The Best Experience I’ve Had for the Moment

By Mariana Tobón (from Colombia)

Since I started to travel with my family and even alone visiting different countries, I had never felt that freedom to do whatever I wanted to without asking my parents or my guardian at that moment. Then I found EF last year ( 2019), and I planned my trip to go to Malta with them to study English. I chose Malta because it was the cheapest course they offered me at that moment. Even though I didn’t know anything about Malta ( like the location, culture, weather, even the main language where they also speak English), I decided to travel there.

When I arrived in Malta, I was so nervous because my English at that moment wasn’t good. The first person I met there was my host mom when I showed up at her house ,which was 20 minutes walking towards the school, then my roommate that night. The class schedule for each week , EF had prepared a welcome party on Mondays, a midweek party on Wednesdays and another on Fridays. Thanks to them I met lovely new people easily and make new friends.

Malta is an archipelago located in the central Mediterranean below Italy. It’s famous for its diving, architectural sites, and festivals. Malta is also a popular film location. Some films like Gladiator, Troy, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Game of Thrones have scenes filmed on their landscapes. I could visit some of the most famous places.

Valleta is the capital of Malta

Popeye village

Malta has been the most awesome experience in my life for the moment. I got to know new different cultures, meet lovely people who are still my friends, and I created unforgettable memories that will last forever.

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