Things To Do in Los Angeles

By Larissa Riegel Germany

What can you do in Los Angeles? What are the best places to visit? How can you have an amazing weekend there?

First of all Los Angeles is a really big city, so there are a lot of things to do. There are many interesting museums, some really good restaurants, many sight seeing spots, some nice beaches and of course a lot of good shopping areas. There are also different sides of the city. It depends on you and what  you want to do. For example you could visit Beverly Hills, go shopping on Rodeo drive and after that you could go to an expensive Restaurant on a Rooftop. On the other hand you could  visit the Universal studios, where you will have a lot of fun and experience action, then go to Hollywood and visit a movie museum and after that eat at In and Out and just enjoy a classic, cheap but also very good burger. That’s one thing I really love about Los Angeles. There is something for everyone, every age and every interest.

There are some general sight seeing spots that are a must to visit when in LA. You have to go and see the Hollywood sign. There are different ways of doing that: if you want to get really close to it, I would recommend you to do a hike. It takes some time but its definitely worth it. There is a really nice hike in Runyon Canyon. If you are too lazy or do not have enough time I would recommend you to visit Griffith Observatory. It’s a planetarium and from there you have an awesome view of the Hollywood sign, but also over the city. You can also go there in the evening . Its really beautiful to see the city with the lights on in the night.

Then you should visit one of the beaches: Venice Beach is pretty cool. There is also a skate park and the “Muscle Beach” where all the bodybuilders are practicing. Another cool Beach is close to the Santa Monica Pier. Its great to walk around the Pier and the Promenade is beautiful. There is also the “Pacific Park” where is a little roller coaster and a big wheel. There are a lot of good restaurants too and a good shopping mile near the Pier.

If you want to go shopping and to spent a lot of money and buy something expensive. You have to go to Rodeo Drive which is a famous Street in Beverly Hills. If you are looking for shops like H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Levis and so on.. I would recommend you the Santa Monica shopping area. But there are many shopping malls in La which are pretty good too.

If you want to eat at an excellent restaurant. You have to go to Downtown La where you can have dinner on Rooftop Restaurants where you have an amazing vie w over the city. But there are good Restaurants everywhere and some really nice Cafes too. For example Earth Café is a really nice place to have a good and healthy breakfast. They serve fresh food which is so delicious.

Another cool place to go is Hollywood. You can walk around and see the walk of Fame and some Theaters. There are some interesting museums and of curse some great shows too. And maybe you even get to see a celebrity!;)


By Romina Wicki, Switzerland

Beautiful street art, glorious atmosphere, delicious food and volunteer work to a benefit Children’s Creative Project; this is the iMadonnari Street Painting Festival. This festival is once a year and a really popular event for children and adults. In this article I will give you an impression of what this festival looks like.


At the Old Mission in Santa Barbarathe Madonnari (ital. street artist) festival took place for three days . The area in front of the Mission became during these days colorful by the work from street artists. Only with chalk the artists created beautiful pictures on the floor. The pictures are as different as the artists. Some of them are Christian figures but there are also nature impressions or portraits. This Italian festival is a benefit  project for the Children’s Creative Project, which is a nonprofit art education program. More than 50,000 children and over 100 schools are supported by this project.


Before the festival started, families, companies or a private person could buy a square for an artist. When you bought a square you had to find an artist. This artist started his artwork at the beginning of the Madonnari Street Painting Festival. The artists have time during the festival to finishing their work. With only the use of chalk, the artists accomplish beautiful street art. When the iMadonnari Festival is over; the artworks are still on the ground and disappear when it will rain the next time. It’s also really interesting to visit the Mission after the Street Paining Festival when there aren’t so many people. So you can enjoy the artworks at rest.


During the festival a lot of people visit the Mission. It’s a really popular event in Santa Barbara and the near area. Adults and children visit this festival and enjoy their time. The atmosphere in front of the Mission is busy. People observe the artist, marvel the street art, discuss the impressive work, enjoy the good weather and spend time in the park next to the Mission.

Next to the Mission, you had also the possibility to engage the other senses. There was an authentic Italian market and supplies for the street art paintings. A lot of voluntary workers spoiled the visitors with delicious food. For the appetite there was a great choice of Italian food, drinks and desserts. You could enjoy pizzas, Italian sausage, seafood and gelato (Italian ice cream). So you could enjoy your meal in the park with local live music.

My impressions:
I was a voluntary worker at the Madonnari Festival and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. The people were in a good mood and the artwork was extremely impressive. It was a great experience and a lot of fun to volunteer with classmates and local people. This was a joyful day with some new and interesting impressions. I’m so happy that I was there.


The Maldives

By Patrick Schnauffer from Stuttgart, Germany

Do you want to travel to paradise?

The Maldives are definitely the perfect destination for you

Located in the Indian Ocean the Republic of Maldives consists of several atolls with altogether 1196 islands. On 220 of them live the Maldivian citizens and 87 are for touristic purposes. Back in the past when the Maldives were under British occupation the local people gained a living just with the fishing industry. This has changed in 1965 when the Maldives became an independent republic. Since this time the importance of tourism has grown enormously, so that the country developed into one of the most significant travel destinations worldwide.

If you travel by plane, you will arrive in Male which is the largest and likewise the only “city” of the Maldives as well the capital of the country. There are living approximately one third of all the citizens what makes this main island quite crowded.

Photo 4

So if you want to spend your vacation on a lonely island having the feeling of being apart from the rest of the world, instead of experiencing city life, you can choose several types of accommodation located on the beautiful atolls spread around the capital island of Male.

Beginning from common hotels till the most luxurious resorts, you can barely imagine until you have visited them, there is a wide range of apartments where you can select from.

Photo 5

Typical for the Maldives are the resorts where you live in your own house out in the ocean which is built on wooden stakes. A private pool and direct access to the sea is included! Those apartments are connected to the main island of the hotel with a wooden footbridge so that it’s easy to reach the restaurants and SPA areas of your resort.

While spending your vacation on the Maldives it never gets boring. You definitely should not miss to go diving in the Indian Ocean and exploring the amazing coral reefs all-round the atolls which provide unique flora and fauna waiting for you to be discovered.   Moreover it is quite worth it to rent a kayak and paddle to some lonely islands by having the chance to relax where you are the only one far away from mass tourism. Likewise I would recommend to you a scenic sightseeing flight over all the Maldivian atolls.

Depending on the hotel you are staying in you are being offered the possibility to enjoy a dinner directly at the private beach of your hotel meanwhile watching one of the most beautiful sunsets you have very probably never seen anywhere else before.

So in my opinion it is a perfect decision to travel to the Maldivian Republic because you got so many different things to explore on those amazing islands with its unique nature. Nowhere else in the world you will have that feeling of being definitely in paradise. So pack your suitcases now and book your unforgettable trip to this gorgeous country. I promise you won’t regret this decision!

Just have a look inside this travel destination by checking out the link below!!

Maldives Introduction Video