Tips on Reducing Food Waste

Name: Kyoka Narita

Country: Japan


In America, according to a Guardian report, almost half of the foods produced in America are thrown away. The reason why America has a lot of landfills of food is because food products are much cheaper than other countries that are close to America. America has huge agricultural lands; therefore, it is possible to farm foods inexpensively, because of it, food waste is one of the most major problems in America.

How can we reduce food waste? What can we do about it? Let’s take a look at some tips.


  1. Make a list of what you want to buy before shopping

One research study said that more than a third of Americans go shopping without a list. When they shop and find cheap foods which they were not going to buy, many poeple buy these foods inpoulsively. However, the foods sometimes are thrown away because they have already expired or people don’t like it.  That is why food waste might cause problems. If they check what they have in their fridge and what they need before shopping, they can prevent themselves from buying foods which they already had.

  1. Reduce leftovers as much as you can

To decrease the amount of leftovers, do not cook too much. If you cook too much, just put  it in your freezer and eat it another day (as soon as possible). You can also cook different meals by using the leftovers. There are a lot of recipes for leftovers on online so you can check it out when you need some recipes.


  1. Recognize the differences between “best before” and “use by”

Do you know the differences between best before and use by? Most of the foods have a sign of best before or use by. According to Food Standards Agency, use by means “You have got until the end of this date to use or freeze the food before it becomes too risky to eat.” On the other hand, best before means “you can eat food past this date but it might not be at its best quality.” If you identify the differences between them, you will not through a lot of expired foods. Furthermore, if the food has “best before” signs and already past the date, you don’t have to through the foods because it still can eat.


  1. Try not to make leftovers when you go out to eat

When you go to restaurants, you sometimes leave food on your plate because it’s too much or some food which you don’t like is included and you don’t eat it. In restaurants, they have a serious problem about food waste because of the customers’ leftovers.  To solve such a problem, you can take three actions about it.

First, if restaurants have small portion manus, you can order the smaller size. Second, when you order the meals, it’s better that you check how large the meal is. If you think it’s too much, you can ask for a smaller sized meal. Lastly, if you find the ingredients you cannot eat in your ordered meal, you can ask for those ingredients to be removed beforehand. Moreover, if you leave the meal, you can get to go containers to take away the meals and eat as tomorrow’s breakfast.


I am sure that if everyone takes actions to solve the food waste problem, it is not going to be a serious issue anymore.


Rikako Fujita, Japan

Poodles are the cutest animals I have ever seen. They look like a teddy bears. They have curly hair. These dogs are loved by Japanese people.



There are different types of poodles. First, the Standard poodle which is the biggest one.

standard poodle

This is as big as golden retriever and expensive.

Second, Medium poodle. This is smaller than standard one and bigger than mini one. They are not famous.

midium poodle

Third, mini poodle. This size is as big as beagle.


Last is Toy poodle. This is the most popular dog in Japan. This is small and cute.

toy poodle


Sports and Exercise a Good Choice

Sandra Wanner, Switzerland


Have you ever thought about why you like sports so much, or possibly not? So for me, playing some sports and getting exercise is something I really like, because it gives me a good variety to my everyday life. After doing something athletic, I always feel better and happier.

Let me tell you more about this diverse issue. To get enough exercise is something really important for your body, as well as for your whole health. Your bones and muscles become stronger, if you do something in every type of exercise. Also for your heart, circulation and metabolism. Otherwise you can become fat, or in the worst case, you can get seriously ill. It is a good way to prevent diabetes and obesity.


On top of that it is a very good work-life balance for everyone. You do not have to be that athletic, just go for a short walk or ride. It is not important what you do, it is that you do something. So do not sit at home all the time, watching TV or playing games. Go ahead and get some exercise.


