Crazy Questions!!!

Michael Scioli , Gabriel Cruz , Khaled Aljaeed

Well let’s do some crazy questions to different people and see that the answer to our crazy questions because not all think the same and try to see the difference between people.


The question will be very different from each other, so people will not know what kind of question we are going to tell.






1-What would you do if it were the last day of the world???


2-What would you do if you win the lottery???


3-What would you do if your girlfriend tells you she is pregnant of four months????


4-What would you do if Marvell movies were not fiction but reality?????


5-What would you think if men would be those who could become pregnant?????


6-A world without alcoholic beverages would be better???


7-Who is the person that you would never want to meet???


8-Who would you really like to punch in the face???


9-what turn you on about the opposite sex???


10-Do you think some of theseuy question can happen to you ???

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