Why People Buy Designer Brands

Michelle Christoffersen, Denmark

A lot of people seem to be obsessed with buying designer brands, even when they can’t afford them. Why is it so important for people, and what is the psychology behind it? Self-esteem has a lot to do with this, and many people maybe feels that they have something to live up to. They want to have the same stuff as their friends, people they see on Instagram or their favorite celebrity. They feel like the society is evolved around materialistic stuff and that it gives you status to have the brand new designer handbag.

Back to social media and the internet, it has become the best way for businesses to advertise their brand name and their products. On Instagram for example, a business can make influencers wear their clothes and advertise their brand for them. Young people see these celebrities and influencers and want to have the same things as them, hoping that they too, can get a little of the glam. Self identity and social status plays a big role here, because people want to represent a certain kind of type. The clothes they wear represent which kind of person they are (or want to be).


A good reason for buying designer brands is, that it is good quality and there is a big chance that a pair of jeans from a designer brand is gonna last longer than one for $25 in Marshalls. Designer brands are usually made from finer fabrics and have superior stitching compares to those of bargain stores. But then again, if you can’t afford it, it is not a good enough reason that it is better quality if it costs you $200 more and a big loan on your credit card.

Brand loyal costumers to a certain brand, also explains why people sometimes pay overprice just for the brand. Apple inc. is a good example for this. A lot of their costumers are ready to by the new IPhone, Ipad, MacBook etc. from them no matter the price and even though brands like Samsung and Microsoft often gives a better quality and system in their technology compared to Apple. The costumers don’t care. They are brand loyal and they are comfortable with the brand, so that is where they are gonna stay. It’s the same with clothing and accessories brands.

I have been guilty of buying things that are maybe a little overpriced because I wanted the brand, I think a lot of us have. Sometimes it can be okay to give yourself a little extra nice thing, but you shouldn’t be in debt for it, you should save up and only spend the amount you really can afford. I think our society today, evolves a lot around materialistic stuff and who has the most expensive and trendy stuff. That’s why a lot of people feel the need to buy these things, because everyone else does it. And who wants to feel like they are worth less than the rest? No one.




The Earthquake in Indonesia

Cedric Dauteuil.France.

Indonesia’s death toll from the earthquake and tsunami which struck  last Friday has risen to 1,234, according to officials.

The figures come after the bodies of 34 students were found in a destroyed church which was hit by a landslide during a bible camp in the mountainous Sigi Biromaru region.

The Indonesian government has begun mass burials for victims – most found in the city of Palu.

On Monday, about 3,000 residents flocked to Palu’s airport, trying to board military aircraft or one of the few commercial flights using the facility only partially operating due to damage.

seisme indonesia.jpg

“Nearly 50,000 people have been displaced from their homes in Palu alone,” Nugroho said,” and hospitals were overwhelmed.”

Many people are believed trapped under shattered houses in the area, where the earthquake caused the ground to heave up and down violently. One official described the twisted buildings and rubble as looking like the town had been “blended”


seisme indonesia 2.jpg

seisme indonesia 3.jpg

The Indonesian Air Force confirmed a Hercules aircraft carrying an unspecified number of survivors were able to leave Palu for South Sulawesi’s capital of Makassar.

More than 100 police officers from the capital, Jakarta, were sent to Palu and additional Hercules aircraft carrying soldiers and supplies, including food and water, from East Java were en route, local television reported.

seisme indonesia 4.jpg

My opinion about that :

I think all of these people need our help. We need to send a food and money for helping all of these people because they have lost everything.

We can create an association for them or just check this association :






The Aquarius is a big boat for the immigrants rescued at sea.

The Aquarius is the last private rescue ship operating in the area used for crossings from Libya to Europe It has been at the center of a row about Europe’s approach to migration since Italy refused to allow it to dock on its shores in June. Last month it spent 19 days docked in the French port of Marseille after Gibraltar revoked its flag. It set sail again last week after first acquiring Panamanian recognition.


The two charities that operate the Aquarius migrant rescue ship in the Mediterranean have urged European governments to step in to secure its future after its Panamanian flag was revoked following alleged pressure from the Italian government.

Médecins Sans Frontières and SOS Méditerranée described the decision by the Panama Maritime Authority to deflag the vessel as “a major blow” to the ship’s humanitarian mission.

They claimed the PMA was forced to revoke the registration after coming under “blatant economic and political pressure from the Italian government”.

The charities are urging European governments to either call on the PMA to reconsider or issue a new flag to allow the Aquarius to continue its work

Italy’s anti-immigration interior minister, Matteo Salvini, has denied that his government was behind the decision to deflag the Aquarius. Writing on Twitter he claimed he did not know the telephone dialing code for Panama


My reaction about that :

I think we need to help  The minors are aged between 13 and 17 and come from Eritrea, Ghana, Nigeria and Sudan, because they need to have a future.

