Welcome To Japan

Kenta Yamauchi, Japan

1.About Tokyo

Tokyo is the most famous Japanese city. In addition,Tokyo is a major city in Japan.

There are a variety of attractions in Tokyo,for example,Tokyo Tower,Sky Tree…

I think you guys ought to come to Japan!

2 .My Food Recommendations

Japanese food is very delicious and famous around the world. I love Japanese food.

Anyway I will introduce my recommended food.




IMG_4114.JPG を表示していますIMG_4112.JPG を表示していますIMG_4129.JPG を表示しています

3.Famous Places

Tokyo is a beautiful town.You know?

Have you been there? You should come to Tokyo! Some famous places are Tokyo station,Sky Tree,Tokyo Tower,Asakusa Temple…

In addition to that I will also introduce you to a lot of good place.


IMG_4122.JPG を表示していますIMG_4124.JPG を表示しています




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