By Leon Valette,  French part of Switzerland

PNL is a French group composed of two brothers ( Ademo and N.O.S.). Their real names are Tarik and Nabil. They are from a city close to Paris in France. Their father is a Corsian raider who raised them alone without their mother.

They have a little brother named Yanis. At high school they attended hip-hop classes, influenced by  Psy 4 de la Rime Ou Sinik. Tarik started to rap at 15 years old.





Summerburst is a festival that takes place in Sweden every year. It is a festival for you who are over 18 years old due to the alcohol limit. Summerburst started back in 2011 and 2017 will be their 6th year. From the beginning, Summerburst was located only in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. However, today it takes place both in Gothenburg and in Stockholm. The festival itself has increased in popularity the last couple of years. Because of that, people are now hearing about Summerburst around the world. People from all over Europe are travelling to the two biggest cities of Sweden to participate in this festival.


Summerburst are not like other festivals. In Sweden for example, we have a lot of festivals during the summer. Summerburst are not like other festivals because of several aspects. One of them is that the festival itself is clean. Furthermore, due to this, people are not camping on the festival-area. Instead, people staying in hotels or Hostels.



So, what can you do in Gothenburg while staying there? I have only been in Gothenburg while visiting Summerburst, so I am going to focus on Gothenburg. The number one thing that crosses my mind while thinking about this city is Liseberg. Liseberg is an amusement park that is located in the middle of Gothenburg and I personally recommend going there if you have the time while visiting Sweden and Summerburst. Other places you could visit besides Summerburst is Nordstan, which is a big shopping-mal. Besides that, I recommend you to just stroll around this beautiful city. They have a lot of good places where you can eat and a lot of places to sit down for lunch.



Summerburst itself started off as a small festival but is growing every year. More and more people are hearing about this festival and people from all over Europe is now travelling to Summerburst in Sweden. The combination of keeping the festival clean and adding big stars makes Summerburst the number 1 festival to go to. The lineup for 2017 in Stockholm (where I am going) is Justin Bieber, Axwell & Ingrosso, David Guetta, Deadmau5, Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman, Mike Perry and Steve Aoki. If you ask me is quite impressive? The number 1 thing that Summerburst is thinking about is quality before quantity. That is the main reasons why I keep on going back to the same festival every year.




Amanda Svensson


USA Experience

By: Amanda Svensson- Sweden Klara Ek- Sweden Eva Selderbeek- Netherlands

The purpose of this video was to share our experience since coming to the United States. Since we been here we have been on a lot of road trips. Our first trip was to Las Vegas, where we had our first encounter with the real Las Vegas life. We drove through the strip, visited the casinos and even saw a Swedish comedian called Johan Glans.

The second trip we went on was to Los Angeles. We took the train to get there, which was quite an experience. The view from the train was spectacular, it involved a lot of the seaside and many palm trees. While we were there we went to two concerts, one of them was The 1975 and the other one was KYGO. During the day, we visited the known highlights, such as the walk of fame and the Hollywood sign.

Aside from our weekend trips, we also managed to see some of Santa Barbara’s highlights. For example, we went hiking and visited the Santa Barbara Zoo. This was our first experience with traveling through the United States.


Writing Your Own Songs

by Vivian Grunauer, Switzerland

“You don’t need a song, you need a feeling.” This quote is one of the most important aspects if you want to write a song. You can’t just sit down on a sunny afternoon and tell yourself that you are going to write a song now. A song itself is like art. It is complex, beautiful and only the person who wrote it can understand it completely. But if a song is really beautiful, you feel like you are the person who wrote it because you have the same emotions as the writer when you listen to the song. A really good song carries you away, makes you smile or even cry. So if you want to write a song, you need to have a strong emotion or feeling you can write about. vivian


