Action-Control / Self-Control 

By Selim Gautschi, Switzerland

How free are our thoughts and actions really?

Isn’t it interesting and fascinating to understand one’s actions and intensions? I think this topic is important in today’s life because everyone has goals and desires and has to struggle with discipline. The origin of our actions often comes from unconscious decisions we make in everyday life. Our emotions are a big part in this process of deciding and thinking.


The term “Action-control” was invented in the early 1980s by Julius Kuhl, a German professor in differential psychology. The term includes processes where intensions are protected from neurological distractions. Everyone who has tried to stop smoking or lose weight knows how hard it is to control their actions. Whether we execute discipline or not depends a lot on our ability to control our emotions. Studies show that people who can control their emotions tend to live a happier, healthier and wealthier life.


Having willpower in your childhood years determines your willpower for adulthood, especially when it comes to emotional situations. Probably the best known experiment in the 3history of psychology shows what impact willpower has on our personality. In the 60s, Walter Mischel, a personality psychologist, did 4the marshmallow-test with 4 year old kids. In this popular test, several kids wrestle with waiting to eat a marshmallow in hopes of a bigger prize. This video is a good illustration of temptation and the hope of future rewards. Video: Marshmallow Test

The good news is that we can train and use different techniques to execute and stay disciplined and determined about our goals.
There are five strategies to a more conscious way of acting:  5

  • Attention-control
  • Motivation-control
  • Emotional-control
  • Environmental control
  • Economy of information processing

The diversity of being a make-up artist

by Jill Stauffer, Switzerland

A makeup artist is an artist whose medium is the human face and body. He or she applies make-up or other items to create certain effect. The great thing about this job is that you have so many different options to express your creativity. There is a wide range of employment possibilities such as for television, filmmaking, fashion, magazines, weddings and so forth.  The most important thing is to be creative and brave because when it comes to make-up artistry there are no limits. Only if you push through the boundaries and are not afraid to try out new ideas, there’s a chance that you will make the big business. As the more skills you have, the more options you have when it comes to jobs. In this article I would like to tell you more about this amazing job and it’s different ranges.

Show your creativity

A good way to show your creativity in this job is through body painting and/or airbrushing. Bodypainting is a kind of body art. It means painting something temporary, painted onto the human skin. Most of the artists combine body painting with airbrush make-up. Airbrush make-up is a make-up sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush gun instead of brushes, sponges, fingers or other methods. Airbrush make-up is also used as wedding make-up because it lasts very long. To do a full body painting can take up to seven hours or more. Each year the best body painters of the world show off their skills during competitions at the world bodypainting festival.

The fascination of SFX make-up

SFX make-up also called special effects make-up and FX prosthetics is the process of using prosthetic sculpting, modeling and casting techniques to create advanced cosmetic effects.

 Special make-up is often used to transform someone into a totally different character or to create realistic injuries.The options range from are full body transformations to just small parts like a scar or a cut. The most important thing for a realistic result is to study detail of the end result you want to reach. For example when you have to do an injury you have to know how it happens and when it happens. A bruising looks different on the first day than on the fifth.  




Be the one who makes a bride’s day perfect

To make someone happy is the best feeling you can have. Especially brides are so thankful and it is a great experience to accompany them on their way to getting married.  A bridal make-up is maybe not the most creative one but it’s also challenging. It’s all about organization. A very important thing is to do find out what the bride’s wishes for and will be wearing so you can find the perfect make-up for her.

Make-up artist and hairstylists

It’s also highly probable that you are not just doing the make-up but also the hair.  Maybe just an easy braid or some waves but as more skills you have the more jobs you get. But most of the time there are special artists which are trained just in hairstyling. Then you work together as a team, someone does the make-up, someone the hairstyling and also stylists choosing the right dresses.


It is the combination of teamwork and the skills from the particular that makes the perfect picture, editorial, film, runway look or whatever. To meet this entire people is also a big part of this wonderful and exciting job. It’s more than just apply some colors onto the skin. It’s the creativity and the diversity of all the people in this industry what makes it interesting. To be a make-up artist is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Haunted House in Puerto Montt, Chile

Since the 8th of February, a family in the city of Puerto Montt, located in the southern part of Chile, is living a real nightmare. The southern part of that country is known by its many stories and legends, like: El  Trauco, a beast that kidnaps women, take them to the forest, to finally leaves them pregnant, or El Caleuche, a haunted pirate boat, with a ghost crew. The local people say that if you see it, (happens rarely) bad lucks comes into your life.




