My Top Five

Sara Karissa Matus. Colombia

  1. Music

Music, like movies, can make people feel many different things, but it takes just 3 minutes to do it. I like listening to music because it makes life much better no matter the genre or the rhythm of the song. I don’t care if the song makes me sad or happy, either way I love listening to music especially to my favorite bands which are The Killers, Years and Years and Coldplay.


  1. Dogs

Dogs are my favorite animal, they are really nice and beautiful, and they are a great company for people. I love every dog breed, especially the Siberian husky, the Bulldog, the Golden Retriever and the German Shepherd. What I like the most about dogs is that they are happy, loyal, full of energy and very intelligent, making the people around them happy, too. From my point of view, we must protect dogs from animal abuse because they are innocent creatures that were manipulated for men’s purposes and it’s not fair that the same creature that “created” them is now trying to harm these animals that can’t defend themselves from human kind and did nothing but being loyal and friendly mankind.

  1. Movies

Watching movies are one of my favorite things to do because they capture what people wish the most for their lives. Movies let me imagine a different world, whether it is a fantasy movie or a horror movie, by forgetting about the real world for two hours. My favorite genres are fantasy, drama, romantic comedies and tragedies.

  1. Dancing

My fourth favorite thing to do is dancing because you can just be yourself and express your personality throughout dancing. For me, dancing sets me free because I can move the way I want even if I am bad or good. I really don’t care if there is someone judging me, because is something that everyone can do without any special rules.

  1. Sanguare

Sanguare is a natural reserve in Colombia that I visited four months ago with some friends; it was really nice and beautiful there and it is one of my favorite locations because it’s the perfect place to relax, rest, enjoy and at the same time have fun. The beach at Sanguare is the best because the sea is really calm and the sand is really soft, the food is great and the people are very kind. The things that I enjoyed the most were snorkeling in the coral reefs just watching the small fish working together to sustain their ecosystem and going to the “Laguna Encantada” where the luminescent plankton shone in the night making us look like holograms inside the lagoon.

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