What’s Interesting In Nice ?

By Melanie BELLOCHIO, France


Nice is located in the South of France between Marseille, Cannes and Monaco.The weather is really nice and there are not so many building, that’s why many tourists want to visit this city. Moreover, the mountains are not so far away from the city : you can go to ski just in 1h30 by car.

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There is a beautiful point of view of Nice from “la colline du chateau” or the castle hill. By elevator or by walk for the most athletic people. You can see a beautiful waterfall, walk in a park or just chillout in front of the view. This castle is also famous because it is the finish line of many sporting competitions.

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The most famous street in Nice is “la promenade des anglais”. This avenue is between the pebble beach (and not a sand beach) and the old downtown. Walkers, cyclists, riders and skateboarders share the sidewalk for 7 kilometers. The downtown is very cute and safe. Most students go out in the downtown during the night by tramway. It’s common to meet their friends, to eat something in a restaurant or a fast food place and go to a bar until 3 or 4 am. I can recommend a good restaurant-bar called ” le Blast” where you can eat Mexican food and drink very good cocktails. There are many other great bars in the downtown. Sometimes, you can meet students with a costume, because in few university, there are costume partys in the bars in the downtown.

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