ROSE – My Favorite Song

by Himari Ariizumi From Japan

First of all, I’ll introduce the person who created this song. His name is Jae-hung Park ( Korean:박제형), better known as Jae. He is a Korean-American musician, singer, songwriter, composer, and streamer, best known as a vocalist and electric guitarist of South Korean rock band DAY6. He passed the big audition, then he became a member of DAY6. However, he can’t speak Korean very much, so he had to learn Korean while creating new songs before they debuted. They need to create all of their songs by themselves. He personally streams his own songs on YouTube and SoundCloud while he has been working as a member of DAY6. He calls himself “eaJ” when he does personal works.

DAY6's Jae Shares Welcome Update And Expresses Deep Love And Gratitude To  Fans | Soompi

This song is one of the most popular songs he has created. I like the main chorus lyrics of this song so much that I’ll introduce it.

Don’t you know that nothing’s really ever beautiful

We’re all just broken windows

What you see depends from where you set your eye

I could see my blood on the floor or it might just be a Rose

I was so moved when I listened to the lyrics for the first time. Have you ever looked at any photos or landscape from broken glass? Even if you haven’t done it, you can imagine it. The scenery varies depending on where you look at the broken glass. The same is true of your own life. Look at it from a different perspective. Even if you go through sadness, pain, regret or frustration, you can make it more clear. “Nothing is really ever beautiful.” It’s definitely a sad truth. However, it’s also a lovely thing as you think about it from different perspective. That is what he is saying through this song.

What is essential is invisible to the eyes.”

We can see the sentence at the end of the music video. This is not only a song, but also art. This song is a masterpiece for me.

eaJ on Twitter: "eaJ - Rose Out now!… "
DAY6's Jae Announces Release Of Blooming New Solo Single "Rose"

He creates many phenomenal songs by himself. I love the lyrics he wrote. These are very delicate and beautiful. Please listen to his songs. Thank you for reading!


eaJ YouTube Channel

My Hero

By Donghoon (Mike) Koo

His name is Dwight David Howard who play basketball in the NBA.

He is my hero because I started to play basketball and now I like working out because of him.

Howard visited Korea 7 years ago and he visited Korea Times Square and I saw him and his event game.

After that I fell in love with basketball.

When I was in the high school, my high school team advanced to the finals in Seoul(Capital in Korea)

And now I want to be a sport physical therapist.

Howard changed my life!

He is my big hero!

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

By Cam, Switzerland

Getting out of your comfort zone means to do things that you would be normally too scared to do or even to think about doing it.

50 Epic Tips for Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone – Steph Gaudreau

If you are an EF Student, you are either going to live in a new country or maybe you are already there. You are going to learn a new language, but, at the same time, you hope that your journey will be the greatest experience you will ever have.

And for that, you will have to step outside of your comfort zone if you want to enjoy every experience to its fullest. According to my experiences, the greatest moments I have ever had were the ones I was feeling in my most uncomfortable zone.

10 Tips for Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and into a More ...

Now that you are in a new country, you have the opportunity to become a better version of yourself, and what I mean by that is to start challenging yourself as much as possible so you will keep growing as a person. I know it may be difficult for some people, especially in the beginning of your stay and I have been there, too, but it may also be your only chance to become adventurous, so don’t waste it.

Being afraid is totally normal, actually fear is an essential part of your development, but it’s only when you stop letting it hold you back and start to overcome it that your life will get more exciting.

Here is some 3 etips that I want share with you and I really encourage you do during your stay :

  1. Speak the language

This is the first step to immerse yourself in a new country. Try to speak the language that you are learning as much as possible even outside of school and try to make new friends who don’t speak the same native language as you. You are able to meet people from all around the world and share to them your culture, experiences and vice versa. Take part to every activities that EF or your city can propose to you so can you can meet new people.

2. Explore

Travelling is to explore and experience new place, people and things. Take advantage of everything your destination can offer to you. Don’t try to plan every seconds and allow yourself to get lost, you’ll be very suprised by what you can found out. Think outside the box, don’t go to the same spot as everyone, to get the same instagram picture. Instead? unusual places.

3. Take risks

Don’t be afraid of new challenge and dare yourself to take risks.

  1. First Week here in SB, I tried every activity that EF Activities offered. Also, going to the beach, bonfire, whatever you heard about. My roommate told me about the different things to do. 
  2. Suggestions that people could also do: try to talk to as many people as you can. Don’t be afraid to speak to people, even though they don’t speak the same native language. This is important because, if you really want to learn English, then you have to immerse yourself in a new life. I came here to be a better version of myself. Most of my really good friends at EF don’t speak French. I have a couple of French speaking friends. My roommate is from France, but I don’t speak French to him. I only spoke English to him. He also speaks in English. You associate specific people with a specific language. It trained my brain.
  3. Everything happens for a reason I think. You just have to trust people that they will help you.
  4. I was completely out of my comfort zone, but it turned out to be one of the best experiences I have ever had. 
  5. This is great opportunity to do things on your own!

