Art, Food, Fashion.. Everyone Can Find His Passion in Milano

By Irene Colombo, Italy.

“Charming” is the best way to describe Milan: a metropolitan city, the capital of fashion, a wonderful place to admire the neoclassic architecture and the best city to taste typical Italian food. Milan is a big city situated in northern Italy, county seat of the region of Lombardy. It is the second most populated city in Italy with more than 1.3 million citizens. It is full of attractions and things to do for tourists as well as for local people.

milano duomo

The city center is amazing and, if you are an art lover, you must come and visit it. You can see the “Duomo”, a huge Catholic cathedral built according to the Italian gothic style; it took more than six centuries to complete the church and lots of famous architects and painters like Leonardo da Vinci and Donato Bramante contributed. The Dome is open almost every day and you can go inside and admire the beautiful columns and the altar and, if you want, you can also take the elevator to go on the roof and enjoy the view of the city and to look at the so called “Madonnina”, a golden statue of Maria situated on the top of the church. A curiosity about the Dome is that above the altar there is a little box which contains one of the nails with which Jesus was crucified.

Another wonderful example of inspiring architecture is represented by the “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele”, a covered passage built in the 19th century to connect the Dome Square with the famous “Teatro Alla Scala”, one of the first theatres built in Italy and one of the most well-known theatres in the world.


Italian food is renowned all over the world and if you have a good appetite, Milano is the perfect place for you. There are lots of good restaurants in every corner, some of them are quite cheap while others are expensive, but believe, me they are definitely worth it! A really good area where you can find restaurants, but also clubs and bars that have happy hours every day or where you can hang out at night, is “Milano Navigli”. It is a zone situated a little bit outside of the downtown center, but it is really easy to reach, even with public transportation. This area takes the name from the canal that passes through it and it is a really typical part of the city.


This beautiful city is also known as the capital of fashion. Everyone wants to go there to go shopping because a lot of famous designers are Italian and they all have their boutiques there; it is also easy to see models walking around the city. The best places where you can go shopping are “Via Vittorio Emanuele” and “Via Montenapoleone”.

Every year in the beginning of October we have “Fashion Week”. During this period, there are parades everywhere all over the city and lots of stars and famous people come to Italy to join the event. I personally love the Fashion Week because, if you walk around in the streets, you can feel that there is a special atmosphere and in particular there is one night, the Vogue Fashion Night Out (VFNO), where all the shops are opened until midnight and there are “fashion” parties in the nightclubs.

As I showed you, Milan is a really beautiful city. There are lots of people living there and sometimes life can be a little bit chaotic, but I love the fact that I live in a city that has every kind of attraction. There are friendly people, amazing shops, delicious food and such a lively nightlife; so if you come to Italy, you need to stop in this city and enjoy all the experiences that it offers!

Wanderlust – the Need of Travel

Stella Pioli, Italy

I love to travel. Don’t you love that feeling when your first waking thought is, “Oh, yeah…I’m going somewhere today!”?. My parents and grandparents always told me to explore the world, because if we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.





A word that we always hear more often is “Wanderlust”. For those who don’t know what it is, it means a strong desire for or impulse to travel and explore the world. It may reflect an intense urge for self-development by experiencing the unknown, getting to know unfamiliar cultures, ways of life and behaviors, or may be driven by the desire to escape. For them, it’s not only travel, but a challenge; they explore places where they are likely to be pushed out of their comfort zones or encouraged to take risks.


Not everybody is meant to travel. There are some people who never feel the urge to leave the house. Staying in the city they came from, hanging out with the people they have known since they were kids, sitting on the same the couch, and staying in the 360 degrees that immediately surrounds them: they’re happy with that. A lot of people in this world don’t see the point of travelling, and most say it’s a waste of time, money, or it’s scary to travel to places that are far away.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – Saint Augustine

Then there are the rest of us: the people who can’t sit still and always keep their passports on them – just in case. In fact, if we did not love to travel and explore a new culture we would have never taken this trip to Santa Barbara. It doesn’t matter if you stay for 4 weeks or 9 months, you had the impulse to travel, you were bitten by the travel bug. We are still finding and preparing ourselves for school and career. The skills and experience we gain from traveling abroad gives us life-long personal benefits as well as a leg up in the professional world.



