How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Luna, Belgium

Having a healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy mindset. You need to be in peace with yourself to be able to have access to that stable lifestyle you want. It’s all about finding that balance between self-care and allowing yourself to have a treat. It is important to know how your body works and how to improve your way of living.

The motivation and will to become healthy comes from within and you are the only person controlling your body. If you really want it, go and get it. It is as simple as that. You have to find certain sources of motivation to keep track of that lifestyle you want to achieve. As long as your mindset is in a good place, you will be, too !

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One of the first things that is crucial to know and that you’ve probably heard a billion of times is drinking water. It makes you feel cleansed 24/7 and it is recommended to drink 180 ml per day. It will keep your system going and your skin clear!

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Eating healthy always sounds so boring and like it’s something you have to endure, but it is way more easy and delicious than it sounds. You can find tons of easy recipes online that are so healthy and really tasty. Another way to achieve health in general is finding healthier options for things like butter, sugar and other harmfull products we might use a little too much. Coconut oil, Agave syrup are way better options for those two examples. Try to include plant-based products as much as you can in your diet because those are the most beneficial food sources you can eat. Vegetables and fruits are really important but, they’re not the only ones out there ; quinoa, all kinds of rice, grains, beans, lentils … are  fibers and protein sources that are so easy to make, way healthier and better for the environment than meat or fish.

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After you get your diet down and decide which kinds of food are working for you and your inner body, you need to focus on your body image. That is where exercise will become part of your routine. Try to find ways you like to exercise because going to the gym is not always a pleasure for everyone. Dancing, hiking, yoga, swimming sounds like fun to me and are really nice activities you can do with other people.

Finally, you need to see this as a better way of living and not a restrictive way of living. You need to enjoy it in order to maintain it. That’s why balance is the most important thing. You should be able to treat yourself, but have a healthy lifestyle in general.


EF Graduation


On that day, many people of EF students graduated from the school and they passed the exam. EF made a graduation party for them and these are the pictures on that day.

As well as all the students here in EF, they dream of this beautiful opportunity, which is graduation because it’s considered the joy of the final outcome of their efforts of traveling and study.

Finally, I wish all the students success and safe return home. I am waiting for my chance to graduate from the institute to complete my joy and achieve the goal that I came to do. 



How do our eating habits affect the our health

By Rinka Yamada, Japan

I had an image that most people like high calories foods, because all of them are delicious and we can eat them casually like fast foods. So, I decided to search about the relation between the eating habits and health.

 First, I’ll tell you about the topic I’m interested in. It mentions about connection between our eating habits and the health of our gut.

There are over a trillion bacteria and viruses in our bodies or on the surface of bodies. They form the gut microbiome which is the rich ecosystem that plays many roles in our bodies. The bacteria breakdown the food which our bodies can’t digest, and produce important nutrients, and also regulate the immune system. They protect our bodies from germs. Actually, we can regulate the microbe’s balance in our gut by taking care of our eating habits. Eating dietary fiber is most effective way to increase many bacteria. “Short chain fatty acid” which is produced when dietary fiber is digested gives nutrition to the epithelium of gut,  and improves immune function, prevents the inflammation of the gut,  finally it keeps down the risk of cancer. On the other hand, if we continue to eat lower fiber food, the bacteria will  die and decrease the diversity of them. In a certain study, fruits ,vegetables, tea ,coffee ,red wine, and dark chocolate, it was clarified that they were connected with the increase of diversity of bacteria. Contrary to it, high calories and high butterfat foods were connected with the decrease of diversity of bacterias.

From these things, if you want to keep our health of your gut, and prevent diseases, you need to check your eating habits and try to increase good bacteria in your gut.


After I learned the above things, I asked 3 persons about following 4 questions. (All of them is difference age, teenager, middle age, senior)

Q1 What food do you think is the best for your health?

Q2 Do you eat vegetable or fruits every day?

Q3 Do you often eat fast food?

Q4 Which food do you like better, vegetable and fruits or fast food?

Incidentally, my survey was the unexpected result. All of them answered that they eat vegetables or fruits every day, and also, they like them better than fast food. But, I found that they have recognition that vegetable and fruits are most important for our health. This time, I asked only 3 person, so I think I need to ask more people about this. Maybe, I can get the difference result in the next time.


<How do our eating habits affect the health of gut.> by shilpa ravella (TED)

Halloween in Santa Barbara

Mohammed Alnasser, Saudi Arabia

First of all, this is the first time I have visited the U.S.A. and of course it is a nice fun and good experience at the same time. During my stay there were beautiful events and festivals including Halloween.

This was an interesting event for me because it was the first time I have been involved in this event and it was a beautiful experience in my life.

I participated in this celebration with the wonderful EF Institutes and it was a wonderful celebration. My costume was about a character in the circus. We were in competition with most of the students at the institute for the best costume and for the first time I won and I took fifth place.








What To Do in Madrid?

Andrea Rojas Fernandez. Spain.

