Sports and Exercise a Good Choice

Sandra Wanner, Switzerland


Have you ever thought about why you like sports so much, or possibly not? So for me, playing some sports and getting exercise is something I really like, because it gives me a good variety to my everyday life. After doing something athletic, I always feel better and happier.

Let me tell you more about this diverse issue. To get enough exercise is something really important for your body, as well as for your whole health. Your bones and muscles become stronger, if you do something in every type of exercise. Also for your heart, circulation and metabolism. Otherwise you can become fat, or in the worst case, you can get seriously ill. It is a good way to prevent diabetes and obesity.


On top of that it is a very good work-life balance for everyone. You do not have to be that athletic, just go for a short walk or ride. It is not important what you do, it is that you do something. So do not sit at home all the time, watching TV or playing games. Go ahead and get some exercise.


Finally, it is possible to play sports alone or in a group with other people. If you do it by yourself, you have to be disciplined even if your actual mood does not fit. When you do it with other athletes, it could also be a good chance to make some friends. While exercising together, you can talk about the new gossip and stories from your village. It is pretty cool when you can connect your hobby with meeting some friends.

velo  volleyball

To sum up, I would finally argue that sports is not a negative thing. Maybe it is a little inconvenient that you sweat and have to wash your sport clothes, but for most people, that is not a problem. So move on and let’s do some exercise!

move on

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