The Spanish Michael Scioli’s Interview

 By Margaux Borgniet, Belgium 

1) What’s your name?
2) Where do you come from?
3) How old are you?
4) Why are you here?
    To learn English for his work
5) What’s your favorite city in the world? And why?
    Naples because Italian food is the best
6) What’s your biggest dream in your live? And what are you able to do to achieve it?
    To be an Airplanes mechanic in Dubai
7) What’s your image of the perfect live?
    To earn a lot of money and help the poor people
8) What are your biggest fears?
    Lose his car’s keys
9) If you were very rich, what would you do with your money? And why?  
    Help poor people, because when you die nobody can take care of your money so it’s better to give it to       poor people
10) If you had the possibility to create a new product, what would it be? (Clothes,    technologies,…)
     A chip to put in your skin that is able to give you the knowledge of languages

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