I Recommend Sushi TOP 5

Hi everyone!
Do you like sushi?
Today I introduce 5 of sushi!!!!!
(I used this site let you check https://www.hamazushi.com/menu/ )

まぐろたたき (Tuna tataki)

This sushi is Chopped tuna. If you like tuna, you should try it!

甘海老 (sweet shrimp nigiri)

Have you eaten the sweet shrimp?
Sweet shrimp is smaller than normal shrimp, but sweeter than normal shrimp.

納豆 (Natto)

Soy beans you must try it.

(miso soup)

Best eating it timing is between two sushis.
It’s very good!

サーモン (salmon nigiri)

Best of nigiri.
Salmon nigiri has multiple types.
Let’s find your best salmon nigiri!


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