And we need to help them if they are very sick because we have the resources for that.

But i think all the country must participate.





Laia Caballe Curto, Spain.

In this article, you can find the best beaches to surf.

California, it’s the paradise for the surfers because it has the best waves to do it. It’s possible to surf on all the beaches of California. The best time to go surfing is in October or November, but you can do it all the year. Most surfers choose to take the Pacific Highway route, which is the road from San Francisco to San Diego along the coast, where the best beaches are to practice this sport. It is important to mention that the Pacific water is really cold, especially in the north. That means that outside of the summer months and the areas further south, you’ll have to surf with a good team. Below, we offer you a list of the best beaches for surfing in California.


No doubt this is the best area in California to surf, but that also implies that there are many more people in the places, both tourists and surfers. Currently, Orange County is one of the world’s reference points for surfers. If you want to get started in this sport in California, the Santa Barbara area will offer you the best schools.

Rincon Beach
You can find this beach in Santa Barbara. This beach has become a perfect beach for all types of the surf boards. That also means that the beach is often full of people.

  Image result for rincon beach  Image result for rincon beach surf

Malibu Beaches 
Malibu is characterized by having very long waves that allow inexperienced surfers to enjoy the surf and try new techniques by the most expert. It must be said that the entire Malibu area is full of surf spots.

Image result for malibu beaches surfImage result for malibu beaches surf

Venice Beach 
This is characterized by having well-defined waves and not very high, the fact that allows more or less everyone to practice this sport. It is one of the most visited beaches in Los Angeles, therefore, if you are going, you will surely meet a lot of people.
Image result for venice beach surfImage result for venice beach


Dana Point
Located in Orange County, Dana Point is a place to enjoy the surf of California whatever your level, as it is accessible for all types of surfers. It is important to note that sometimes it is possible not to find waves.

Image result for dana point beachesImage result for dana point  surf


The area of southern California is also a very good place to practice the sport of surfing, as it has beaches for both beginners and professionals. In addition, the temperature of southern California is much more pleasant throughout the year, although in summer the temperatures can be too high.

This is considered the best beach to practice surfing in the area of San Clemente, as its breakwaters are impressive and are characterized by  almost always having waves to practice. Anyway, as T-Street is a beach frequented by bathers, they only allow surfing in the early morning and late afternoon during the summer seasons.Image result for t-street surf


Image result for T-Street

Located in the San Clemente area, Trestle is one of the easiest beaches due to the type of waves. Sometimes it can be a bit crowded as many surfers train there.

Image result for trestle beachImage result for trestle beach surf






Black Beach
Black Beach is an ideal surfing beach in San Diego, well known for its huge waves and impressive surf. It is for this reason that, if you are not a surfing professional, it is better to stay and watch the show instead of going into the water. It is also important to note that to get to Black Beach you will have to walk a while and the road is not exactly easy.

Image result for black beach caImage result for black beach ca surf


Cardiff Reef
It is located very close to San Diego. It is one of the most emblematic places in California. Here you can practice surfing all year round and also its waves allow any type of surfer to enjoy.

Image result for Cardiff Reef surf

Image result for Cardiff Reef


The northern part of California is not as well known as the other coasts, but that does not mean it is not a good place to surf. You just have to see the number of surfing sites in this area!

The region of Santa Cruz can be considered one of the nerve centers of surfing in northern California, as apart from enjoying good beaches you can also breathe and live the surf culture in its purest state.

Maverick Beach
This beach located in San Francisco, in the north of Half Moon Bay, is known internationally for being the place where the Great Event takes place, one of the most important surfing championships in the region. Anyway, it is a beach for surfing professionals, which is characterized by having giant waves that can reach up to 15 meters in height, that is why it is not usual to find many people surfing in it.Image result for maverick beach    Image result for maverick beach

Capitola Beach
Located in the area of Santa Cruz, it is characterized by being an ideal place for  beginners in surfing, small waves and crowded beach, thus causing clashes and crossings between surfers.                                        playas donde aprender surf    Image result for capitola beach

Cowell’s Beach
Located in Santa Cruz, it is also a good place for those interested in learning to surf in California, since its waves are quite small and long enough to practice on. Anyway, Cowell’s Beach is a typical place to go to sunbathe in Santa Cruz, therefore it is easy to find many people.

Image result for Cowell's Beach Image result for Cowell's Beach






Natural Bridges
In the Monterrey area, this beach is for surfers who have a good command of the surfboard, since it also has unpredictable waves. Natural Bridges is a place with an idyllic landscape. That is why, if you do not dare to surf, you will also be able to enjoy viewing the waves.

