The invasion of the technology

Shanna Nurkick, Switzerland


Back in the days, people are used to talk together, look at each other in the eyes and share their deep emotions with relatives.

Nowadays, most of our life is based on a machine. We learn through a computer, we meet through an application, we share our private lives on the internet without thinking that thousand of peoples will have access to our little private garden.

As a women of 24 years old, I’m worried about the future. Technology is taking a huge space in the world and more the days pass more apps and machine are created. I write this article but I’m also a huge consumer of this technology. For example, I pass my day on Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook.. for looking at the other. I consume without thinking. Thousand of contents are appearing on my feeds. I click, I like, I comment, but no emotions are felt. It’s like an automatism. We are becoming machine on a machine. The question I’m asking myself is : how much the technology is getting to change us?

So many things have changed. The supermarket is getting a place where we are by our own, without any person asking us how do we feel, what are we looking for ? Because now the cashier is a machine. At school, something has also changed. We are most of the times in front of a computer.. Taping and taping without memorizing any informations. I remember the time when I had to write on a paper the lessons of the teacher. I remember coming back at home and just have to read my paper because my brain was also remembering at the same time I was writing.


How Books Have Changed and Continue to Change The World

By Carl Blomberg, Sweden

When was the last time you read a book? For a lot of people that seemingly simple question may turn into a really difficult one; simply because they cannot remember the last time they enjoyed a good piece of writing. Although the perks and pleasures of reading are large and great, humans these days tend to abandon books in favor of alternative amusements, such as streaming movies and TV shows. Modern devices allow people to have instant access to entertainment – we do not want to spend hours finishing a book, we want to stream a thrilling movie lasting just one and a half hours. It allows people to have instant access to knowledge – we do not want to search a lexicon when we can just find the translation or definition of a word online instantly. The traditional book is endangered, which is unfortunate, because, in fact, books have changed and continue to change the world, as few things else.

There is no precise definition of what makes a book. Some might describe it as something you can read, while others might define it as pieces of paper put together. Googling the simple question ‘’what is a book?’’, you get various answers. Even though the different definitions may vary a little, they all share a few main keystones; for something to be called a book should have a written or painted work, recorded on pages sewn, glued or fixed together along one side. In the 15th century Johannes Gutenberg, a German craftsman and innovator, invented the printing press. This innovation was revolutionizing because it helped spread information beyond societies and borders; it enabled new ways of learning which in turn improved literacy; and last but not least, it allowed written work to be published and read not only by the ruling elite, but by everyone. Point blank: the printing press enabled books.

Bildresultat för printing press johannes gutenberg
Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press.

More than five hundred years have passed since the printing press was first used. Throughout these years, decades and centuries, there are multiple examples of authors and books that have impacted the world. A prominent work is the Bible, which in fact was among the first books ever printed using Gutenberg’s invention. The Bible has impacted societies all over the world; for instance, it has influenced and helped form mores, laws, cultures and much more. Also, it has brought people together as well as given them wisdom and knowledge in a way few other works have been able to.

Bildresultat för uncle tom's cabin
An early edition of Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852).

An additional example of an influential and highly significant book is author Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852). This novel was written and published in a time where the United States, which is where the plot takes place, was tainted by slavery and racism. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Beecher Stowe addresses these topics as she illustrates the past U.S. through a slave’s perspective. The novel came to be the best-selling book of the 19th century, and it was a precipitating factor for the start of the Civil War and the end of slavery in America.

Apart from having an impact on societies and the world in general, books are also influential and important for people on a personal level. In fact, scientific studies show that reading books have a profound significance on our ability to empathize, our level of creativity, and how well we are able to learn, retain and use information. In one of The Guardian’s most-read articles from 2014, science journalist and author, Dan Hurley, discusses the relationship between intelligence and reading in his feature article ‘’Can reading make you smarter?’’. Hurley talks about his own development as a child, from being called a ‘’slow learner’’ who could not read the word ‘’the’’ at the age of eight, to getting straight As just three years later after discovering the greatness of reading Super-Man and other comics. Furthermore, Hurley refers to various scientists and their studies that can help explain his impressive progress. Among other things, he also talks about three categories of intelligence, with one being fluid intelligence, the type of intelligence that enable us to solve problems and learn new things using knowledge gained in the past. Hurley not only describes how reading increases our fluid intelligence, but also how fluid intelligence improves our critical reading and reading comprehension. Consequently, they go hand in hand and together to create a favorable spiral.

Bildresultat för dan hurley reading
Science journalist and author Dan Hurley.

