What to Visit in San Francisco

By: Luz Eliana Calderón – Colombia

Kamarya Sitanada – France

City by the Bay

San Francisco is called City by the Bay for its location on the bay and this city should be an essential stop on your route along the West Coast of the United States.

If you are going to visit San Francisco nowadays, there are a few things you will definitely want to see:

The Golden Gate Bridge.


The first to see, of course is the majestic Golden Gate. Did You Know the US Navy was planning to paint this famous bridge in black and yellow stripes?!

The reason was is that the weather was frequently foggy; but before, the bridge had to be painted in red to protect the steel. The architect liked its appearance so much that he decided to leave it as the final color, “International Orange.”

The Pier 39

Put this spectacular Place on your list of your things to Do in San Francisco, with Sea Lions, Waterfront Seafood Restaurants, Top Shopping, Attractions and Bay views, Including The Aquarium of the Bay.

PIER 39 Was Named the Most-Visited attraction in San Francisco by San Francisco Travel Association’s 2019 Visitor Profile Study.

San Francisco Seven´s Painted Ladies

They have always been referred to as the Seven Painted ladies, However, It Seem This Name Took hold in 1978 When Authors Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen Wrote a Book about These Homes.

Other Painted Ladies Can Be Found in Many Other Cities, But You Asking Yourself Why? Because Painted Ladies Does Not Refer to These Homes in particular. All Homes Made in The Victorian or Edwardian Architectural Style that has at Least Colors or More.

And One of the Seven Painted Ladies Has a Tiny Museum, Could you Guess Which It Is? That Will Be Your Next Homework When You Are There.


Did You Know That San Francisco Has The Most Hugest The China Town Outside of Asia? There Live More Than 100.000 People and Besides That, This Is The Oldest of North America.

When You are There, You cannot miss the opportunity to Take a Picture in The Precious Door Dragon´s Gate.

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