Top 5 films

There are a lot of films I really like. It also depends in what mood I am. But here’s a list of movies which I can watch several times and they still don’t get boring.

  1. Gladiator

It’s a film playing in the Roman Empire and it contains some historical facts. Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russel Crow), a general in the Roman army, is the main character. It’s the emperors will that Maximus will be the next emperor of Rome and save it from corruption. But Maximus don’t want to. The emperor gets killed by his son, who wants to become emperor. Because he thinks Maximus won’t be loyal he wants to kill him. He survives but they already killed his family. He becomes a gladiator and hopes to get his revenge.Gladiator-300x169

  1. V Like Vendetta

It’s a film where you have to pay attention. There are lots of good conversations, which also could be transferred to our time. The main point of the film is that the government should not become too mighty and that the nation should never be afraid of their own government.


  1. Tears of the sun

It’s a film based on a true story. It’s about a soldier (Bruce Willis) who has to evacuate some European citizens out of an African country because of war. He gets into a moral conflict because the Europeans are there with a lot of African people. Should he follow his orders and let them die or should he try to save them and risks his life and mission.


  1. Now you see me

“The closer you get the less you see”. Remember this sentence if you watch the film. It’s a film with magician who play with the FBI but they follow a secret plan.  I’m sure you won’t get it till the end 😉


  1. The Intern

Because of a community project a 70 year old man (Robert De Niro) becomes an intern. At the beginning everyone is thinking it’s a crazy idea to have such an intern. But with his experience, patience and vitality he supports where he can and the young begin to appreciate him. This film shows that even if your old you don’t have to hide. Even if the young mean to know everything better, they will never have the same experience.


My free time

Tamia Beck, Germany.

The Top 5 things what I do in my free time

My favorite things that I do in my free time is that I have time with my boyfriend. I have a lot of plans that I want to do with him when I return home. I want to go to the “hamburger Dom” with him, and it is a funfair. The funfair comes four times a year. There are different funfairs: winter funfair, spring funfair, summer funfair (which I prefer) and the fall funfair.  I will go with my boyfriend to the summer funfair, because the summer funfair will be happening for only one week more in Hamburg when I return. I think it will be fun! I love to ride the rollercoasters so I will ride a lot of rollercoasters with my boyfriend!

hamburger dom (Hamburger DOM)

I also want to go with my boyfriend to the cinema and eat nachos and popcorn, and I hope there will be nice movies in the cinema. But I looked on the internet to see what movies are coming to town, but it doesn’t look like there are any good ones yet. When there are only bad movies in the cinema than I think we will make a at home movie night.

uci (The cinema)

I like to spend my free time with my best friend Jenny. We always meet at a shopping center which called “Alstertal Einkaufszentrum (AEZ).” We are always meeting at Starbucks to order a nice drink, and we talk about everything!

aez ( The “AEZ”)

But I think the best thing that we ever did, was to go to the Holi Festival. It was the most fun we ever had, and we looked so funny after that, because we were covered with colorful dye after that. We looked like rainbows.

holi (The Holi Festival)

And what I have done since I was 3 years old is dancing. I love to dance. I think it is the only sport which I like apart from going to the gym. Dancing is my hobby since I can remember. I will probably have to make a break when I return to Germany, because my teacher will have a baby, and I have to study a lot for my high school education. I am very sad about that. But I think I will start one day again!

hip hop (I dance Hip Hop)

But at the end I like to do all of these things, some are a little bit more expensive than the other ones, but when you do it one time in the year I think it is ok. I think the best things you can do in your free time is, to spend your time with friends or your family, so with people who you love!

friends (Friends or Family)

My Top Five

Sara Karissa Matus. Colombia

  1. Music

Music, like movies, can make people feel many different things, but it takes just 3 minutes to do it. I like listening to music because it makes life much better no matter the genre or the rhythm of the song. I don’t care if the song makes me sad or happy, either way I love listening to music especially to my favorite bands which are The Killers, Years and Years and Coldplay.


  1. Dogs

Dogs are my favorite animal, they are really nice and beautiful, and they are a great company for people. I love every dog breed, especially the Siberian husky, the Bulldog, the Golden Retriever and the German Shepherd. What I like the most about dogs is that they are happy, loyal, full of energy and very intelligent, making the people around them happy, too. From my point of view, we must protect dogs from animal abuse because they are innocent creatures that were manipulated for men’s purposes and it’s not fair that the same creature that “created” them is now trying to harm these animals that can’t defend themselves from human kind and did nothing but being loyal and friendly mankind.

