I waked up in haloween day at 6:30 AM to put the make up on and take shower and eat my breakfast and then i ride my car to ef school and it was amazing i watch all the students wearing a custom and every want to win and after that i went to state street and i eat my lunch with my friends and walked on the state for a litel while and it was really fun we enjoyed alot we stayed their intel 11 pm and then i went back to my home and got to my bed . 

USA Halloween Experience

Luna, Belgium

This was my first time experiencing Halloween in the USA and I wasn’t disappointed ! Tuesday we went with a group of friends to the movies and saw the new version of the movie Halloween which was quite scary. On the actual Halloween day we had a great time at school and seeing everyone in costume was really funny. I loved that everyone played the game. Me and three other girls were dressed as the Pink Ladies from the movie Grease. We didn’t win the contest but that was not even a possibility considering other people went all out with the makeup and dramatic effects ! It was crazy to see how realistic some of the bloody injuries looked. All in all I had a nice time and I liked seeing another kind of Halloween.


Spanish food

Andrea Rojas Fernandez, Spain.

One of the most important things that there are in Spain is the gastronomy. There are a lot of different types of food and many specialties.

For example, one of the most important is the good cured food that we have there. For example the ham, cheese…

jamon iberico.jpg

Secondly, another thing that characterizes Spain is the typical Spanish omelet.There are different forms to cook it and the ingredients can vary. My favorite only uses potatoes, onion and eggs. I have eaten it also with ham and sausage.


Furthermore the shellfish that we have is so good, a typical Spanish plate is the “Pulpo a la Gallega”. It is served with cooked potato or potato puree. The most important thing for this dish is that it isn’t very cooked. The cook used to use pepper to give more flavor.

pulpo a la gallega.jpg

One meal that we used to do a lot in summer is “Gazpacho” or “Salmorejo”. It is a soup of tomato that has a lot of different types of ingredients and it is so healthy and cold. So it is one of my favorite foods in the summer. The differences between salmorejo and gazpacho are the ingredients. The Salmorejo only has tomato, garlic, oil and bread. However the Gazpacho also has pepper and cucumber. These meals used to be served with egg and ham.



Halloween in Santa Barbara

Andrea Rojas. Spain

My day started like a normal day. I woke up at 7:00 am and I came to the school. When I arrived at the school, my class was full with people of other level and it was nice because I could meet more people that i didn’t meet before so I liked it.

When I was in class, the teacher brought a lot of muffins and it was fantastic, we started to carve and decorate our pumpkin.

halloween 1.jpg

After doing our pumpkins we went out of class and we started to be with people from other classes and the rest of teacher began to distribute food and it was fantastic. Furthermore , while we made the pumpkins we took advantage of makeup. Moreover we decided to dress up with black clothes because we din’t want to be so disgusted.

halloween 3.jpg

In the school a competition of costumes and pumpkins were organized and it was fantastic and so funny because everybody was so motivated and wanted to participate.

halloween 2.jpg

Finally, to finish my day I went to The Habit to eat with my friends and then I went to State Street to do trick or treat.Yesterday was fantastic!

Halloween in EF

Halloween at school

The 31th of October is always a big holiday here in the US maybe that’s why we got free from school so that we could celebrate this with all international students but I also saw a few locals at school. First we had to go into our own classrooms where we had to carve out 2 pumpkins to compete in the pumpkin competition. This is a competition where we compare all the pumpkins and the winner get’s a free ice cream/pizza party, the second prize is only a pizza party and the third place is only an ice cream party if I remembered it correctly.

When everybody finished they’re pumpkins we had a cozy little party with the class and after that the whole school gathered around at the parking lot for the costume competition between the student and between the teachers. The teacher’s first place was the space couple and the student’s first place I do not recall. When this was done we had a pinata and we gathered around this pinata to hit it so that all the candy would come out of it.


This was pretty much my halloween because I had to play a important soccer match that evening.

Sebastiaan Han

2018 Halloween Day

Alejandra Cabanas, Spain.

Yesterday was 31stof October, twhich means it was the Halloween day. In Spain,we celebrate it, but if I compare it I couldnt say we celebrate. Here, in America they it like a really celebration, they do a real party for it!

It was such a good experience for me to expend this famous day here in Santa Barbra. It was the first Halloween for many years that I had dressedp. I dont know exacly what I wanted to seem, But I did my make up and wore black clothes.


In EF they had prepareda competition of the best costumes. I tookictures of one of the best in my opinion.

IMG_5404 (1).PNGThis one was the final winner of the competition.IMG_5377.JPGThis is my friend Sara, that asked for a Krean friend to write on her face.

IMG_5335.JPGThese are my friends Oscar and Lucien whose dressed up as the freakys of the school, it was so funny!IMG_5322.JPG And finally, this is my roommate and friend, Celine, she looked really scary.

