Top 5 films

There are a lot of films I really like. It also depends in what mood I am. But here’s a list of movies which I can watch several times and they still don’t get boring.

  1. Gladiator

It’s a film playing in the Roman Empire and it contains some historical facts. Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russel Crow), a general in the Roman army, is the main character. It’s the emperors will that Maximus will be the next emperor of Rome and save it from corruption. But Maximus don’t want to. The emperor gets killed by his son, who wants to become emperor. Because he thinks Maximus won’t be loyal he wants to kill him. He survives but they already killed his family. He becomes a gladiator and hopes to get his revenge.Gladiator-300x169

  1. V Like Vendetta

It’s a film where you have to pay attention. There are lots of good conversations, which also could be transferred to our time. The main point of the film is that the government should not become too mighty and that the nation should never be afraid of their own government.


  1. Tears of the sun

It’s a film based on a true story. It’s about a soldier (Bruce Willis) who has to evacuate some European citizens out of an African country because of war. He gets into a moral conflict because the Europeans are there with a lot of African people. Should he follow his orders and let them die or should he try to save them and risks his life and mission.


  1. Now you see me

“The closer you get the less you see”. Remember this sentence if you watch the film. It’s a film with magician who play with the FBI but they follow a secret plan.  I’m sure you won’t get it till the end 😉


  1. The Intern

Because of a community project a 70 year old man (Robert De Niro) becomes an intern. At the beginning everyone is thinking it’s a crazy idea to have such an intern. But with his experience, patience and vitality he supports where he can and the young begin to appreciate him. This film shows that even if your old you don’t have to hide. Even if the young mean to know everything better, they will never have the same experience.


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