Finally, it is possible to play sports alone or in a group with other people. If you do it by yourself, you have to be disciplined even if your actual mood does not fit. When you do it with other athletes, it could also be a good chance to make some friends. While exercising together, you can talk about the new gossip and stories from your village. It is pretty cool when you can connect your hobby with meeting some friends.

velo  volleyball

To sum up, I would finally argue that sports is not a negative thing. Maybe it is a little inconvenient that you sweat and have to wash your sport clothes, but for most people, that is not a problem. So move on and let’s do some exercise!

move on

Steve Jobs-A Business Magnate, Entrepreneur, Pioneer, and Visionary Who Changes The World

Apple icon
“The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do” (Steve Jobs, 1985 Apple ‘Think different’ commercial). No one would dispute the fact that Steve Paul Jobs instigated a new way of thinking, not only in the business world, but also in the minds of over 100 million customers as well.
Born on the 24th February 1955, Jobs started his first company, known as Apple Computers, Inc. at age 20. Apple grew over time to be the most profitable company in the world, by producing and distributing (tablet-) PCs, phones, technological equipment and music services. Furthermore, Jobs invented Pixar (bought by Disney for $7.4 billion) and NeXT (another Computer company), which became a tremendous successes.

To gain enlightment , Jobs studied Zen Buddhism. This was defining for his philosophy on how products and companies should be created.

His ambition in life was far more than to just develop and invent technology, which was supposed to make the world a better place. Moreover, he tried to give the world an inspiration to “think different”.
Jobs’ personality appeals to many young adults to make a difference in the world and to contribute to the human race, while bringing about change. I am one of these, who gained faith that it is possible to have an impact as a single person due to his popular speeches. For instance, in his Stanford commencement speech, the inventor reflects the obstacles and challenges which he had to face in order to become the person he was. He mentioned his tough childhood in an adoptive family, during which he discovers his passion for technology and Buddhism. As a matter of fact, Jobs faced a huge amount of difficulties and learned to deal with setbacks, for example, as he was urged to leave Apple on September 16, 1985. He describes that later in an interview, as one of the most terrible and frustrating moments of his lifetime. Although Jobs returned to Apple when the company suffered from a massive economic crisis and a lack of innovation. 12 years later, the Apple board decided to bring Jobs back to his domain.
Firstly, Jobs was appointed as the iCEO of Apple computers, because the former CEO John Scully still held office. After two years in office, Jobs was allowed to relinquish the i-title.
With Jobs on board, Apple rebounded back to its previous strength and innovation. For instance, in 2006, Apple invented the iPhone, a breakthrough in the tech industry. To be fair, that wasn’t a one-man success. Jobs had the sense to recruit the most talented and smartest people (“A-Players”) in the world, which resulted in the outstanding inventions we are all using today.

In 2003, unfortunately, Jobs was diagnosed with a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor. He struggled over eight years until he passed away due to his miserable medical situation.
To conclude, Steve Jobs led a new zeitgeist into society. His vision, personality and his inventions fundamentally changed the world. As far as I can see, there is no way around as to have such humans being like him, as soon as we really want to understand the complexity of the world and invent necessary technologies which can help the human species to survive over the next million years.

What citizens of Santa Barbara think about EF students ?

By Jeanne Beaudoin, France & Sally Mousset, Belgium

We have chosen this subject because we hear every day a lot of things about how people see us. We have taken 2 videos of people who work on State Street and we have asked questions to a bus driver but he didn’t want to be recorded.

We are going to put the link of the 2 videos at the end of this article. People that we have recorded were very nice and both of them like the fact that there are all these international students in Santa Barbara.

However, the bus driver wasn’t so happy to have an EF school on Chapala Street. He said that most of us were friendly and polite, but otherwise he has problems with EF students. He told us that most of the time, they put their foot on the chairs. They also eat in the bus and they just leave their waste in the ground.

“Most of the time, they listened to their music and they aren’t polite with old people.” ” I always need to tell them to keep calm and to give their seats to the old person.”

Even though he has bad experiences with these students, he has no problem to one day host EF students because he thinks that it’s a good way to discover other countries in the world. He also told us that it’s a good idea to give the opportunity to these students to learn English here.

With this project, we learn that sometimes it’s true that we need to pay more attention to the citizens of Santa Barbara, but we really feel like home here so sometimes we forget that there are also rules here we need to follow.

Jeanne & Sally


Link of the video :





















Santa Barbara, Young Students Night Lifestyle

Gabriela Fernandez-Chile


Have you been to Santa Barbara, California? If you have been there, you will know a little bit about the parties there. I have been here for almost 3 months and I have been out with my friends a lot of weekends. There are parties for young students of the universities in Santa Barbara… but, Are the parties fun? In my opinion, they are. Can you find a party every weekend? Yes, you can. But the real question is, Are the parties of Santa Barbara safe?