Refik Anadol

By: Lorena Pedraza , Colombia.

“The very complex thinking methodology needed in my work would not be possible without the support of technology companies and the visionary minds that are behind them.”

-Refik Anadol

Refik Anadol was born on 1985 in Istanbul,Turkey. Currently his works like professor and researcher in the University of California Los Angeles in the department of Design Media Arts. Some of his Academic achievements are a master of fine arts in Media from UCLA , from the Istanbul Bilgi University a master of fine arts in Visual Communication Design and a bachelors of arts with summa cum laude  in Photography and Video. He is  a media artist, director, designer and spatial thinker , who takes pools of data like a raw material for creates arts but for to filter and select the raw material one of his techniques is  using Artificial Intelligence, specifically machine learning algorithms.

Installation of “Machine Hallucination” by Refik Anadol at Artechhouse.

Usually his site-specific audio / visual performances  are projected on giant screens or projected onto walls or entire buildings because it for him the facades could be canvases, also it is so important that the public rethink in nowadays how all the technology’s shift changes our vision about the  architecture, aesthetics and space; for this reason his works represent the relation between architecture and media arts and society between technology. He is co-founder and design creator of Antilop.

Perfomace in Walt Disney Concert Hall by Refik Anadol

Some of his awards and prizes are UCLA Arts-Architecture Moss Award, Microsoft Research’s Best Vision Award,SEGD (Society of Experimental Graphic Design) Global Design Awards and Google’s Arts and Machine Intelligence Artist Residency Awards and so on. His performances was presented in LA (USA), Montreal( Canada), Istanbul (Turkey) ,Spain, Austria, Australia, etc.

“Clearly AI is a discovery of humanity that has the potential to make communities, or destroy each other.”

-Refik Anadol

Friedrich Froebel BIOGRAPHY

by Maria Cabezas, Colombia


Friedrich Froebel was born on april 27th 1782. He was from Germany.  His father Johann Jacob Fröbel was the pastor of the orthodox lutheran and his mom passed away when he was just 9 months old. His town had a lot of nature so he was a nature lover.

In 1792, Friedrich went to live with his uncle in Stadtilm. Hoffmann was the name of his uncle, he was kind and affective. At the age of 15, he had a lot of knowledge of forest. But, in 1799, he decided to study mathematics and botanic in Jena. In 1802 to 1805, he worked as surveyor and in 1818, he got married with Wilhelmine Henriette Hoffmeister in Berlin. They did not have children and his wife passed away in 1839. He got married again with  Louise Levin in 1851. 


In 1806, he became a teacher and tutor of three little kids. In 1808 to 1810, he moved to Switzerland and he lived in Pestalozzi Institute. At this point of his life he started to create his own educational system. In 1811 he went back to his country and we taught at two schools.

In 1816, he created the German Institute of General Education. In 1820, Fröbel had already published the first of his five brochures which title is “To our German People”. The other four were published between that date and 1823. In 1826, he printed his literary work, “The Education of Man”, and founded the weekly newspaper “The Education of Families”. In 1828 and 1829, he drew up plans to establish an institute of popular education in Hell, but it never carried out.

In 1833, he moved to Switzerland again and from 1835 to 1836, he directed the orphanage in Bern, where he also published the magazine “Characteristics of Human Education”. 

He returned to Germany and he dedicated exclusively to pre-school education, for which he created play materials. In 1837, he founded the education of children in play and founded the Institute for Kindergarten Activities in Bad Blankenburg. From 1838 to 1840 he also published the magazine “A Sunday School for the like-minded”.

In 1840, he owned the term Kindergarten for this system of education based on play and the Institute of Activity which he had founded in 1837 for kindergarteners or small children together with Wilhelm Middendorf and Heinrich Langethal.

Friedrich Fröbel’s vision was to recognize the importance of the child’s activity in his or her cognitive learning processes. He introduced the concept of “free work” into pedagogy and established “play” as the typical world in children lifes, so in this way is better to educate in and through play; children do things in play that they would never do in an imposed and authoritarian way. Activities in his kindergarten included singing, dancing, gardening, playing and self-direction with Froebel’s “gifts”. Fröbel published a school song book, the Mutter-und Koselieder to introduce the child to the world of adults.

