Life as a model during fashionweek

Lea Krummenacher, Switzerland

Twice a year there are fashion weeks in several countries, for example Paris fashion week or Milan fashion week. This is the time where models, just as athletes do during the olympics, have the chance to showcase their talent. Of course they can only do so after attending the castings and being chosen by the designers or scouts. For being chosen by them, you have to be in great shape and you have to be able to walk the runway like a pro. Depending on how many brands are interested in a model, it

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has to go to up to 20 different castings in different places a day, which is exhausting and takes a lot of mental strengh because sometimes people treat models more like an object than a human being and critizie them.

After a model has attended the castings and has been chosen for more or one of the brands, it has to go to fittings and rehearsels. At the fittings, they are trying on clothes and the designers decide which model is wearing what kind of clothes. Days or weeks later there is going to be a rehearsel where the models get told how and what order they have to be walking the runway. Rehearsels can last up to one or two days. Days or weeks after the rehearsel, fashion week takes place and the rush begins.Image result for fashion week





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