Madrid is the famous city in the capital of Spain. In this wonderful place you can find many places to visit. There are a lot of museums, parks, historical places and you can discover the magic nights of Madrid. You have to enjoy the fantastic gastronomy that we have here and enjoy the typical afternoon eating “tapas” with your friends, family…


One of my favorite places to pass a fantastic afternoon or night with a couple or my friends is Salvador Bachiller. It’s a place where you can enjoy a fantastic cocktails and also a fantastic dinner with a beautiful and cozy atmosphere.

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The most important place that you have to visit is “Puerta del Sol”. You are going to find the statue of “El Oso y el Madrono”, also you are going to find “El Reloj de la Casa de Correos” is the clock with which we celebrate the new year’s chimes. This place is the Kilometer 0 of Madrid because it is where all the radial roads begin.

puerta del sol.jpg

An important museum in Madrid is The Prado Museum which is the main Spanish national art museum. It is widely considered to have one of the world’s finest of collections of European art. Founded as a museum of paintings and sculpture in 1819, it also has important collections of other types of works.


A place that is going to impress you also is the Royal Palace of Madrid. The Royal Palace of Madrid is the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family in the city of Madrid, but it is only used for state ceremonies. The palace has 135,000 square meters of floor space and contains 3,418 rooms. It is the largest royal palace in Europe by floor area.


In my opinion, you have many places to visit in Madrid, but you cannot leave without seeing these wonderful places and experiences. I’m sure you’re going to want to go back to this gorgeous city.

Free Healthcare in Denmark

Michelle Christoffersen

Healthcare is very different depending on which country you live in. In Denmark, you get free healthcare no matter what age or social class you’re in. You have access to go to a doctor anytime you need to, and if you have a health problem or break a leg, the healthcare covers it.

It is one of the main focuses in Denmark to establish goals for national health policy and determining national health legislation, formulating regulation and providing guidelines for the health sector. The Danish Quality Model was introduced in 2005 and sets a goal to take care of the society and prevent the issue of people being unable to pay their medical bills.

Denmark is one of the world’s leaders in the use of healthcare technology. Practitioners use Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Prescribing to exchange clinical messages (EDI). Physicians have electronic medical records with full clinical functionality. This makes it easier for the hospitals to keep track of their clients, and it’s very clear who the client they’re working with is, and what their medical history is.

The other side of the story is that the Danish government requires high taxes. The average Dane pays a total amount of 45 percent in income taxes. Danish income taxes are based on a progressive tax system, so if you make more than 61,500 euros (about $67,000) per year, an additional tax rate of 7 percent is added over this threshold. Still, 9 out of 10 Danes say that they are happy to pay their taxes. They say it’s an investment in their society. With the free education, free medical healthcare and the laws for parental leave, the Danes simply have less to worry about in their daily lives when it comes to health care, but also in terms of basic needs and survival.

Denmark is a small country, so many may not know exactly how the Danish Welfare Model works, but in this video a Danish politician explains how a woman from Fox News gives false facts about Denmark in the show. He corrects her, and also adds other points about Denmark and the welfare system. I think this woman is saying this stuff to get attention, and I think it is important that people know the truth.

The welfare system in Denmark is helping a lot of people. When I was little, and my mom had just moved to Denmark, we never had to worry about if me or my sister got sick. My parents could save up their money for vacations or nice clothes for me and my sister etc. When my grandpa got sick, the hospital took care of him and we never had to worry about having enough money to save his life. No one in Denmark has to worry about that. Just by being a human, you have the right to medical care and to get the education you want, of course if you work hard for it. I don’t have to worry about money for college, and I get paid for going to school, so my parents don’t have to worry about it either. The welfare system is here to stay, and a lot of countries would benefit from taking notes on what Denmark is out here doing.

Surf: The Last Battle for the World Title

Lucas Michel, France

The last competition of the year is just around the corner, and the title race will end here, in Hawaii. The Brazilian, Gabriel Medina, leads the rankings, while the Australian, Julian Wilson, and the Brazilian, Felipe Toledo, can still hope to take the first place at the end of this last event, the Billabong Pipe Masters, in the legendary spot of Pipeline, Hawaii, where the titleholder is the French, Jeremy Flores.


Medina can secure his second world title if he makes it to the final. So he has to finish 1st or 2nd in the competition. If he finishes 3rd, then Toledo or Wilson have to win the competition to win the World Title. And if Medina finishes 5th or worse, one of them has to finish 1st or 2nd to claim the title, it’s that simple. We doubt that Medina can lose the title, but a surprise can quickly occur. We have already seen some.

He could already be world champion at this time. After the elimination of Julian Wilson in the quarterfinal of the Meo pro Portugal, Medina had to win the competition to be crowned, but destiny wanted it otherwise because he was eliminated at the gates of the final by Italo Ferreira.

This situation is not new for these three surfers. In 2015, this trio were in a six-surfer race for the world title, which went to Adriano de Souza. This time none of them want to miss this new chance.

At the same time, it’s another battle for Joan Duru. The Frenchie spent a difficult year with bad results and was far from the qualification for 2019, but he can hope again after his very good performance in Portugal and his 2nd place. It was his first final of his career and he is now one ranking place below the elite.