Willis Haveland Carrier

By moataz alhaqbani

Willis Haveland Carrier, is an American businessman and engineer, best known for his invention of the modern air conditioner.  In 1902, Willis invented the first electrical air-conditioning unit, and in 1915, he founded his company, Carrier, a company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of HVAC heating and ventilation systems.

Willis, born on November 26, 1876 in the town of “Angola” in New York State, is the son of William Carrier (1836-1908) and Elizabeth Haveland (1845-1888).  He studied at Cornell University and graduated in 1901, with a degree in engineering.

In 1902, Willis presented a design for what became known as the first modern air-conditioning system in the world. A ventilation system was installed at the Saket Wilhelm Printing and Publishing Company in Brooklyn that performs basic functions: temperature, humidity control, air circulation, ventilation, and air purification.

 After several years of testing, development, and editing on January 2, 1906, Willis was granted a US patent for an air treatment device that was designed to moisturize the air, and to heat and cool the water.

In 1928 the company developed the first home air conditioner known as the “weather maker” and it was mostly acquired only by wealthy families.

 Despite its development of refrigeration equipment and the commercial growth of air-conditioning systems in buildings in the 1920s, Carrier faced many financial difficulties, as a result of the collapse of Wall Street markets in 1929. In 1930, the company merged with Bernswick Kroeschel and York.  »To form Carrier Corporation, with Willis Carrier appointed as Chairman of its Board of Directors

In 1930, Willis launched his business in Japan and Korea through the “Toy Carrier” and “Samsung Appliance”, South Korea is now the largest producer of air conditioners in the world.

Willis Carrier died on October 7, 1950, at the age of 74.


By Tomas Gonzalez, Colombia

Messi was Born on June 24, 1987 in Rosario, Argentina. He is a professional footballer  who plays in the Spanish club Barcelona as a forward and captain, represents his country also as captain. His past is like anyone. He is the third son of Jorge Horacio Messi and Cecilia María Cuccittini. He has two older brothers, Rodrigo and Matías, and a younger sister, María Sol. Messi studied at primary school No ,66 “Gral. Las Heras”.

In 1994, he began to train in the lower divisions of Newell’s Old Boys, Argentina team in his region. But the first difficulty in his life had appeared at the age of 11, was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency. This was a big problem  for the family Messi Cuccitini because they had the obligation of get all the medicine that Messi needed.

Lionel Messi as a kid

In 2000, a light appeared on his way. The first team director from Barcelona Charly Rexach was interested in Messi and wanted to sign him. It was a difficult process because the boards of directors were in disagreement, but Charly was sure of the boy’s talent so he offered him a contract on a napkin. So it was, in February 2001 the family relocated to Barcelona and stayed in an apartment near the Camp Nou. The first year in the team wasn’t good, he didn’t have minutes in the matches and in addition to this, his mom moved back to Rosario with his brothers and little sister, while he stayed in Barcelona with his father.

First carnet from Messi at Barcelona team
Messi playing

Messi debuted with the first team on November 16, 2003, against Porto, it was a friendly match and his first official match with the first team was on October 16, 2004 against Espanyol. At 17 he became one of the youngest  to debut in the first division the coach who gave him the opportunity was Frank Rijkaard.

First match like professional from Messi

His career like professional started there and he has managed to obtains 6 Ballon’s D’Or and 6 Gold Boots, which are two of the most importants individual awards that a footballer can obtain. Currently he continues playing for Barcelona and standing out as always.

Steve Jobs

Jorge Ceron

My hero is Steve Jobs, he is born at February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California. Abdulfattah Jandali and Joanne Schieble were your real parents but her mother gave him up for adoption because she wanted him to had a good life and enjoy his childhood then he was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs, he had two siblings, he was married with Laurene Powell, he had five children and he died with Cancer at October 5, 2011. Palo Alto,CA.

The first job was at Hewlett Packard a Hp inventors then he got a job at Atari, it’s a video game company. That is to say, he saved money to pay for a trip to India and he never returns to Atari. He started with his best friend Steve Wozniak of Apple Computers in 1976. This was the beginning of everything.

Steve Jobs has built what he believed into a reality. He was born into a very simple life, but left it being one of the most innovative leaders of all time. Time and time again, he was able to grow up with his team at the same time to bring forth most exciting products.

Steve Jobs is known as a creative genius and has developed various tools in personal computing, music and communication. He never gave up because you believe in and doing what you love every day.




