Michael scioli, Spain

  • What your name?


  • And your second name?


  • How many people are living with you at your host-family?

-There are living 3 people right now

  • Where are you from?

-She is from Belgium

  • Where are you living?

-She’s living at Goleta

  • How far are you from the school?

-30 minute in bus

  • Did you need to take a bus to come to school?

-Yes she takes a bus to come to school

  • How do you feel in the school?

-She feels very good and really fine with the teachers

  • Are you studding for job or only for the language?

-Yes, she’s studying for his job

  • What’s your favorite food?

-She likes everything but also she don like frog legs

  • Do you like animals and do you have some pet at you home?

-Yes, she has 2 horses, 2 turtlesand some goldfish 

  • Do you think the English language is the most important language in the world?

-Yes she does but she thinks that Spanish is very important too

  • Do you think American food is healthy?

-No because there are so many fast-food restaurants and the healthy food is expensive

  • Do you like to do some sport?

-Yes, she rides two horses

  • What do you think about these 15 questions

-Yes it was interesting


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