It’s a very small island, near Sicily in the Mediterrean sea. They used to be under British rule but they have been Independent since 1964. So everyone speaks English, locals can also speak Malterese, which sounds like Arabic, English and Italian. The climate of Malta is typically Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers, warm and sporadically wet autumns, and short, cool winters with adequate rainfall. So the best time to go there is during summer and spring. 

I went there for the first time with my friends three years ago. We loved it as much as we came back every past year there during summer , so for 3 consecutive years we had our vacation there in July or August for two weeks. We met a lot of people who were from everywhere, like Spain, France and Italy, so it was good also for new friendships!

There’s not a lot of things to do, but we liked the people, stay there in the beach and the atmosphere. During the night you can have fun in a famous part of the Island called Paceville, in which you can find a lot for pub, disco and cool restaurants:


During the day indeed you can visit some beaches, there’s not a lot of it, but these are so good. For example: Mellieha, Golden bay and Ramla bay. There are another different beaches you can visit which aren’t with sand but with rocks, still so beautiful to visit and stay there. Melliha is the famous one, It’s pretty good but alway crowded, so I don’t really like it, I prefer another beach called Golden bay, everybody doesen’t want to go there beacuse it’s take a lots of time go there and the way it’s pretty difficult.

Malta is very famous for its history, it has a lot of museums and archaeological sites, I went to all of them. It was a really interesting and great visit even if you have to walk a lot. These are the name of archaeological sites that I think everyone has to visit if come to Malta:  Scorba, Ta Hagrat, Hagar Qim and Tarscen, 

There’s some photo:

Also Malta, being in the mediterrian, has very good food. The typical meal is the Ftira panino, a typical sandwich in which there are olives, tomatoes, tuna capers and olive oil. I tried it and It’s so good! Another typical meal is fish, every type of fish, all the maltenese people are so good at cooking it. There are also some good Pizzeria, even if you are not in Italy you have to try it because they are so good at cooking it!

You can arrive in Malta easily with its airplane company called AirMalta, you can find a really good price and it’s so comfortable. Probably the travel in an airplane might be turbulent because of the wind in the sea. 

As far as your money goes, Malta is one of the best buys in Europe. All the meals are under €10 ($13), guesthouses for €60 ($79) per night. Plus cheap local wine and lots of pastizzi (ricotta-filled pastries) and pizza for less than a euro each! So yeah I really love Malta also for this, all the things are so cheap.

Caterina Zanetto

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