I’m really looking forward to this competition which will taking place the 8th to the 20th of December. It’s a beautiful event in a amazing place at the mythical spot of Pipeline. This competition always offers a spectacular show with a lot of surprising scenarios. We can take for example the final of last year between the Hawaiian, John John Florence, and the French, Jeremy Flores. At home, John John dominated the final until the last 10 seconds and the beautiful last wave of Jeremy which gave him the win.



My Experience in Halloween in US

By Victor Potenciano, Spain

This was my first Halloween in another country, and the first Halloween in the United States. I had so much fun. My first idea of my costume was Jeff the Killer, but I didn’t have time to do it so finally I made up my face with white and black paint.

After all the people finish with their costumes, there was a tournament to see who had the best costume, first the teachers and then the students. IMG_20181031_105927.jpgFor the teachers Mr.C and Jeneen won and they wore a costume about spaceman. For the students my last roommate won, Jens and he had a zombie costume very well done.

When we finished the tournament, all the people were free to go where we wanted, so my friends and I went to eat lunch at The Habit, one of the best place to eat hamburgers.

One thing that I love about the United States is the form that the American people do Halloween with the decoration on the houses, and then in the night all the kids with their costumes go out to do trick or treat. In Spain some people do the same at the houses, but it is not like here, but the kids do the same. I went trick or treating a lot of times.

I think experiencing Halloween is one of the best times that I have had in the United States, because I love Halloween, and I recommend to all the people to come here at this time of the year.


080 Barcelona Fashion Week

080m.jpgBy Mireia Bach – Catalonia and the city of Barcelona have a long tradition in the textile industry for centuries that allows us to talk about fashion. We have well known designers and famous brands that show all their work. That’s why the Generalitat de Catalunya trusts them to create the 080 fashion week twice every year. 

Barcelona is home to a growing fashion industry, and twice a year – January and June –  the community shows off its skills at the 080 Barcelona Fashion event. Every year, over 30 brands and designers such as Custo Barcelona, Celia Vela, Ze Garcia, etc.  occupy a new culturally important location to show each design in the catwalk shows with the looks that will be hitting the streets and the most trendy clothes and accessories. New talents combine with well-known international brands to offer to the audiance the opportunity of seeing different styles, trends and new concepts. If you have the pleasure to assist in one of the shows, you can see international famous models walking on the runway such as Ariadna Lima, Winnie Harlow, Irina Shayk, Alessandra Ambrosio, Doutzen Kroes, Miranda Kerr, John Kartajarena and many others. 


However, there is an important problem in this type of event. You can only enjoy the catwalk with an accreditation. There are three types of accreditation. You can have one if you work in the press and you want to report and write about it – Accreditation International Media or Spanish Media -. Another way to get in is by lottery. You need to enter on a web page, fill in the form with your personal information and then just upload it. If you are a lucky person, you will receive an email with your accreditation for you and one companion – Accreditation Open Area -. The last type of accreditation is the Invitations, but normally these are for important people that are involved in the fashion industry.

In my opinion, it would be better if the people who are interested in fashion could enter, at least one time, to see and enjoy the show. It’s too complicated to get in. However, I try to enter every year with any lucky. That’s the reason why one time, I decided to go around the show area to see all the fashion ambient and also celebrities. It was a great day, the opening area was full of bars and food trucks for all the people. Also there were a big entrance for all the famous audience, and you could saw them in the front door while the media press were making some questions to them. 

If you are interested and do you want to get involve in all this life style, you should go there once in a live time!




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The Netflix Hype

Luna, Belgium

Netflix is an American media-services provider founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California. It’s basically a platform that offers a subscription that allows you to have access to multiple series and movies selected by the organization. It has become really popular over the past recent years and the Netflix&Chill Hype has taken over social media. The question is : “How did Netflix change entertainment?”

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Initially, when apps and streaming weren’t a thing they sold DVDs delivered to your door. With time, it became bigger and more popular. This is when Netflix decided to start self-production: “House of Cards” was their first big break and sparked off their popularity. It was the start of a huge amount of Netflix-produced series and even movies. Because they’re only available on that platform, it attracted more people to start subscribing. This is when they decided to introduce binge-watching. By making entire series available, they allowed people to watch series without having to wait a week for the next episode. It gave consumers more control over their time because they could choose when and where they watched their favorite shows. They realized it worked a lot better than building up suspense by making the people wait between each episode.

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Their algorithm is a pretty big deal in the company and every decision that is made is really thought through. Their main goal is still making money and that’s why they can’t put every single movie or series on their platform. They have to make changes and give the subscribers different options at different times. For example, during the wintertime they will make a Christmas section where people have access to all kinds of Christmas-related content. They get people excited by announcing arrivals of different feature shows weeks before so it builds up suspense. For example, three weeks ago they announced that the entire Harry Potter saga will be available on the first of November. This is just a strategy to make sure that people will come back, and it works.

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To conclude, Netflix is a nice and legal way to have access to all kinds of entertainment. It brings people together and allows them to relax without worrying about catching a virus on their computer or wasting hours trying to find a good stream-site with good quality content. I personally use it and I love it a little too much. Almost every night before I go to sleep I watch an episode of my favorite series such as : Grey’s Anatomy, Vampires Diaries, Friends…