But have you ever wondered why some people need to travel more than others? For those people, it becomes one of life’s essential needs, as important as food and shelter.

Well, a study shows that such behavior traits with a gene variant known as DRD4-7R, which is thought to be present in around 20 % of the population. Some have even nicknamed it as the “wanderlust gene”. DRD4 is a dopamine receptor that helps control the levels of dopamine in our brains. The 7R allele is associated with increased risk-taking, curiosity and various psychiatric disorders including ADHD, alcoholism and drug dependency.


The Earth is filled with infinite experiences, wonders and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Imagine, camping out underneath the aurora borealis in the Canadian tundra or hiking through the Sacred Valley of Machu Picchu. I believe that a lot of education is experienced in a classroom or through a textbook, but it isn’t nearly as fulfilling or effective as traveling the world.


We are inspired to live better, to be happier and to give back to those in need. Our lives are defined by experiences. The greater the number of experiences, the better the definition of life becomes.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough” – Mae West.


A Peak Into The Family Business

Bart Rooijakkers  (The Netherlands)

“What else are you gonna do all summer?” Is what I heard every year before the vacation. From my family who was trying to persuade me to work for the company during the summer. Despite my protest, i was actually convinced every year.

From the day i turned 9, Working in the family company became a regular thing. My family has a bulb farm, They farm the bulbs other companies use to grow flowers to sell them. The whole family regularly worked here to help out, and earn money on the side. Although i was never really big on the work, It was always a good time working with my nephews and nieces. We used to have a lot of fun just messing around, This, however, resulted in less work being done.


Rooijakkers Breezand B.V was founded in the year 1906, The first bulbs were harvested by my great-grandfather Henk Sr. In his years of being in charge, he made a simple small-town bulb farm into a Multi-national Allround the year farm. Then after he passed away My Grandfather Jacob Rooyakkers Took the reigns, he had a big part to play in the expansion of the company. In 1991 he, Along with another dutch Farmer named: Jan Van Der Wereld, Became partners in the Sun Valley Group. A group of farmers/businessmen that work around all across the world.

Jacob (Left) Jan (Middle) Leen (right)



Currently, Rooijakkers B.V has business with a lot of different partners all around the world. The biggest business is with The United States, However, there are farms/Partners in: Kenia, France, and Canada aswell. In The United States. Somewhere in the 90’s, the 3 partners decided it was time to expand their business into another branch: Real Estate. They bought all the ground in a small town. They rent these houses to people who live there. This makes for good business. however, the costs were high aswell, Because a lot of buildings needed repair/work done to them.



When my Grandfather started getting of age, He asked his Sons/Nephews To help him run he company. Which they did, The “Board” now consisted of: 3 Brothers (My Uncles and Father), And 3 Nephews. They ran the company for several years until for personal reasons 2 of the nephews stepped out of the company. After this it was just: My Grandfather, the 3 brothers and 1 nephew. in 2010 My grandfather passed away, this led some tragic problems. 4 years after this the company was now run by: My father, my Uncle and the nephew. As it currently still is.


as of my own experience with the company, Although i did not like the work. I am glad i worked in the company for all those summers. As it has shaped my personality and thoughts in a big way. I stopped working for the company in the year 2017, because of school and different personal reasons. i will always remember the days in the glaring summer sun, and these are the memories that remind me of home. Although it’s good to be here i miss the sight of the fields full of flowers.



A New Era in Global Marketing Communication

A New Era in Global Marketing Communication


Writer: Shantel F. Mbulo

A question regarding globalization, which we an answer to is. How will the global market look in 10 years? Well that is a question I can answer in a heartbeat. With the growing demands and emerging economies such as Brazil, Russia, India and last but not least China, call for new marketing strategies. A marketing strategy that works in Denmark might not work in Zambia, caused by language barriers and cultural differences. In order for a Danish company to successfully penetrate the Zambian market, the company must seek above gaining economic surplus. The company might even need to adjust their product to the country in interest.