Image result for parties isla vista night

Most of the parties are in Isla Vista, that is a few minutes from Santa Barbara and is the place where the UCSB campus is located. There are parties every weekend, but one of the things that caught my attention was how early the parties end. The parties are between 9:30 and 12pm. There are a lot of cops, going around the streets and my first question was ‘Why?’ The parties in my country are between 11 pm until 5 or 6 am, and I was wondering why it is so different here.

Related image

I asked and I found out that a few years ago, on May 23, 2014, in Isla Vista, a 22 year old killed six persons and injured fourteen others, before killing himself inside his car. I think that is one of the reasons that the parties end so early and that is full of cops. Also two weeks, ago a 24-year-old woman was taken to the hospital late Friday, after being stabbed in Isla Vista (she was a student of UCSB).

Image result for santa barbara shooting

I think that the most of the parties in Santa Barbara are really safe, because the police have taken precautions and security measures. If you are a young student that wants to have a fun night, IV is for you, but you always have to be careful and consider every risk all the time.

Image result for santa barbara shooting





Real Madrid C.F – Champions League Final 2017

real madrid final pictureby Katharina Coenen, Germany

Real Madrid C.F is the most famous football club in Spain. Founded on March 6th 1906. The traditionally worn kit colors were white. In June 2017 they reached the final in the UEFA Champions League. They had to play against Juventus Football Club. The Tournament was in Wales, Cardiff, also the hometown of one of the most expensive superstars of Real Madrid, Gareth Bale. The game was special and important for the club, but especially for him. Born and raised in Cardiff, and now he had the chance to win a trophy in his hometown. Also the club had the chance to win it for the second time in a row. What else could be better ? But would he at least get the chance to play against Juventus? The Stadium was sold out, many fans decorated it with big banners. The atmosphere was gigantic and the feeling absolutely stunning. Then the official champions league hymn was heard. The players came through the tunnels and shook hands with each other, but no a sign of Gareth Bale yet.

So the match begun without him. It was really intensive and strategic. Nobody wanted to take a risk. Then after twenty minutes, a goal! Cristiano Ronaldo scored. Buffon the goalkeeper from Juventus was delirious. He shouted at his teammates ,and encouraged them on. Everyone in the stadium was excited. After just seven minutes Juventus settled the result, after a nice head goal from Mandžukić. The whole stadium was on fire, but after the first halftime Juventus did not act very self- confident. They moved back and let Real Madrid play their match. After a while Casemiro, the defender from Real Madrid took a volley after a really bad back pass from a Juventus player. It wrapped unattainable in Buffons Goal. After that Goal Juventus was resigned. Two more goals were dropped. Gareth Bale came for the last 15 minutes. The whole stadium cheered to him, and he did his best.

At the end the result was 4:1. The players cried and screamed happily. They couldn’t believe it. The night seemed magical, but not for Juventus. They were devastated. They lost again a important final. They knew that if you reached a final you have to do your best. And everyone knew in the moment they didn’t . The Italian fans applauded them and the players appreciated that.  On the other side, the Spanish Fans were thrilled and happy. Their team won this trophy, the best and most important trophy you can win in football,  the second time in a row. It was unbelievable. But Juventus was a fair team. They congratulated the players on their 12th title. And so Real Madrid wrote history. Again.

real madrid pictures 2017

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Anna Victoria Buhl Nielsen, Denmark.

Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, on January 8, 1935. When Elvis was born his parents, Vernon and Gladys Presley, were living in a very small house only separated by two rooms. When Gladys gave birth to Elvis, she also gave birth to his twin brother. Sadly, Jessie Presley was stillborn, and that left Elvis to grow up as an only child. In 1948 the Presley family moved to Memphis, Tennessee, and in 1953 Elvis graduated from Humes High School. 

Elvis 1

Elvis was influenced by the pop and country music back in the days, but also by the gospel he had grown up with in church. In 1946, Elvis’s parents bought him his first guitar, and from there on he started preforming at talent shows. The black rhythms and blues, and the all-night gospel were also two things that made a big impact on his career later on. In 1953, an 18 year old Elvis walked into Sun Studios, at that time owned by Sam Phillips. Four dollars was the price to record a two-sided record, on Side A, “My Happiness” and on side ,”That’s When Your Heartaches Begin.” Sam was not at the studio this particular day, but instead, Marion Keisker, the secretary, noticed something special about this young boy, not only his style, but also his voice and preforming skills. 


