by: Afshar Mahdi (Ecuador)

What is paintball?

Paintball is a sport played by two or more teams of players. Each player is equipped with one marker (gun), compressed air tank, loader (where you put the paintballs), protective gear such as knee-pads, elbow-pads, jersey and pants. In paintball they are different types of games; Speedball is a fast game where the game zone is about 100 ft x 120 ft. In this game you can cover yourself with inflatable bunkers where each bunker has a different shape and a name like “Doritos”, “snake”, etc.

Another type of gamImage result for speedball san diego dynastye is Woodsball.Woodsball, most of the time is played in big scenarios like in a forest, where you can cover yourself with nature like with trees, bushes, trenches, etc. Paintball has lots of benefits like full body workout, increasing of interpersonal skills and self-confidence, major stress relief. It also promotes teamwork where a lot of companies in the world are using paintball as a tool to fortify the relationship between co-workers.

Tournaments in Ecuador

In Ecuador they are many tournaments where Speedball and Woodsball are include. The most important Speedball tournament in Ecuador is the EPPL (Ecuadorian Professional Paintball League), where there are 5 vs 5 players. Another league is called 3 x 3, which is played with three players on both teams. IImage result for eppl ecuadorn Woodsball they have the UWL (Ultimate Woodsball League), where bigger scenarios are played and there are 10 players on each team. Having a lot of tournaments in Ecuador is good because it maintains a high performance of game between the players on a national scale.

Why do I like Paintball?

I like to play paintball for a lot of reasons. The first one is that paintball is a fun sport that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Also, it helps me to release all my accumulated stress from the week. At the same time it helps me to be fit. In conclusion, I would recommend everyone to join and play paintball, in fact, there are  extraordinary benefits shown above. It is a sport that you can enjoy with your friends and family.



By   Ibrahim Al Radi, Saudi Arabia

  It is in the west of Saudi Arabia. It is a city in the Hejaz Area in Saudi Arabia. It is the capital city of the Mecca region.

            Mecca has two million people. It has many of the features of the Islamic holy Grand Mosque.


          The Grand Mosque is the holiest place on earth for Muslims because it houses the Kaaba that Muslims kiss in prayer 5 times a day for more than (1.5) billion Muslims in the world. Many Muslims visit Mecca during the Hajj and Umrah seasons.


             The prophet Muhammad communicated his messages to all people in the world from Mecca.


           All Muslims enjoy traveling to places in Mecca. Saudi Arabia is making great efforts to serve them by increasing service and creating large developed areas in Mecca.


by Mohamed Mahmoud, Saudi Arabia.


       The world has become dependent on technology more than the past. People are using more than one type of technology in their daily lives, for example, phones, cars, laptops, lights, air conditioners , televisions and makes life easier. you can communicate with other people from other countries or continents from your home not only in text messages, but also by different ways, for example, voice calls or video calls. In addition, technology makes the world smaller where you can know the news about any country at any time.


images (3)

       On the other hand, technology has disadvantages, too. These days, most people have become addicted to their phones or computers. They use the phone when they are driving, or maybe when they are crossing a street which is very dangerous. In addition, some of these technologies are very harmful for eyes, especially if you use phone or computer for a long time. Also, it leads to isolation sometimes.

       Therefore, we consider technology is a double-edged sword. If you use it well, it will be very helpful, but it could be dangerous if you don’t handle it well. I think you can avoid all these disadvantages easily, for example, by control the amount of time you use your phone or computer. In the end, it depends on the person who uses these technologies.


How to dive

Tariq ALsamiri

from kSA


I need a equipment for dive.


mask and snorkle and fins and booties and weight beit and ( BCD ) bouyancy compensaor and cylinders and compass and watches and knive .

I learned how to dive 10 years ago diving alon is very dingerus you take professional partner with you there is a trader dive alon and die alon so you must choose a partner in the diving also the place and the right time for dive and take the extreme degree of safety.

