Top 5 Favourite Things In Life

Irmak Akgurle, Turkey

Media and Journalism

  • Sleeping

Sleeping is one my favorite things because I love sleeping and I can sleep anywhere, like at school, at the doctor’s office, etc. I love sleeping because I can get rid of my tiredness. That’s why it’s my number one favourite things to do.


  • Music

Music is number two in my top 5 because I listen to music all the time, for example when I’m on the road, trying to sleep or reading books. I think music is the best hobby if a person wants to escape from reality. Also you can listen to music in any mood for example, when you’re depressed, stressed, happy… My favorite singer is Sia because she has a beautiful voice and her songs’ lyrics are so meaningful.


  • Movies

Movies are my number 3 free time activity because when I watch a movie I always imagine like I’m in that movie playing my role and getting excited. It doesn’t matter if I have an exam or a homework.  I dream about being in that world but I don’t want to be an actress. My favorite movie is About Time and it’s about two person who falls in love. But the movie mainly focuses on the importance of timing.


  • Swimming

I love swimming a lot because when I swim I can reduce my stress and relax. Also you can lose weight easily thanks to swimming. So that’s why I wrote it to number 4.ia2

  • Water

Water is in my top 5 because I have a body that can easily gain weight. So when I feel like I’m hungry I drink water instead of eating something.



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