A year went by, and in 1954 Elvis received a call from Scotty More, who was a local guitarist, and also from the bass player Bill Black. The group got together in Memphis for a rehearsal with Sam Philips, the owner of Sun Records, to give the group another shot. The band played and sang for hours without success, but when Elvis, in a break-time, started jamming away to a quicker version of the already existing “That’s All Right” song, Sam finally heard what he had been looking for. This became Elvis’s first single.


In 1956 Elvis Presley signed his first contract with RCA records. At the new studio in Nashville, he started working on songs, such as “Heartbreak Hotel” and “I Got A Woman.” 1958 was the year where Elvis began his journey in the U.S. Army. He served nearly two years in Germany, and therefore, spending most of his time outside the States. 


In 1967, friends and family gathered together in Las Vegas to celebrate the marriage between Elvis and Pricilla, who now could call themselves Mr. and Mrs. Presley. The couple met during Elvis’s time in Germany. The honeymoon for the new married couple was only a couple of days in Palm Springs, before returning home to Memphis again. One year after the wedding a beautiful little baby girl, named Lisa Marie Presley, was born.


As the years went by a lot of things happened in the life of Elvis Presley. As a total, Elvis preformed 1,684 times in live shows and concerts. The first one in 1954, and all the way up to 1977. One of his biggest, and most known concerts was, and still is, ”Aloha From Hawaii.” The show was in 1973 with more than 1 billion views worldwide. ”Aloha From Hawaii” had more viewers than the first man on the moon had, and therefore, also made it one of the most expensive entertainment shows at the time, costing 2.5 million dollars. 

Elvis also made a career out of acting, and he ended up playing roles in 33 different movies.


In 1977, Elvis began what would be his last tour… August 16, 1977, at 2 am in the morning The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll was found unconscious on his bathroom floor. They rushed him to the hospital, only to officially pronounce him dead. At the end, the once young, healthy, and beautiful young boy had become a 350 pound heavy man having problems with heart diseases, but also many other health problems. Still, there has been countless conspiracy theories about how Elvis Presley really died… and is he really gone? 


How American and Japanese Diet Are Different

Rikako Fujita, Japan

When I came here, I suffered from the differencies food between America and Japan. First, we have cultural difference about foods. Japanese always eat rice, on the other hand, Americans eat bread or pasta which are made from wheat everyday. Surprisingly, Americans only eat meat a few times a week. In Japan,  it is thought that Americans eat a kind of beef, like steak,everyday. In fact, Americans usually eat chicken instead of beef. Furthermore, there are times when Americans  do not eat  food made from animals. I feel unsatisfied with the diet here because I have only eaten meat a few times.


This is a Japanese dinner which is served at hotels It is a gorgeous dinner. But most Japanese eat roughly like this everyday.


American dinner is always like this.

On the other hand, Japanese eat meat and fish everyday. We always eat rice, miso soup, and a dish including meat. This is why, from Japanese perspective,  the American diet seems like an unbalanced diet. We have been told ” we must keep a balanced diet.”  ”We should eat vegetables and some meat and a carbohydrate from the time we are  very young age. This is why children are supposed to be prohibited from  eating snacks by their mother.


This is a kind of miso soup, Tonjiru; it includes many vegetables and pork. It is very nutritious.

Surprisingly, American kids eat bread with peanut butter and Nutella as breakfast. These things are massively caloric and do not have sufficient nutrition. I regard these foods as afternoon snacks. I think small children should eat low calorie food daily.


All Japanese girls and women aim to have a skinny body like this. They often crash diet, so there are times when they eat only 500 calories a day.

In Japan, there are so many skinny people from a global perspective. One reason is genetic, another is healthy diet. At the time of old age, in Japan we can not intake animal food except fish. This is why we eat relatively healthy food everyday culturally. There are few people who eat peanut butter and Nutella. Thus, vegetarians have a difficult time being accepted because, if we are not vegetarian, we can not eat a healthy diet. Also, in America, there is a belief that does not accept animal food in order to protect animals from abuse. While in Japan, we have an appreciation for all life when we eat something. This is why we say ”Itadakimasu” which means Thank you every time we eat.

There are these differences between our two countries. Each country’s  thoughts should be respected and admired, but I think it might take a little bit of time to accept each other’s eating habits.