Communication Is Key Another important factor to be aware of, is the manner in which you communicate. Before penetrating a market, research is the core of succeeding. Behavioral patterns vary, consumers therefor demand to know why a company belongs in their country, and a company should be very keen on emphasizing this. Hence, hyper-transparency is king, if any failure on this field a company simply gets discredited and weakens its opportunity. As Eminem rapped it “You only got one shot do not miss the chance to blow”.

Digitalization of Globalization The past 5 years there has been huge growth in PR companies. This is caused by the growth in digital influencers such as bloggers, reviewers etc. This has called for more media awareness. The Internet never sleeps; you therefore need to be aware of the vast changing trends. However, not all get to be a part of the vast change. There are still 3rd world countries that are left out. Though they are following the smartphone trends, they still don’t have the network to use the internet as we do in the western world. Some third world countries still live by the pre-industrial model, it is therefore impossible to approach them as they were a third world country. So, what is the perfect recipe as to including these on the global scene? A lot of companies seem to fail on this task.

offshoringThe Effect of outsourcing At times companies decide to outsource in order to gain higher economic surplus in their company. Unfortunately this is done without reviewing the country’s infrastructure. With this being said, outsourcing is not only negative, it is positive as it creates jobs for people who otherwise would have been unemployed. However, as mentioned previously. If the only goal is to gain economic surplus, it will be an unstable business, if the cultural communication is poor so will communication be in general. For a business to thrive better on foreign grounds you must make an effort to communicate, be transparent, an reliable to ensure a healthy relation within the company as well as having a good reputation amongst 3rd word countries.

Street Art

Cassandra Klaesson, Sweden

What are my thoughts about the street art?
Yeah, they are mixed. But I think it could be something beautiful. Some street artists are pretty good and are making some big changes in the cities. Making it more colorful.
But there are some people that writes meaningless words on walls or buildings. And that’s one of the things I don’t like.
But just because some people are destroying the town with these meaningless words doesn’t mean a city must remove them all. That’s just wrong. Instead it could possibly work with this and come up with a solution.

One of my favorite artists is Banksy whose gender we don’t know. When he first started with street art, he was just doodling his name everywhere. Maybe not that fancy. But he made something fun with it. He wrote his name on places you would never think a street artist would reach. Making the world become interested in the art. And, in time, the “doodles” developed artistically. They developed a meaning behind the art. Art have opened eyes for people and what is happening around us in the world. And because of it he has started a discussion about things around street art. Making people getting involved. Although he also made some enemies on the way, he doesn’t think about it and it’s just doing the thing he loves. But he mostly could do this because he’s been hiding his identity.

After all he’s been an inspiration to many. Art doesn’t have to be about colorful paintings, self portrait or a nice picture of a landscape. It could also be something on the wall you walk by each day on your way to work.


But the street art is not just some doodles on the wall. It could be knitting around a street lamp, bridge or something completely else. Or you could make the plates with the street signs more colorful or just pimp them. Street art doesn’t have a limit.


But as I wrote before, there are some bad things about street art, like the words are either racist or just bad in general. And sometimes it is in the inappropriate place, like a building or a monument that has some historical importance and is destroyed from these irresponsible “artists”. There are a lot that could be destroyed by street artists. And because of it the debate about street art is growing and there are a lot of people that want street art to be banned. I understand if something that’s already beautiful gets destroyed.

One solution is that some cities designated street art walls where people can come and do their art or just practice. But it still doesn’t stop some people from doodling somewhere else.
In a city nearby where I live they have these kind of walls as seen below, and I been walking past them many times and love some of the paintings.

But I still think cities could do more for the street artists. The cities should help them like they help other sports or artists. I think everyone deserves to do what they love. Some ideas are that they could get sponsored projects from the cities, like making a old wall look “new”. Or for example an old house that they couldn’t afford to renovate. Why don’t they create cool artwork with it?
There is a lot of possibilities you could do and it’s only your imagination that could stop you.

