Method to Make Children Remember the Planets in the Solar System

By Paola Liao from Panama

Astrology is not a topic that many people are interested in, and many times that can be detrimental for future generations. At the beginning maybe you think this article is kind of ridiculous, but, if the title caught your attention, then you know that your child needs it, not only to remember the planets, but also to expand his imagination and make his mind open to new ideas at an early age. Today, most parents have a hard time making their children understand the importance of being creative. Technology opens doors for them as well as closes them, and that is a problem because today if you ask a child, Do you know the planets? the first thing he will do is look at his electronic device and that is what we do not want. Well I will share my opinion so I hope this article is helpful.

Let’s started to describe some planets:

Mommy Earth

To keep a child interested, you must make what you try to explain arouse their curiosity, and that is why we are starting with Mommy Earth. Our Planet Earth is HOME and you can feel it when you are with your mother; it is warm as when she hugs you; she is a big circle and her favorite game is spinning all day; she likes to wear blue, green and white. Just as you love and take care of mom, you should also do it with Mommy Earth.

Mars The Grumpy One

Mars is always angry with everything and everyone; his favorite color is red and he will not accept another; Mommy Earth is always surprised that despite being small he has the temperament of a thousand demons; Mars the Grumpy won’t say it, but of all planets he prefers Grandpa Jupiter.

Grandpa Jupiter

Grandfather Jupiter is the greatest and oldest of all the planets; She likes to think that she doesn’t know that he is Mars’ favorite and considers all the planets her grandchildren, well except Mommy Earth. She is a bit scary sometimes and her job is to watch over the Vanity Saturn.

Vanity Saturn

Vanity Saturn calls herself the most beautiful and curious of the planets (that is what she says), but it cannot be denied that it is true either; what makes it so fantastic is the shape of it that from afar the gases and dust look like huge rings; she always boasts of being the first to be seen with a telescope. What all the planets agree on is that she wouldn’t be Saturn without her rings.

In this article I have only described four planets, but now I have given parents ideas on how to open their children’s minds. If they like my teaching methods, I will post another article on the other planets or any other topic that is difficult to understand for your children.

I wish you the best, thank you very much for reading.

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