  1. Movies

Watching movies are one of my favorite things to do because they capture what people wish the most for their lives. Movies let me imagine a different world, whether it is a fantasy movie or a horror movie, by forgetting about the real world for two hours. My favorite genres are fantasy, drama, romantic comedies and tragedies.

  1. Dancing

My fourth favorite thing to do is dancing because you can just be yourself and express your personality throughout dancing. For me, dancing sets me free because I can move the way I want even if I am bad or good. I really don’t care if there is someone judging me, because is something that everyone can do without any special rules.

  1. Sanguare

Sanguare is a natural reserve in Colombia that I visited four months ago with some friends; it was really nice and beautiful there and it is one of my favorite locations because it’s the perfect place to relax, rest, enjoy and at the same time have fun. The beach at Sanguare is the best because the sea is really calm and the sand is really soft, the food is great and the people are very kind. The things that I enjoyed the most were snorkeling in the coral reefs just watching the small fish working together to sustain their ecosystem and going to the “Laguna Encantada” where the luminescent plankton shone in the night making us look like holograms inside the lagoon.

My Top 5 Favorite Songs


By  Gabriel Cruz , Colombia

This songs and bands have been always  very important for me and had been with me and all in different stages of my life , so this are my favorite 5 songs…



I grew up listening to Metallica, since I was 7 I started to like this kind of music so you can say that it’s my favorite band, this is my favorite song because it has a fast, strong and powerful rhythm, the singer (James Hetfield) has a unique voice, a powerful voice, I like all Metallica songs but this especially cause it was the first I heard.


Click ->Metallica – One Song


I like this one because is from their beginning when they had a fast alternative rock style, this song is pretty hard to play on guitar or drums because is really fast and you have to change the rhythm constantly this is my second favorite band.


Click ->Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor Song



Again with the Arctic Monkeys, since the beginning they had changed their style from a fast alternative rock to a soft indie rock, but that doesn’t matters because is still amazing music, I particularly like this song cause it has a very unique rhythm very alternative and the lyrics are kind of good, you feel that you’re in other world with Alex’s voice.


Click -> Arctic Monkeys – Arabella Song



And again with the monkeys, it’s very soft but also with a little bit rocky, the singer (Alex Turner) has a very amazing deep voice, you get involved in the song with all the instruments and each one of them plays an important role to get a pretty good song.


Click ->Arctic Monkeys – Black Treacle song



This song is in Spanish but you can always find the lyrics in your language , the good thing about this song is that has a very good message and I think almost everyone had been over this situation , beside that the rhythm is amazing and yes its rock but soft , another amazing band , and actually is from my country , so enjoy it.


Click ->Don Tetto – Mi Error




Top 5 Favourite Things In Life

Irmak Akgurle, Turkey

Media and Journalism

  • Sleeping

Sleeping is one my favorite things because I love sleeping and I can sleep anywhere, like at school, at the doctor’s office, etc. I love sleeping because I can get rid of my tiredness. That’s why it’s my number one favourite things to do.


  • Music

Music is number two in my top 5 because I listen to music all the time, for example when I’m on the road, trying to sleep or reading books. I think music is the best hobby if a person wants to escape from reality. Also you can listen to music in any mood for example, when you’re depressed, stressed, happy… My favorite singer is Sia because she has a beautiful voice and her songs’ lyrics are so meaningful.


  • Movies

Movies are my number 3 free time activity because when I watch a movie I always imagine like I’m in that movie playing my role and getting excited. It doesn’t matter if I have an exam or a homework.  I dream about being in that world but I don’t want to be an actress. My favorite movie is About Time and it’s about two person who falls in love. But the movie mainly focuses on the importance of timing.


  • Swimming

I love swimming a lot because when I swim I can reduce my stress and relax. Also you can lose weight easily thanks to swimming. So that’s why I wrote it to number 4.ia2

  • Water

Water is in my top 5 because I have a body that can easily gain weight. So when I feel like I’m hungry I drink water instead of eating something.



Crazy Questions!!!

Michael Scioli , Gabriel Cruz , Khaled Aljaeed

Well let’s do some crazy questions to different people and see that the answer to our crazy questions because not all think the same and try to see the difference between people.


The question will be very different from each other, so people will not know what kind of question we are going to tell.






1-What would you do if it were the last day of the world???


2-What would you do if you win the lottery???


3-What would you do if your girlfriend tells you she is pregnant of four months????


4-What would you do if Marvell movies were not fiction but reality?????


5-What would you think if men would be those who could become pregnant?????


6-A world without alcoholic beverages would be better???


7-Who is the person that you would never want to meet???


8-Who would you really like to punch in the face???


9-what turn you on about the opposite sex???


10-Do you think some of theseuy question can happen to you ???