Also, EF prepared another competition about pumkis decorating, and I took a picture of my personal favourite one.IMG_5405.PNG

So, as a conclusion, it was a really nice day thet i have never experienced.



where is it?

well Chile is in south america near Argentina, Peru and Boliviachile 1


chile 2


in the north of this large large country we can find some cities like Arica or Iquique where you can go and swim in the ocean, surf, go visit some interesting towns each one with his own culture or go visit the “valle de la luna” or “laguna verde” in San Pedro de Atacama


Image result for santiago chile


in the middle of Chile we can find the capital, Santiago, the biggest city of the country. also in Chile we have very near the capital the snow and the beach so if you want to go skiing or snowboarding you can travel less than 1 hour from Santiago to  “Valle nevado” which is a nice spot for going make ice sports or or if you are


more of the type who enjoy by sunbathing or surfing you can travel 1 hour as well from Santiago to “Viña del mar”  which is a nice beach very near the capital but if you want more beaches to surf you can travel a couple of hours more to go in direction to the south and go surfing in Puertecillo or Pichilemu

Image result for valle nevado chileImage result for vina del mar chile


Image result for torres del paine


in the south of this beautiful country we have one of the  most amazing places in the world, Las torres del paine, is a nature sanctuary placed in the south part of Chile where you can watch live nature in any form, here in the south we also have giant glaciers


Image result for isla de pascua chile

Easter island

the Easter island also known as Tepito tehenua has a lot of ancient culture, the rapa nui culture, if you are a fanatic of the history you can check out the story of the Moais (those giant faces in the picture)



Image result for tips

some tips

if you want to have a magnificent time going through Chile you can go to some of those locations depending which places you like, i am from Santiago but i had the luck and the pleasure of visit each one of these locations and some more

i think Chile is a great country for doing tourism, but you have to understand Spanish because not in every sector of Chile they talk to you in English, because not all the people are able to speak English.

be careful of what do you buy, if you buy things in Chile make sure they are not swindle you, in every part of the world there are swindlers and Chile is not the exception so double check every thing witch high prices

My Halloween



halloween 1

Well lets start for the night before Halloween. I went partying with my roommates and some friends but without costumes. There were a few people dressed up for Halloween but mostly not.

The day of Halloween my roommates and I were late so we called an uber and we entered class just 20 min late. Then we had a costume party in EF (I was Charmander by the way) and it was so funny. I took a lot of pictures with people in costumes and there were a lot of great costumes and it is always good to see some good costumes.


44dd44d1-d844-4fd8-aa00-c15028265142Then with 2 of my friends we went to the pumpkin patch to take some pictures and to do like “North American” stuff on Halloween. It was really fun and I have great pictures of it.

Then in the night, I went to another party but my roommate and I got lost and we arrived at the party very late. Then the party was very boring so we left and on the way to my house  I saw one of my roommates with some girls in the neighborhood so i told the uber to leave me there and I went walking with them.

Then I arrived to my house and went to sleep.


electric vehicles


Electric cars and trucks are powered by electricity, which as an energy source is cleaner and cheaper than oil. Even when the electricity comes from the dirtiest coal-dominated grid, electric vehicles (EVs) still produce less global warming pollution than their conventional counterparts, and with fewer tailpipe emissions (or none at all).California-based Lucid Motors, formerly named Atieva, unveiled a prototype of a luxury sedan the Lucid Air at its unveiling in Fremont

Some of the oil company’s  says that the electric cars can hurts our business in fact electric cars save the planet from smoke and everything but is the problem now that’s is the electric car cost more then gas cars and you need to wait time intell your car get ready to go !

In fact, widespread adoption of electric cars and trucks could save 1.5 million barrels of oil a day by 2035. To get there, we need smart government policies that incentivize investment in clean vehicle technology—helping move America toward a cleaner, safer, Half the Oil future .

Spanish Food

Victor Potenciano, Spain

A lot of people in the world think that in Spain we only eat Paella and that is not true. We eat paella, but Spain is big and every region of Spain has its own food, and that is one of the best things that we have.

I am going to talk aboput the most famous foods in Spain and where they are from.

The first thing that I am going to talk about is one of my favourites foods, which is the Cocido madrileño. The Cocido madrileño can be prepare in many ways and depends on what part you are from and the person who makes it, one style or another, but what is clear is that everyone makes it very well and it is one of the most famous meals in Madrid. It is made of chickpeas, carrots, potatoes, Iberian chorizo and meat.

Another very famous meal is the Salmorejo, which is made of tomato, bread, oil, vinegar and salt. It is very easy to make, you only need to put all the ingredients together in a blender and mix all and then you have the Salmorejo. It is from Cordoba, Andalucia, but all people of Spain make it.

download (7).jpg

Another very good meal is the Asturian fabada, often simply known as fabada, which is a rich Spanish bean stew, originally from and most commonly found in Asturias, but widely available throughout the whole of Spain and in Spanish restaurants worldwide.

Fabada is a hot and heavy dish and for that reason it is most commonly eaten during winter and at the largest meal of the day, lunch. It is usually served as a starter, but may also be the main course of the meal. It is typically served with Asturian cider or a red wine.

download (8).jpg

The next meal that I am going to talk is one of the most famous meals in Spain and all the people of the world know it,which is the Tortilla de patatas. It is made of potatoes and eggs and sometimes you can put onions, but that is if you like the onions. It is very easy to make and you can eat it at lunch as well as dinner. The tortilla de patatas doesn’t have one unique place where the people make it. In every part of Spain the people cook it.

download (9).jpg

The last meal I’m going to talk about is Pulpo a la gallega. As its name very well says, its origin comes from Galica. It is often seen served hot, freshly boiled, put the slices on a wooden board while on the pile is sprinkled with plenty of olive oil, paprika, sweet or spicy, but never smoked.

download (10).jpg