  A wall from my hometown Simrishamn, Sweden.

I Love To Travel

By Corina Hurtig

I love to travel around the world and discover new lands and cultures, as well as meet different people. If I am in a strange country, I would like to see a lot of it and travel often by bus, ship, or by car.coco

I have already taken a lot of cruises and have traveled since early childhood with my parents or friends.


I love to have new experiences and grow beyond myself.


I love to meet new people from other countries and make friends.

Most important in life are experiences because you learn from them.coco1coco6

I am very interested in the American history and culture, especially of the Native Americans and their lives.I would like to live the same way as they did before other people came to live in this time and to learn from them. Unfortunately, they have destroyed my dreams.coco4coco5

7 German Foods You Have To Try

By Kira Maria Wasserthal, Germany

My name is Kira. I’m from Germany. I have lived there since I was born for 19 years. I’m really into German food because it’s so delicious and multifunctional. So I think everyone should know something about our really good food.

  1. Pretzel

In Ge1rman you don’t say “Pretzel” you say “Bretzel” with a long “e”.

A Pretzel is a type of baked bread product made from dough most commonly shaped into a twisted knot. It also has salt on it. Salt is an important part of the Pretzel because with salt it tastes way better than without.


Käsespätzle is my favori2te food here in Germany. Käsespätzle are a kind of soft egg noodle scalloped with cheese. You also put fried onions on it. This tastes so good!

For really good flavor you have to make the noodles by hand. It’s really easy.


3. Sauerkraut

“Sauerkraut is finely cut cabbage that has been fermented by various lactic acid bacteria. It has a long shelf life and a distinctive sour flavor, both of which result from the lactic acid that forms when the bacteria ferment the sugars in the cabbage.” This is the definition of Sauerkr6.aut from Wikipedia.

But I have to say that Sauerkraut isn’t really good food for everybody. To be honest I don’t really like it because I just don’t like the taste of it. But some people really love it. So you have to choose for yourself!

      4. Weisswurst

Weisswurst is typical Bavarian food. In the part of Germany where I live (Hessen), it’s not as common to eat Weisswurst like it is in Bavaria. But when I go to Munich (it’s the capital of Bavaria) I always it because it’s soo good!

I would say Weisswurst is similar to the normal Bratwurst (sausage in English) because the form is the nearly the same, but it looks different. In the image below you can see how a sausage looks if you have never seen one before:

Grilled barbecue sausage

Weisswuerste are usually eaten as a mid-morning snack. They are made fresh every morning. It has a really mild taste. That’s why it’s also really popular for children.


The next one is “Fleischkäse”. You can also say “Leberkäse”. It consists of corned beef, pork and bacon a9.nd is made by grinding the ingredients very finely and then baking it as a loaf in a bread pan until it has a crunchy brown crust. You can also eat it with bread. I always eat it like this at school. It’s way better!


    6. Schnitzel

Schnitzel is also a really typical food in Germany. Even though it’s originally from Austria (Wiener Schnitzel) it’s still popular in Germany. In every part of Germany!

German people often eat this with fries or with mashed potatoes. Some people ea11t Schnitzel without any dip. Some eat it with ketchup. It depends on your taste.

You can also eat your Schnitzel with different kind of sauces like cream sauce (then it’s called Rahmschnitzel) or mushroom sauce (then it’s called Jaegerschnitzel) and so on.  There are many different options.

      7. Schweinshaxe

A “Schweinshaxe” is a roasted ham hock. “The ham hock is the end of the pig’s leg, just above the 12ankle and below the meaty ham portion”.

It is especially popular in Bavaria! In my part of Germany it’s called “Eisbein”.
You can eat Schweinshaxe with “Knödel” or Sauerkraut.
Here you can see Knödel:


Tłusty czwartek (Fat Thursday)

Katarzyna Golik, Poland

Tłusty czwartek (Fat Thursday) is a traditional Polish feast. It is celebrated on the last Thursday before Lent. Lent is time of fasting and restraint, so Fat Thursday is the last opportunity to feast before Easter. This day is dedicated to eating, meeting relatives and friends and celebrating together. Traditionally, the most popular dishes on that day are pączki and faworki.


