From Paris, FRANCE

Last week, I spent four hours at sea, on the “Condor Express” hoping to see whales and dolphins.

I’m a passionate photographer and I’m also for the preservation of the marine environnement.

Being able to approach them and seeing them swimming in their natural habitat has been an incredible experience.

The emotion was very strong.

My dream became a reality when a pod of white and blue dolphins appeared at the front of the boat.

They danced in the waves offered us an incredible spectacle.

Then two Humpback whales appeared farther away, accompanied by seals that dipped beside them.

The scene was magical, it looked like a dance ballet, when the birds and dolphines joined them.

It was meal time, they had stopped a school of fish.

A little later, we crossed the Risso’s dolphins road, which is rare because it remains very discreet, but this time they did us the honor of approaching the boat.

We were like on a cloud.

During this expedition I learned that each whale had her own identity.

The stains and shape of their tail are similar to our fingerprints.

It allows researchers to recognize them.

In June, 177 whales were hunted and killed in Japan for their meat and this situation occurs every year.

It’s a majestic animal and we have to protect it.

I’m part of a French association “TERRE MARINE” that is researching the impact

that noise pollution ( like sonar ) has on mammals.


Why do we find dolphins, whales and others animals stranded  on the beach ?

At the moment we don’t have the answer.

I became aware of the real importance of this research.

Every day we can make a small gesture to protect our planet and all the beauties

it offers us.


The Earth will be grateful .😉

Click on the link to see one video and my pictures.


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