The Uber technologies

Emma Andersson, SWE, 10/3/2017


In this article I am going to tell you about the Uber Technologies, an American company what business is to pick up people and drop them of where they want to go. Here in Santa Barbara I have been really aware of the company because that’s the only option to go with at nights if you don’t want to walk and I don’t prefer to walk between the places here in Santa Barbara because it is some distance between each locations, like if you are in Goleta for example and want to go to downtown. Bus works also, but they don’t go so late at night.


The company was founded in 2009 by Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick, but then it was called UberCab. It was not until 2011 the company changed name to just Uber. The headquartered is in San Francisco in California but the company is operating in hundreds of cities worldwide. In my city in Sweden it is not so common, but here in Santa Barbara I use it almost every day.

The Uber service is not the same in every city, but here in California it works as simple as this; it’s an application in your smartphone who show a map of you localization and then you just write in the place you want to go to. Then every Uber driver who is close to your localization get a notification about your trip and one of them takes the ride and pick you up and then drop you off at the address you had chosen. The payment works in the way that you have to registrant your bank card in the application and after every ride with Uber, money takes from your account. The amount of money depends on the distance and also if you are on a spot where no Uber drivers is close to, the amount of money increase so Uber drivers wants to choose just your ride. 


Any time, any day of the year is Uber available and you can always see all the details of every driver on your application before you get the ride. After every trip you have taken, you can rate your driver and provide anonymous feedback such as the condition of the car and the driver behavior and so on. You can also choose particular type of car of your unique needs, like if you need to fit a wheelchair in the car or if your are more than 4 persons and need a bigger car.


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