In conclusion, when you immerse yourself in a book, you also immerse yourself into new worlds. You are given the opportunity to discover different stories of life, as well as get to know new characters, their emotions and thoughts. Reading books gives you the key to doors, behind which there are not only enjoyment and delight, but also knowledge and inspiration. As time passes by, the world changes, and so do people. How we live and choose to amuse ourselves today differs from how people chose to amuse themselves fifty years ago, the same way people fifty years from now likely will choose to entertain themselves differently. Although the traditional book may have lost its position as a stand-out and forefront source of amusement, it still influences and impacts us. What role books will play in the future is hard to tell, but from a historical point of view, considering the impact they have had throughout time, it is difficult to envisage a world without books. With technology and digitization comes new possibilities, and lately the use of reading devices and audio books have increased rapidly. Thus, maybe our ways of consuming books will change, but the new worlds and the imaginary doors will remain – ready for us to be immersed in.

15 Tips to Beat Jetlag


 Jetlag : a sleeping disorder that can affect people going through different time zones rapidly.

It affects more than 200,000 people per year in the United States of America; most of the time, the symptoms disappear after a few days or week, and it doesn’t necessite any kind of treatment, the person affected just needs to adjust to the new time zone.

Here are 15 tips and advice to help you prevent jetlag,

Before you leave :

  1. People with strict sleeping and eating schedules are the ones who suffer the most from jetlag. If you are more flexible on these schedules, you will have a natural advantage against jetlag.
  2. Even if it’s tempting to sleep less to have more chances to fall asleep in the plane, it’s risky. It’s better to sleep well and be well rested for the trip.
  3. Try to change your sleeping habits before you leave. Set your alarm to, get dressed, send a few e-mail, go back to sleep. It will help you get adjusted more easily to your new timezone when you get there.
  4. Plan your flights to arrive during the daytime. That way you will want to stay awake and get used to your new schedule.
  5. If you’re going from L.A to Paris, try to stop in Germany on the way so your body has more time to adjust.

In the plane :

  1. Even if everyone loves free drinks, the effects of alcohol can increase tiredness and cause dehydration that will make it even worse when you land.
    So, stay sober !
  2. Avoid drinks containing caffeine if you land at night. It could disturb your sleeping habits. Drink a lot of water, the more hydrated you are the less jetlag affects you.
  3. Forget about the sleeping pills, it won’t help with the jetlag, and you will feel confused when you land. For long flights, try to get natural sleep.
  4. When you get on board, change the time on your watch to the time of your destination to help your brain get used to it.
  5. To handle it more easily, stay active, move, it will help your blood flow which will help your body feel like it wasn’t stuck for more than 8 hours on a uncomfortable seat.

After you arrive :

  1. Eat 3 meals a day according to the new schedule, even if it means you’re hungry at midnight, you will get used to it.
  2. Enjoy the daylight as much as you can.
  3. Exercise to stimulate the endorphines in your body and erase the tensions in your body.
  4. Sleep as much as usual at night. If you’re still tired during the day, allow yourself to take a nap.
  5. Finally, you can always invest in anti jetlag glasses.




Wissem Habib. France.


“Talking ‘bout war and rumors of war, Talking ’bout the coming of the wars maybe the time is not Far” (High on Fire)

Maria Cristina, Chile


“Because if one of the apples is rotten and you don’t throw it away, don’t come here to ask to me, why are  all the apples rotten“

said the United States President (Donald Trump) who decided to  not be part of the signed treaty in The Cold War anymore. The purpose of the treaty is to limit  most of the countries that were part of the Cold War to not build nuclear weapons. Now it is in a serious danger because  Russia randomly decided to not be part of this treaty either. The world is on alert and worried about what is going to happen, but if you don’t know what I’m talking about, let’s go to see what happened four weeks ago, when the U.S accused  Russia of violating the treaty, and that accusation gave rise to many debates and discussions that finally provoked both countries “to throw away this important treaty”.


(American (left) and Russian soldiers shake hands on April 24, 1945 at the destroyed bridge over river Elbe as both troops meet at Torgau, Germany)

And now that not one of these countries is part of this treaty, they  don’t have anything that can stop them from embarking on new nuclear weapons. The different governments around of the world are worried about what could be the next step of both countries. Then  a year ago the Russian debuted their new nuclear weapon, Sarmat ballistic rocket .and that doesn’t have any limit of distance.The world is intrigued about what is going to be the next step and what will the world do to surprise us.


(One of the pictures that the Russian government public)

But the most important for us is ‘what do you think about it? Do you think that they are going to attack each other? Well, in this moment most of the people is just intriguing. about what the government is going to decide but most of the people don’t really see Russia like a possible threat. and they even think that in a time all is going to get better and this two amazing countries are going to have a friendly relationships in the future.

