The German Election and Its Results

by Jannik Decker, Germany

In Germany last Sunday, the 24th, the elections for the Bundestag, the federal parliament  occurred. The results are that Angela Merkel has secured a fourth term as German chancellor and that a new party, the so-called AFD has moved into the Bundestag.

But lets take a look at the exact results:

The CDU (the Union), the party of Angela Merkel, a rather conservative party gained a total of 32.9 % of the votes and is thereby the biggest party in the Bundestag. The next largest is the SPD, the Social Democrats. They got a total of 20.5% of the German votes. The third party is the new party, the AFD (Alternative for Germany) They are politically right and gained a total of 12.6% of the vote, which is concerning since it is the first extremely nationalistic party in the German Bundestag since its beginning in 1949. After the big three, there are the FDP with 10.7%, the Left Party with 9.2% and „Bündnis 90/Die Grünen” a environmentally focused party with 8.9%.


Compared to the last election, the Conservatives and the Social Democrats lost the most votes, which were gained by the liberal FDP and the populist right AFD parties.

Moving on to the future, there now are only two options for possible coalitions:

1: The “big coalition” between the Conservatives and the Social Democrats. This possibility is rather unlikely since they have not been able to work together in the past.

2: The “Jamaica” coalition. This possibility is way more likely. It would happen between the Conservatives, the Liberals and the Greens. But, either way, none of the options would be very stable and effective for the next four years.

Overall, the main result we all can be sure about is that Angela Merkel will be Chancellor of Germany for another 4 years.


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