Santa Barbara Places, I Liked Most

Jasmin Hengartner, Switzerland


Most visited Place:Image result for state street santa barbara

Is State Street, you can buy there everything you want from clothes to food. I walk everyday across the State Street, but if you want to walk the hole street, you have to be sporty because its a long street. There is a little Passage called Paseo Nuevo, where are cute stores and many little restaurants. But State Street is a expensive street, if you want to safe money, you should probaply go to another one. I think the street is the most popular thing in Santa Barbara, because you can meet people and do a lot.


Most Beautiful Beach:

Image result for butterfly beach santa barbara

Is Butterfly beach. He is a bit farer away than West Beach, but i think it is worth it. The water is very clearly and there is more sober sand. You have more space because there are not many people. I was there for two times and i loved it. In the wate you can see some small fishes, they are very cute.


Best Food:

Image result for south coast deli santa barbara

The best food is across the street from our EF school and called South Coast Deli. They serve sandwiches, paninis and many salads. All food is fresh and every student from EF is going there. I think because of the cheap prices and big sizes from the meals. So you dont have to be hungry anymore.

Santa Barbara

By Abdulaziz Jastaniah, Saudi Arabia.


The Weather :

The weather in Santa Barbara has warmer winters and cooler summers compared to places farther inland. In the winter, storms reach California, some of which have heavy rainfall.


State Street :

Is the best street i have ever seen, it has a lot of interesting places. Also, you can find everything you want. For example,there are a lot of american restaurant, movie theaters, Pharmacies, supermarkets, coffees, libraries, Apple store, shopping places and more ! There are a lot of celebrations every year on this street.


The Beach :

I used to go to the beach every weekend. I always went there with my friends and played volleyball together and sometimes swam. I really loved it and i had great time there.


Welcome To Japan

Kenta Yamauchi, Japan

1.About Tokyo

Tokyo is the most famous Japanese city. In addition,Tokyo is a major city in Japan.

There are a variety of attractions in Tokyo,for example,Tokyo Tower,Sky Tree…

I think you guys ought to come to Japan!

2 .My Food Recommendations

Japanese food is very delicious and famous around the world. I love Japanese food.

Anyway I will introduce my recommended food.




IMG_4114.JPG を表示していますIMG_4112.JPG を表示していますIMG_4129.JPG を表示しています

3.Famous Places

Tokyo is a beautiful town.You know?

Have you been there? You should come to Tokyo! Some famous places are Tokyo station,Sky Tree,Tokyo Tower,Asakusa Temple…

In addition to that I will also introduce you to a lot of good place.


IMG_4122.JPG を表示していますIMG_4124.JPG を表示しています




What’s Interesting In Nice ?

By Melanie BELLOCHIO, France


Nice is located in the South of France between Marseille, Cannes and Monaco.The weather is really nice and there are not so many building, that’s why many tourists want to visit this city. Moreover, the mountains are not so far away from the city : you can go to ski just in 1h30 by car.

1            2

There is a beautiful point of view of Nice from “la colline du chateau” or the castle hill. By elevator or by walk for the most athletic people. You can see a beautiful waterfall, walk in a park or just chillout in front of the view. This castle is also famous because it is the finish line of many sporting competitions.

3   4


The most famous street in Nice is “la promenade des anglais”. This avenue is between the pebble beach (and not a sand beach) and the old downtown. Walkers, cyclists, riders and skateboarders share the sidewalk for 7 kilometers. The downtown is very cute and safe. Most students go out in the downtown during the night by tramway. It’s common to meet their friends, to eat something in a restaurant or a fast food place and go to a bar until 3 or 4 am. I can recommend a good restaurant-bar called ” le Blast” where you can eat Mexican food and drink very good cocktails. There are many other great bars in the downtown. Sometimes, you can meet students with a costume, because in few university, there are costume partys in the bars in the downtown.

5         6

7  8