But in this moment when we asked to the people. they are more worried about the nuclear weapons in north Korea and Kim Jong-Un. and if he it is reflect on about do a new movement about nuclear weapons. the people still a pretty worried about it because as we know they hadn’t been show some wish of be part of some kind of treaty for avoid the nuclear weapons and even if the meeting of two weeks ago where both countries had a really friendly manners in comparison of the meeting of January, where the situation was really no-cool, especially for the hard comments of president Donald trump on twitter were toward direct and explicit about north Korea and his leader, both countries showed really positive about this and think that this can be the first step for the denuclearize but even with this conspicuous progress we have to remember ”if you don’t give water to the flowers they will never bloom”.


The Story of Queen

Alberte Lynge, Denmark

Insted of writing an article, I chose to make a video about my topic. I made a video about Queen (the band) because I love Queen’s music and I think they have an interesting story. Queen also made such a massive impact on millions of people. Even a lot of young people today listen to their music and I wanted to show how great they were. They are legends and their music will live on forever.

Why Do Students All Around the World Decide To Study Overseas ?



Thank you to all the students for their participation.

Wiwi : Personally, the reason I decided to study abroad, here in Santa Barbara, CA is mostly because I want to live in North America when I’m older so I wanted to improve my english, my accent, but above all to simply discover this country because it’s my first time here. I actually really like it but I think I might be overdosing on junk food.

Cam : The reason why I decided to study abroad in Santa Barbara is because I want to improve my english and because I really love to travel, so study here it’s the perfect deal.

Cam, Wiwi and Lola.


Barbara Cid, Chile.

Felipe Gonzalez, Uruguay.

All the people want a very nice house, with the garden, with living room, a place where we can feel comfortable. That comfort helps us to feel good and that other people who visit our house also feel comfortable.

It would be illogical to think that the owner of the house could carry out acts that are deteriorating in his home.

However, that is exactly what happens with humanity and it’s home, the planet earth. We are destroying that environment in which we live everyday.  The earth is a perfect habitat, it regenerates, it nourishes itself. It’s a natural process.

This process is hampered and one of this consequences is global warming. At the same time, it generates other phenomena such as climate change, floods, among others.


What is this process really about?

Global Warming, as it’s name implies, is the progessive increase in global temperature. The atmosphere and the seas experience an unusual increase in their temperatures, causing several negative consequences to the ecosystems. The science, on the one hand, has shown that our planet has gone through normal processes of heating and cooling througout of thousands or millions of years.

However, now, the accelerated pace of human life, in all aspects, is causing changes in the composition of the earth in less than a century.  Activities such as deforestation and excssive production of gases that cause greenhouse effects, amoung other, have contributed to global warming.

And now the most important task. How can you help reduce the effects of global warming?

The answer is simple: Saving energy. In this way, natural resources are better preserved. Do not waste, for example, electricity, water. A small task, but it generates great benefits.

Above all, the difficult thing is to create a sense of responsability in people.


The Differences between France and the USA

I would like to talk about the difference between France and USA.

I come from to France and it’s important for me explain the big difference between two big countries in the world.

In a first time I would like to talk about the Police:

In France. The Police aren’t respected because the authority is not applied and the punishements remains very lax.

In the USA the Police is very respected and the authority is most present.
The punishements are very strong, but it’s a good idea to show the example and not give second chance.

In second topics I would like to talk about the mentality:

France is a country with a bad mentality , the French people, not every people, but a big part complain because there are  lot of taxes and disadvantages.

During the past far months ,  the concept “Yellow jacket” is protesting only saturday in every center all city to France.

The french people demonstrate for lowering the price of gasoline but after two month the President of Republic France decided to maintain this new price by promising not to increase it but not to reduce and  increases by 100 Euros on the minimum salary but the french people want even more.

The United States has a different mentality but it remains better than that of France because the American people do not complain and work maybe more. Americans are happy for those who have more than them. In France a citizen rolls in a beautiful car the French are going to ask how to make sure he does not roll in a nice car, while in the United States it’s the opposite Americans will ask how I can do for to ride in a nice car like him.

To conclude, there is a lot of jealousy in France because some French do not accept the success of some.


Sacha Ivars , France


Yellow jacket

It is happening in France, started few month ago. Yellow jacket it’s a kind of revolution by people who are not agree with lot of thing.

First they said that its was just because of the augmentation of the price of the gasoline, so they have stopped some car on the road.

But after they started to contest the president and broke lot of thing like some car and building.