The first thing on my top-5 list is to travel. Every time I travel and discover new places, I feel alive, much more than in my daily routine. I like to see beautiful landscapes that have not been touched by humans and to feel very small facing this work of nature. I also like to discover new cultures, new food, new ways of living. To travel is the first thing on my top-5 because I feel that I get richer every time I go to new places and that is what I want my life to look like : getting richer not with money, but with people and emotions.



The second thing on my top-5 list is to spend time with my family and my friends. I can be an introvert who likes spending time alone to focus on myself, but when I don’t feel like being alone, I like and need to be with my family and friends. When I am with my parents, we do not necessarily need to talk, just being together is enough. With my friends, I like to go to the beach, to the cinema or to go out and party hard! What I like the most when I am with them is to laugh, because I think it is one of the most important things in life.



The third thing on my top-5 list is the sun. Every time the weather is bad, my mood is bad too, for no particular reason. I like to lay in the sun, to feel the warmth on my skin and every time there is sun I feel happy and I am in a good mood. In my country, Switzerland, there is not a lot of sun and I can really feel the impact on my mood. I might be born in the wrong country and should definitely move to California!



In the fourth position of my top-5 list there is music. I like the kind of songs with deeply meaningful lyrics that make you feel something. It can be happiness, sadness, a feeling of revolt or a feeling of well-being. I think one of my favorite song is “Etre Humain” (which means “Human Being”), of Nekfeu, a French rapper. The song is about how it is rare today to see “a human being being human.” I feel so many things when I am listening to this song : sadness because of the hard truth that he says, but also hope to see that some people are aware of what the world has become and aware that we have to improve our behavior towards one another.lysmusic-quote

The last thing on my top-5 list is to read. Once again I like the feeling of escaping by reading. I can also live a whole new life without leaving my bed, or learn to know better some cultures or ways of thinking. I think we sometimes need to escape the reality and, in my opinion, reading is one of the best ways to do it, because you still have the freedom to imagine the story as you want it to be in your head. Also, when you read someone else’s biography it can help you to step back from your own life and to realize that you are lucky to have what you have. Indeed, reading can be a way to have more weapons to face the reality and the everyday problems.


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