Things To Do in Los Angeles

By Larissa Riegel Germany

What can you do in Los Angeles? What are the best places to visit? How can you have an amazing weekend there?

First of all Los Angeles is a really big city, so there are a lot of things to do. There are many interesting museums, some really good restaurants, many sight seeing spots, some nice beaches and of course a lot of good shopping areas. There are also different sides of the city. It depends on you and what  you want to do. For example you could visit Beverly Hills, go shopping on Rodeo drive and after that you could go to an expensive Restaurant on a Rooftop. On the other hand you could  visit the Universal studios, where you will have a lot of fun and experience action, then go to Hollywood and visit a movie museum and after that eat at In and Out and just enjoy a classic, cheap but also very good burger. That’s one thing I really love about Los Angeles. There is something for everyone, every age and every interest.

There are some general sight seeing spots that are a must to visit when in LA. You have to go and see the Hollywood sign. There are different ways of doing that: if you want to get really close to it, I would recommend you to do a hike. It takes some time but its definitely worth it. There is a really nice hike in Runyon Canyon. If you are too lazy or do not have enough time I would recommend you to visit Griffith Observatory. It’s a planetarium and from there you have an awesome view of the Hollywood sign, but also over the city. You can also go there in the evening . Its really beautiful to see the city with the lights on in the night.

Then you should visit one of the beaches: Venice Beach is pretty cool. There is also a skate park and the “Muscle Beach” where all the bodybuilders are practicing. Another cool Beach is close to the Santa Monica Pier. Its great to walk around the Pier and the Promenade is beautiful. There is also the “Pacific Park” where is a little roller coaster and a big wheel. There are a lot of good restaurants too and a good shopping mile near the Pier.

If you want to go shopping and to spent a lot of money and buy something expensive. You have to go to Rodeo Drive which is a famous Street in Beverly Hills. If you are looking for shops like H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Levis and so on.. I would recommend you the Santa Monica shopping area. But there are many shopping malls in La which are pretty good too.

If you want to eat at an excellent restaurant. You have to go to Downtown La where you can have dinner on Rooftop Restaurants where you have an amazing vie w over the city. But there are good Restaurants everywhere and some really nice Cafes too. For example Earth Café is a really nice place to have a good and healthy breakfast. They serve fresh food which is so delicious.

Another cool place to go is Hollywood. You can walk around and see the walk of Fame and some Theaters. There are some interesting museums and of curse some great shows too. And maybe you even get to see a celebrity!;)

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