Image result for Natural Bridges monterey beachmejores playas surf california


What If Obi Wan DIDN’T Leave Anakin on Mustafar

By Giulio Monaco, Belgium

Something that always made me sympathize with Obi Wan was the level of pain that he must have gone through when leaving Anakin there burning to death on the lava riverbank. This is someone who was like a little brother to him who he spent almost every day with since they met and taught him everything that he knew in respect to his master’s dying wish. Now one reason I think Obi Wan aged so terribly is because I can’t even imagine the nightmare that he must have gone through while Anakin was burning limbless screaming at him in pain.

Related image

Now what if he hadn’t left Anakin on the floor to die ? What if he walked down the lava riverbank as he slips down with each step ?


Image result for star wars 3 battle

Looking at what Obi-Wan had done and what Anakin had turned into, how it wasn’t supposed to end this way. He grabbed him crying and telling him that he loved him, how he was his brother and that he wouldn’t leave him there. Anakin wanted to reach out and choke him, but knew he was only a fragment of the man that he used to be. Walking back into the ship with Padme and Anakin, they immediately were taken into a medical capsule and Padme to the delivery table. Yoda would come and see Anakin who just didn’t seem like a human anymore with a pain that he had never seen.

Image result for star wars 3 battle anakin suffering

At this moment Obi wan and Yoda saw the Emperor step outside of his shuttle and walk straight towards the Jedi master surrounded by his troops. The battle between the clones and the Jedi start and end quickly. With the use of the force, Yoda threw the clones in the air and pulled them together breaking all their necks. Darth Sidious ignited his spare red light saber and started the battle against Obi wan, blocking all the attempts of Sidious. Obi wan gave time to Yoda to jump and kill Darth Sidious.

Image result for star wars 3 battle yoda vs palpatine

Coming back to the ship, Padme would be next to the bed of Anakin with their two children watching the eyes of Anakin turning blue again. He was safe now. He started to talk with difficulty to apologize for everything that he done, the only thing that he wanted was to save Padme.

Image result for star wars 3 anakin padme


Yoda starts to have new ideas about the force, the dark and light will no more be separated. It’s when we use the two with balance that the result is the best. It’s time for the Jedi to end, a new area will start now with new rules, with less chain than before and it’s only in that way that the tragedies that occurred will never be repeated.

Image result for star wars balance into the force new order symbol the last jedi

My Hobby – Soaring

By Benjamin Frank, Germany

Soaring – or gliding- is a revolutionary, competitive air sport. Gliding offers you a special kind of freedom because it is an extravagant sport. As a gliding pilot, you have to learn reading the environment and all their influences. You have to learn to adapt yourself and to make very spontaneous decisions. You have to understand special weather events, for example; glider pilots have to find unique types of clouds or orthographic places where thermals could exist. (If a glider flies into a thermal he will use this potential energy and will climb into the sky)

Thermal is the right keyword, thermals are one of the most important parts in soaring; they help pilots to stay airborne and fly hundreds of kilometers. As already mentioned soaring is a competitive sport, there are a lot of different competitions; the most famous competition is the so called “Racing Task”. In the Racing Task, the pilots have to fly a special route. The fastest pilot wins; the most famous record in soaring is from a German pilot. On 21 January 2003, Klaus Ohlmann flew- without a motor – a record of 3009KM in less than 12 hours. This record was broken with a Schempp Hirth Nimbus 4DM this is a high performance glider, you can see it on this picture:

Of course there are much better gliders than the Nimbus 4DM, for example the so called “Eta”. The Eta is the best glider in the world, only 7 types were made. It has a span of 31 meters, which is unique in this sport:

You can start with soaring of the age of 14. You can find actually everywhere a soaring club with an own airfield, gliding isn’t (compared to other air sports) expensive you have to pay 600 to 3000 $ per season, it depends on how much you fly and witch gliders you use. It becomes cheaper when many people are in you soaring club, because gliders are very expensive. The most expensive glider is the “Eta”, you can buy one for approximately 300.000-4000.000 $, and of course, you have to pay more than this, you have to pay upkeep and and and…


If this article has inspired you, you can start with this awesome air sport pretty simple! In the first months of flying, you only have to fly with your teacher, bit by bit they will teach you how to fly a glider. After some months and approximately 60 starts with your teacher, you can fly alone. Before you’ll get your global soaring pilot license (SPL) you have to make 300-600 starts by your own, also you have to make complex theoretical test and difficult practical tests. After these efforts you can fly alone, and the first time with passengers, and, of course, you can fly all over the world with nearly all types of gliders.

Thanks for reading!

Now you can take a look at some pictures about soaring/gliding.


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