Pączki are traditional Polish pastries. They are deep-fried, made of dough and usually filled with jam or custard. There are many ways to decorate them, the most popular are glaze, powdered sugar and pieces or dried orange zest. It is believed pączki were created for practical reasons –  sugar, eggs and fruit were forbidden during the Lent, so people used up all the products left in order not to waste food.



Faworki (Angel wings) is the second most popular treat on Fat Thursday. They are deep-fried, crispy pastries made of dough, sprinkled with powdered sugar. They contain flour, water, many egg yolks, confectioners’ sugar, rum, vanilla and a very small amount of butter.


On Fat Thursday many people wake up 3 hours earlier than usual in order to stand in line at their favourite bakery and buy delicious and fresh pastries. People compete with each other about the amount of eaten pączki. It is believed that those, who won’t eat any pączki during Fat Thursday will have bad luck.


Hamburg – The Most Beautiful City in Germany

By Frauke Sindt, Germany    

If you ever travel to Germany, you have to go to Hamburg. The city at the waterside. The city with the musicals. The city in which everything goes slower and easier.


One of your first trips in Hamburg should be to the harbor. Go to the “landing pier” with its floating pontoons. Hamburg is truly unique. The small restaurants, shops and bars directly on the water are floating and so it not affected by the ebb and flow. If you love fish, you should go there for lunch. What you can also do there is a boot tour. So you can see the city from another perspective. You will traverse the harbor, the warehouse district and you will drive by the new Hamburg’s Elbe Philharmonic. You will see the city from another perspectiv and have a special view of it.

Near the harbor there is the symbolic St. Michael’s Church in Hamburg. The viewing platform can be reached on foot over 453 steps or by an elevator. On the top of the tower you have an amazing view over the harbor and the city.


If you want to have the chance to travel to hundreds of places in less than 10 hours, you have to go to the “Miniatur Wunderland”. There are buildings of many places from all over the world in miniature. If you want to get a better impression of the miniature world, check out this video.


After a long day in a wonderful city, the stomach announces itself towards evening. For dinner, you should definitely go to the “Portuguese Quarter”. There are many small restaurants with Portuguese food. Enjoy an evening with a good meal and a glass of wine.

The nightlife in Hamburg is not only St. Pauli with his “Reeperbahn”. With all the bar and clubs. It is the “red light district” of Hamburg and known worldwide. Not everybody likes it. For all the other people who do not like to stay there, Hamburg has many other possibilities. You can also enjoy a evening at one of the musicals like “The Lion King”. There are lot of bars, restaurants and clubs in the other quarters.

Enjoy your stay in Hamburg!

By Frauke Sindt, Germany

Expedition America

Emma Andersson, Sweden

emma yoseExpedition America is a travel provider that works with staff from examples EF schools to plan and create packages for every people unique needs. The organization main goal is to create a memorable and safe experience for everyone. I went to the Yosemite Park with Expedition America and I liked it a lot. The guide was really good and gave us good information about everything.

Expedition America is a full service tour and offer trips that includes hotel accommodations, activities, event tickets, sightseeing and transportation.  The organization prioritizes safety and security and keeps sure that every guest has an enjoyable and safe experience.   As I mention before, the guide we had on our trip was very good and it’s because everyone who works for Expedition America must undergo a training progress with several interviews. It is a high standard of the staff and its zero tolerance policy!

emma yosemit

The travel provider offer trips to examples Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, San Francisco and Yosemite Park and a lot more. The Organization offers also their customers to create their own trips. You can choose between several options of sightseeing, theme parks, museum and shopping, as you want. While I was in the Yosemite Park, the guide took a lot of pictures that he shared and sent to the whole group later.emsi yose

From my own experience I liked it. We got a lot of free time and the guide was always available for our questions and helped us when we needed that. It was a long bus trip, took about 6 hours but Jeremy, our guide, made a Whats Up group that everyone could be a part in and decides together when we wanted to take a break or if we just wanted to ask any general questions.