Cities to visit in France

By Nina KETFI, France

The first city, i would visit if I was a visitor from another country would be Paris. Paris is the capital of France. And the Tour Eiffel is not the only building to visit. You can go round the Louvre museum (le musée du Louvre) or the tour Montparnasse. You may also visit l’Arc de Triomphe (on the photo) or follow the reconstruction of Notre-Dame-De-Paris because it has been burnt in 2019. Those buildings are the most important and famous, but you can also just see and walk around the streets in this beautiful city.

Bordeaux and Nouvelle-Aquitaine, if you wanna eat well and taste new flavors or go to the beach, go pack and come in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Bordeaux is the city of wine, entrecôte and also seafood. Have you ever tried escargots (snails) Oyster ? You’ll find them all there. But don’t eat just food ! You can also visit many monuments. You want to know about the history of Bordeaux, go to the Basilique Saint-Michel. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about this historical monument and this beautiful city.

Marseille. If Marseille is known for its ports and its boats, it is beacause it’s worth it. As you can see on the second photo you will be able to find coves like this one where the view is beautiful.Most of the french shows, series are filmed in Marseille.

I’m gonna share my personnal opinion about Marseille because I think it is a beautiful city that I’ve never visited. Marseille is also known for her footbal team, maybe in a bad way but at least they’re known… I know that once in my life I have to go to Marseille

And here is one of my favorite city ! I think Nice is a mix between most of the cities in France. The sun, the boats, the beach. You first have to visit Paris because it is the capital and the city about France. Then I advise you to visit Nice, as you see on the pictures on the right, this is a beautiful city with so many different landscape.

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