Rip Curl

By Valentina Monnerat, Switzerland

Rip Curl is an Australian designer and manufacturer of surfing sporstwear and clothes. It’s one of the largest surfing companies in Australia, Europe, America and South Africa. The CEO of the company is Michael Daly.

The name “Rip Curl” comes from a surfboard that one of the co-founders bought in 1968: “Ripping was groovy, surfing was groovy, we wanted something groovy” -Matt Warshaw

At first the company was producing surfboards, and in 1970 they started to produce high quality diving technology wetsuits for surfing.

rip curl tina rip curl tina 3

Rip Curl created one of the most powerful marketing campaigns in surfing history, The Search.  “We were looking for a way to describe ourselves to surfers and customers which illustrated who we really were as a group of people”

A lot of amazing surfers are sponsored by Rip Curl, like Alana Blanchard, Owen Wright, Gabriel Medina and much more.

I think Rip Curl is an amazing brand, the designs are always really creative and all the products are really good quality.





Hoaka Swimwear

Lea Lessard, Canada

Elisabeth Riouxlea

Elisabeth is from Quebec in Canada. She is 21 years old. Miss Rioux was a model with Dulcedo (Model Company) but not anymore. She has more than 1 million of followers on Instagram. Elisabeth is famous, because she has her own swimsuit line named Hoaka Swimwear. She recently moves with her boyfriend, who he’s also a model from Monaco, in Montreal. She adopted one dog and one cat. With her Swimsuit line, she’s able to travel all around the world. Rioux is one of the famous girls who want to show positive thought. She starts her bikini brand at 18 years old. She had the help of her parents. Elisabeth think that she is used by her “friends”, because of her popularity, every girls want to be friend with her. Eli decided to focus on the good people. She’s now in a good mood.


At the beginning of her bikini brand, only the Quebec knew her. With Instagram, her line was way better, because IG help her to profuse her swimsuit. It is international. More girls were seen with her swimsuit around the world. That is the reason why now everyone knows her Swimsuit line. Elisabeth really wanted the best for the swimsuits. People on Instagram started to post pictures of her swimsuit and after this, the line grew up. She was at 1 thousands of followers on her Hoaka Instagram. And now the account is at more than 300 thousands.ll


The swimsuits are made of neoprene. Neoprene is a really good quality of rubber. It’s the same as the wet suit. It’s flexible and the swimsuits keep the warm of your body.

aaElisabeth created a lot of pattern and size. You can have different bikini bottom, the in front of the family, the modern, the cheeky and finally the bootykini. You have also different top and also a lot of colors. The bikini’s price is 69$ Canadian. Unfortunately you need to pay for the shipping, but it’s not expensive. Hoaka is for everyone. If you want to shop it’s here .


Miss Rioux really wanted that everyone feel good in their body and their swimsuit. She made her bikini brand for every size, X-small to X-large for the top and the bottom is X-small to large. Even if you have small or big boobs, it doesn’t change. Eli wanted her bikini brand to be one of the most things girls will want. Today, a lot of girls are different and proud to be. She succeeded.