Everyday, when we get something to eat, when we go to Starbucks and get one cup of coffee, or when we buy something and get stuff with plastic bags, after that we just throw plastic waste to trash can without thinking either where it is going to be or what if it is not going to be recycled or how it is going to affect the environment. In this article, we are going to write about how plastic waste is produced, how it is affecting the marine life and the consequences and solution.

Example: Vietnam pollute the great amount of the plastic waste into the ocean, which places the worlds 5 worst. Another Asian country also pollute the plastic into the ocean, for example China, Indonesia, Philippine, and Thailand. Vietnam pollute plastic into ocean and this number is between 28 and 73 million tons each year, which is about 6% of the world total plastic waste. This plastic waste amount is increasing ever year around 10 million tons each year. For example, nearly 250,000 tons of plastic waste is generated in the city called Ho Chi Minh each year, however, around 80% of them are recycled, or if the things get worse, it released into the sea or some other natural environment. As you can see on this picture, there are many plastic bags at the beach. One estimates shows that around 80% of plastic waste and plastic bags are released as a trash every day in Vietnam. Compared to 2010, Vietnam aimed to decrease 65% of non biodegradable plastic bags at the stores or shops by 2020 and also they try not to release non biodegradable plastic bags at all by 2026.

Marine life: when plastic waste is releases into the ocean, it badly affects marine life. Marine life for example, sea turtle mistakes plastic for food abs when they eat it, it damages their body, causes body disfunction and causes death. Plastic bags looks like jellyfish for them, so that they eat it without knowing it is not a food. Research was conducted by American and United Kingdom and Australian researchers. They found out that 102 sea turtles, which varies 7 types of kinds from Atlantic, Pacific, and Mediterranean, every single one of them had eaten plastic. Half of the sea turtles around the world had ingested plastic, scientists estimate.

「the beach」の画像検索結果
「ocean plastic」の画像検索結果

consequences: what is the consequenses? The consequenses are really bad, people dont really think about it because they dont see the ocean everyday.The fishes are dying, we are distroing our enviorment and we dont even know about that.we all spend our time at the beach to relax and have a fun time with family/friends, we bring food and drinks.bur what happends to the trash after? do they throw it away in a dustbin? No we dont because sometimes the plasticbags flys away with the wind and nobody would run after it.if we keep doing this there is gonna be nothing left of the fishes no life in the ocean

Biking in the Netherlands

By Pepe Menken, from the Netherlands.

If you’ve ever been to the Netherlands, you probably know what the best transportation in the Netherlands is. The Bicycle! We love biking so much that we have more bicycles then people in the Netherlands. For some tourists, biking, especially in Amsterdam, is also one of the most dangerous ways of transportation. But you might wonder how this has become… Well that’s what I’m going to explain to you in this article.

The first actual bicycle, that resembles the one we see today only a little bit, was built in 1860 by Ernest Michaux. The first couple of bikes were made of wood and then the material was changed to metal, but the evolution of the bicycle didn’t stop. The front wheel was made bigger and bigger to allow the vehicle to go faster. Because the wheel was getting bigger, the saddle had to be higher, so people needed a stool to get on the saddle. In those days, it was inappropriate for women to wear pants, so the bicycle was unavailable for them. This version of the bike is also more dangerous. In 1890, a safer version of the bicycle was invented, named the ‘safety bicycle’. This vehicle has wheels in the same size. This ‘safety bicycle’ is also the first bicycle that women could use with their long skirts. Some people say that it also helped with the emancipation of women.

The Netherlands is the country in the world that uses the bike the most as daily transportation. But how did this happen? A man named Gertjan Hulster thinks that we cycle so much in our country is because of a coincidence. In the 1950s, the bicycle replaced the automobile in a lot of countries. The automobile caused a lot more accidents than the bicycle, more than 3000 deaths in 1971 only in the Netherlands. The Dutch people weren’t that happy about that, and then the child of a well-know journalist named Vic Langenhoff, died in a car accident. Following an article written by Langenhoff, people started protesting to bring back the bike. The government was in the middle of changing the cities and decided to make separate lanes just for bikes. They made 35,000 km of biking lanes in just one country. That makes cycling sometimes faster than taking the car because there is no traffic jam. The oil prices were also very high at that time so more people decided to ride their bike to work instead of taking the car. Another reason is that the Netherlands is a very flat country and everything is really close. All of these reasons together makes cycling really appealing in the Netherlands.

In short, cycling has become the best way to transport yourself around the Netherlands because of four important reasons; The article written by Vic Langenhoff, the reorientation of the cities, the high oil prices, the flat and small country. I think that the Netherlands shouldn’t be the only country with so many bicycles. Other countries should introduce cycling in the cities in sake of the environment. More cycling people means less co2 emissions.