Mostly of the southern citizens know this story, but ignore them. It was a real surprise when this family in Puerto Montt called the police officers with a haunted house problem. The police in Chile, called by the name of Carabineros de Chile, came into the house and reported: windows broken when they entered, flying furniture(See the Conjuring if you don’t understand that expression), and a burning mattress when the house was empty(they saw the smoke from outside). Of course, the police officers left the house immediately after these events. The Captain of the Puerto Montt police station said to the media that it was a “diabolic presence”.


The local citizens, terrified about all these events, called a priest for him to bless the house and repel all the “dark forces” that wander around the house. One of the kids living there entered with the priest to the house and recorded a video of a furniture suddenly falling down just in the priest location. Hopefully, they noticed and successfully dodged it (Watch the video). In the recording you may see the priest terrified about all those paranormal issues and refuses to make any declaration after he finished the job.


The police officers, once outside, made the 100% sure declaration that the house was haunted. Also, they testified about things very similar to the video of the furniture suddenly falling down: flying knives chasing them, furnitures burning alone, etc. The press media arrived to the place of the facts, and now it is known around all of Chile and every part of the world. Even here in Santa Barbara, California, I have hear classmates talking about that, not only Chileans, even Europeans!.




These events happen rarely but, make us think about their probabilities of being true. There will always  be sceptical people who do not believe in that, but the videos and the testimonies prove they are there. Its your choice to believe it or not. Personally, I’m a Catholic person, so I believe in demonic presence and also in the demons.









The Difference Between Food In Switzerland And The USA

By Gioia Mathis, Switzerland

Food is a very important thing for me and for most people because, to stay healthy and to have energy, we have to eat good quality food which are rich in vitamins. This means if we want to have a happy life, we have to care about our food ,but that’s not easy and we have to educate ourselves about how to eat healthy and to care about what we eat and where it comes from, and that is often the problem. We need to learn this as children and it is good if the parents care, but often they don’t. So we have to be taught at school, but sadly most countries don’t offer this kind of education. The US, for example, barely does this. Only a few schools teach their students the meaning of good and healthy food. Switzerland in contrast, really cares about it and also where food comes from. We are taught what is healthy for our bodies and what is not. So we have to learn about different kinds of sugar, salt, proteins etc. that we need to consume to be healthy. We have to take at least two years of cooking lessons as well.

Compare the meals between Switzerland and the US:



This is a typical Swiss breakfast. It’s made of yogurt, fruits and oatmeal. It is very simple but it is delicious and it makes sure that we have enough energy to start our day.  You can add any time fruit you like and maybe some cinnamon.


This a typical American breakfast made of eggs, French toast, pancakes, bacon and French fries. It may look amazing but it is, for sure, the wrong way to start a healthy day. It is made of fat, sugar, and high calories.  Fat and sugar are really bad for the heart and too much sugar can cause diabetes.



This is what a lunch in Switzerland could look like. It is made of Roesti, a typical Swiss meal made of fried, thin sliced potatoes. Together with meat and a cream sauce it is a perfect and quite healthy lunch, but often Swiss people don’t have enough time because the lunch break its quite short. So instead they eat a salad or a sandwich and the dish on the picture is called “Zueri Geschnetzeltes”. They eat it on the weekend, so there is time to enjoy this delicious meal.


This is the most common lunch for an American. It is made of oily fries and burger with a lot fat. This is the cheapest and fastest option that’s why most people choose this as their lunch/dinner.

Maybe this looks like a cliché that everybody just thinks that Americans eat a lot of junk food, but sadly this is the most common meal in the US. The reason is that healthy food is very expensive and fast food is the low-cost option. All this unhealthy food causes diseases and a lot people suffer from diabetes or become overweight. That’s why I think it is so important to teach children what is healthy and what is not, what causes people to gain weight or develop different kinds of diabetes. They need to grow up having a healthy relationship with food.

I don’t want to offend anybody. I’m talking in general terms but it is no secret that American people suffer much more from diseases caused by unhealthy food than people in Switzerland.