topics and allow yourself to be inspired!

Your Barcelona Travel Guide

Nina Mundwiler and Melanie Galera, Switzerland

The perfect getaway to sightseeing, partying and eating good food is for sure Barcelona!

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Barcelona is one of the largest metropolises on the Mediterranean Sea and it registers a little bit more than 1.5 millions inhabitants. The climate is Mediterranean which allows you to spend your entire day at the beach from May until October! But why lay the whole day there when you could discover all the deep Catalonian culture just by strolling on the streets? Of course, everyone has already heard about La Rambla street and La Barceloneta Beach because those sites are the most well-known, but continue scrolling down this article to discover hidden little places that any other travel guide won’t show you!

Where to eat when in Barcelona ?

There’s nothing like a good brunch to start your day off right. If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy brunch, The Tropico is your place. The interior has a beachy vibe and it has a cool atmosphere.

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Take a tapas break on the steps of the Rambla at The Boquería Market, which is often described as a cathedral of the senses. You will find fresh seafood, jamon, fruits, vegetables, candies… In addition, there are dozens of tapas bars where you can stop to eat.

Churrería Laietana is one of the most famous places in Barcelona that serves the real Spanish churros, “porras” which are thicker than churros, with chocolate.

End your long day at the Pez Vela right on the beachfront -High quality Spanish food and tasty paella. The perfect spot to begin your Barcelona nightlife adventure.

What to do when in Barcelona ?

For sports passionate people, Barcelona is also one of the best European cities! FC Barcelona, better known as Barça, is one of the greatest soccer clubs of all times, full of history and with a really bright future! The Barcelona adventure would not be complete without having a glimpse inside the Camp Nou, this 99,000 seat amazing stadium. If you are lucky and ready to spend a good part of your travel budget for it, buy a ticket and immerse yourself in the Catalonian culture and attend a game! That is one of the most vibrant experiences you can ever have.

La Barceloneta walkway along the beach is obviously one of the standard places to visit in Barcelona. Spending the day lying on the beach or riding a segway along the beautiful Mediterranean Sea is a must and you will absolutely enjoy it and have a lot of fun during your day, either with your family or with some friends. Not only will you find a lot of typical little restaurants, but also ice cream or fruit sellers with nothing but their little barrow full of yummy snacks.

The Parc Güell is probably one of the most colorful sites in Barcelona. Having a walk inside the masterpiece of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi is so invigorating. All those different kinds of trees and multi-coloured mosaics add a lot of charm and character to the site. You will also enjoy a really magical view of the whole city and be able to see the bay and the sea far ahead. The Parc also houses a wide variety of wildlife and a lot of birds which is an amazing place to take unforgettable pictures!

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The church Sagrada Familia, designed by Antoni Gaudi, is one of the most emblematic symbols of Barcelona. After more than 100 years of construction, it is still in continuous renovation. It is for that reason that you will see many cranes spoiling the landscape…  Take the time to stroll through the park which offers a breathtaking view of the monument, but also book tickets in advance on the website to skip the 3-hour long line and be able to enter quickly in this amazing and peaceful site. The sun shining through the stained-glass windows and the atmosphere is stunning. Everybody is respectful and quiet; that keeps the amazing holiness of this sacred site. If you are full of energy and the temperature is not too warm, take your courage and climb on the staircase of 400-steps to see this breathtaking view of Barcelona!

Nightlife in Barcelona

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Have a drink with a view at the Skybar on the rooftop of the Grand Hotel Central. With its infinity pool and the impressive view of almost the whole city, it’s no surprise that this terrace doesn’t stay empty for long. The prices are relatively cheap compared to the other rooftop bars in Barcelona.

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If you enjoy drinking, dancing and having a party, Port Olimpic Beach Clubs is the place to go during your vacation. Here are a string of lounge bars and nightclubs. To have a drink outside, opt for Shoko or CDLC. If you prefer just to have a drink and dance surrounded by a crazy crowd and good music, you should choose either Pacha, Opium or Catwalk. During the crowded season, it is recommended buying VIP passes in advance if you want to be sure to enter and to avoid the huge line at the same time. Chilling out at Ice Bar is also a really fun experience if you are more adventurous. This bar is completely made out of ice! You can even drink in iced glasses!

Our experience in Barcelona

Every time we have been there we had an amazing time. We visited all the places above-mentioned and we highly recommend them! At any time of the year this city has a little something more that you would never find somewhere else. Everybody is friendly with you and always ready to help. Do not panic if you are lost. Public transports are really easy to use, but you should be aware that punctuality is not always a big thing in Spain. But do not despair, your bus is in any case going to come in a few minutes… Download the application Citymapper on your phone. It is really easy to use and it gives you the precise schedules of every subway, bus or train!

We hope you will enjoy your trip there! You are absolutely welcome to comment on this article to tell us what you thought about the sites we recommended, and also if you would advise other places that could be added to our travel guide!

The Season of Disillusionment for the Lakers of Lebron James

Lucas Michel, France

It’s another defeat for the Lakers, this time against the New York Knicks last of the Eastern Conference. Even with a six points lead at 2 minutes from the buzzer, they still found a way to lose thanks to multiples individual faults. It’s their third consecutive loss and the 8th in 9 games. Lebron James sees the playoffs getting away from him, he who has participated every year since 2005. They are officially eliminated from the race for the playoffs, with 9 wins late from the 8th, the Los Angeles Clippers.

However, the start of the season was promising for the Lakers, 4th of the Western Conference before Christmas. Then came the injury of Lebron and the beginning of the nightmare. 6 wins for 11 losses and a big drop in the rankings for the Lakers without its star. The come back of The King makes the hope live a little, but then another drama started; the announcement of Antony Davis who wants to leave New Orleans Pelicans for another team. The Lakers direction jumped on the occasion and proposed to the Pelicans a ‘Big Pack’ with most of the promising young players of the team (Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, Ivica Zubac and Josh Hart). It was impossible to refuse such an offer, and yet they did refuse it.

The consequence of this refusal was terrible for the Lakers, with a team completely destroyed. Can we even talk about a ‘team’ at this point ? We have the impression that the players lost total trust to the franchise and Lebron. The best example is that game just after this drama, against the Pacers. A terrible humiliation, a defeat by 42 points the worst defeat in Lebron James career with a shameful performance of the Lakers. We could see on this occasion that something is broken in the collective. For some specialist, James is the one in fault for killing this team, with his will to want to control everything. 

So now the question is: Lebron James is he still the best player in the world? Some journalists, like Stephen A. Smith a journalist with easy criticism, think that it’s time to stop calling him that. Even if his stats are still really impressive, he can’t keep his team up like he did with Cleveland. After an appearance in every playoffs since 2005, it’s the first season that we will not see him since then. But after a chaotic season, the Lakers’s results are still better than last year, and the trade period this summer looks very interesting. We hope that next year will be a better year for the King and the “purple and gold”.