How do our eating habits affect the our health

By Rinka Yamada, Japan

I had an image that most people like high calories foods, because all of them are delicious and we can eat them casually like fast foods. So, I decided to search about the relation between the eating habits and health.

 First, I’ll tell you about the topic I’m interested in. It mentions about connection between our eating habits and the health of our gut.

There are over a trillion bacteria and viruses in our bodies or on the surface of bodies. They form the gut microbiome which is the rich ecosystem that plays many roles in our bodies. The bacteria breakdown the food which our bodies can’t digest, and produce important nutrients, and also regulate the immune system. They protect our bodies from germs. Actually, we can regulate the microbe’s balance in our gut by taking care of our eating habits. Eating dietary fiber is most effective way to increase many bacteria. “Short chain fatty acid” which is produced when dietary fiber is digested gives nutrition to the epithelium of gut,  and improves immune function, prevents the inflammation of the gut,  finally it keeps down the risk of cancer. On the other hand, if we continue to eat lower fiber food, the bacteria will  die and decrease the diversity of them. In a certain study, fruits ,vegetables, tea ,coffee ,red wine, and dark chocolate, it was clarified that they were connected with the increase of diversity of bacteria. Contrary to it, high calories and high butterfat foods were connected with the decrease of diversity of bacterias.

From these things, if you want to keep our health of your gut, and prevent diseases, you need to check your eating habits and try to increase good bacteria in your gut.


After I learned the above things, I asked 3 persons about following 4 questions. (All of them is difference age, teenager, middle age, senior)

Q1 What food do you think is the best for your health?

Q2 Do you eat vegetable or fruits every day?

Q3 Do you often eat fast food?

Q4 Which food do you like better, vegetable and fruits or fast food?

Incidentally, my survey was the unexpected result. All of them answered that they eat vegetables or fruits every day, and also, they like them better than fast food. But, I found that they have recognition that vegetable and fruits are most important for our health. This time, I asked only 3 person, so I think I need to ask more people about this. Maybe, I can get the difference result in the next time.


<How do our eating habits affect the health of gut.> by shilpa ravella (TED)

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