The food in Brazil

By Renan Hirt

The variety of different types of food that can be found in Brazil is very large due to the great cultural diversity that can be found there,the result of this, is the appreciation by all over the world!


The Brazilian sweet, usually related to birthday parties, is very popular in other countries. One of the reasons that contributes to the success of the candy is the fact that it is very similar to a chocolate truffle. In addition to the traditional, there are also several derivatives of the brigadeiro in other countries, such as Oreo, and Red Velvet.

Brazilian Churrasco (Barbecue)

Although barbecue is not exclusive to our country, it is here that the meat is seasoned with coarse salt and served well pink. Here, the steak and the chicken heart were invented, not to mention the rennet cheese and the garlic bread. Furthermore, only in Brazilian steakhouses does the waiter go to the customer’s table to cut the meat.

Pão de queijo (Cheese Bread)

Cheese and bread, two darlings from all over the world, are joined through the oven and result in the famous Brazilian cheese bread. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this food has become known for its uniqueness.


Meat dipped in black beans, pieces of sausage in the middle, desalted pork and quality, feijoada is one of the best known Brazilian foods worldwide and the one that has the least changes in the menu so as not to take the essence of the dish.


Caipirinha comes from São Paulo and is an alcoholic cocktail with cachaça, sugar, lemon and ice. Cachaça is also a Brazilian ingredient, which makes finding the original more difficult in other countries.


Of all the fruits in the Amazon, açaí is perhaps the best known. Served as a kind of sweet ice cream, sometimes with granola on top, pieces of banana, condensed milk or strawberries, this is a very famous dessert, especially in the USA and Europe, here in Santa Barbara have some locations that have the famous açaí but i really recommend the Oakberry in Paseo Nuevo they have a really good bowls, everyone needs two try,here in California also is a famous dessert that you can find easily !

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