Mental Health

By: Justine van Hees.
From: The Netherlands.
It’s 2017 and I think that the world is handling mental health very incorrectly. To begin with, there are way too many people struggling with mental health issues that are afraid to admit it, for example depression. People will tell a depressed person to just be happy.
And maybe they are right; maybe the person just had a little mood swing. But if you are truly depressed, you can’t and won’t be “just happy.” It goes way deeper than that.
What you see in the picture is exactly what happens 80% of the time. People don’t know any better, but that is exactly why people won’t talk about it. Then the person gets deeper and deeper into a negative cycle, not just with depression, but with so many other mental issues. Not talking about it and just keeping it to oneself is the one thing the person shouldn’t do.
And then you are probably wondering “what is the solution?”
I think that there is not a perfect solution. I just think that people need to take this subject way more seriously! For example, take the taboo for these issues away.
A person with mental illness is NOT weird if he or she is dealing with any of these things. He CAN reach out to people, if they would just realize how serious mental illness can be.
There are many mental health clinics that a person can go to, that psychologists and doctors will recommend, but my opinion on that is that the clinics often won’t help. Being in a clinic 24/7 with other angry/ depressed and anxious … people. You will notice the their bad moods; see what they are going through and maybe some very hard moments for them. For example, someone that loses his temper and starts being aggressive really won’t help him to feel better! You’re basically in a home with people who have serious problems and therapists aren’t allowed to touch you because that’s the law. I think that isn’t the key to happiness.  (In some situations it might be the only option left, but I’m talking in general.)
People should be surrounded by love, inspiration and motivational support. Maybe go to another country to discover the world, get inspired, meet new people with other beliefs and get a new point of view on life.
I also noticed that people often think that there’s something physically wrong, but that isn’t always the case. It’s the opposite in my opinion. I believe that people have been through a lot when they deal with mental issues. Maybe a bad childhood, a terrible disease, lack of self confidence, and many reasons more. Don’t let anyone tell you that there’s something wrong with you, because there isn’t.

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