Did you know that more than 70% of all the songs in the world are about love? If you ask yourself why, the answer is pretty simple. As I mentioned before, to write a song you need a feeling, and love is the strongest emotion of all emotions. Everyone knows how it feels to have a broken heart or to not be able to stop thinking about this one special person. Many people are annoyed because there are so many love songs and many of them are about almost the same thing. I don’t think there is any reason to be upset because, if you are really sad and you write a song about that, it can be really releasing and helpful to get over a hard time in your life. Or maybe you feel exactly the opposite. Maybe you are so happy that you want to scream your happiness out into the wide world.

vivian 2

I have never been the kind of girl who writes in a diary. I tried to do that a couple of times but I was always too lazy to write daily. My kind of diary was my songbook. Whenever I felt like something was bothering me I wrote it into that book. Sometimes I just wrote a few words, and other times a whole text. I didn’t turn all of those thoughts into songs but all the songs I wrote had their first appearance in this little book. That’s the reason why my songs are really personal. They are my kind of diary.

Last year, I sang at our city festival with my band “Vie and We.” I had sung at this festival before, but this time it felt completely different to be on stage. On the one hand that was because it was the first appearance of my band on stage, and on the other hand it was the first time that I sang my own songs in public. I was really nervous because I knew that all the people that were listening to me that day would know some of my most personal feelings and thoughts after that performance. But it was totally worth it. To see that the audience liked my songs, that they liked my self-made little artwork, made me very happy. I hope that I’ll have another opportunity like this in the near future.vivian 3

Freddie Mercury

concert freddie

By Michela Jotti, Switzerland

Farrokh Bulsara is the real name of Freddie Mercury. Even his official passport read “Frederick Mercury.” He was born on September 5, 1946 on the East African Island of Zanzibar. He spent his childhood in India, where he attended the St. Peter’s boarding school. Then in 1964 his family moved to London where he studied graphic design at the Ealing College of Art and it’s there that he started using the name “Freddie.”

So he spent his childhood in India, where he started piano lessons at the age of seven. Everybody recognized his talent, but nobody could know he would become so important to rock history. During his life he never thought he was a great pianist. In fact, he was always afraid to play “Bohemian Rhapsody” at concerts, so he started playing the piano less and he danced more. While he was studying graphic design he joined a blues band: The Wreckage. In 1970, he joined the rock band: Smile with Brian May and Roger Taylor, but when he joined the band they changed name to “Queen.”  The last member who joined the band was John Deacon.

In 1973, their debut album “Queen” was released and it was an evolution of rock music! After that, it was history: “Bohemian queen freddieRhapsody” (1975), “Somebody to Love” (1976), “We Will Rock You”, “We Are the Champions” (1977), “Don’t Stop Me Now” (1978), “Under Pressure” (1982). Mercury revealed that three years after they began, they nearly disbanded. Brian May and Roger Taylor argued about everything and Mercury was the peacemaker. They kept going and they learned from their experiences.

During his concerts and videos he seemed like a crazy man, but in his real life he was shy and he didn’t really talk to people who he didn’t know well. People who had the opportunity to know him said that he was the kindest person they had ever known.

In 1970, he met Mary Austin and they lived together for some years, but in 1976, Mercury told her that he liked men. They always remained friends. He said she was his best friend and he often refered to her as his only true friend. In 1985, he began a long-term relationshicrazy freddiep with Jim Hutton, hairdresser. During his many relationships he did extreme things. For example, once he was on a US tour and he found out that the man he was seeing, Tony Bastin, had been seen out with another man. So he paid for a flight for Bastin saying he wanted to see him. When he arrived, Mercury told him it was over and put him on the next plane back to London. He also kept Bastin’s cat.

Hutton was HIV – positive. In fact, he infected Mercury who found out in 1987. He knew that he was dying and you can feel it in the Queen’s last album, for example, in the song “The Show Must Go On”, which describes Mercury’s effort to continue to perform despite approaching the end of his life. Hutton lived with him for his last six years and he was present at Mercury’s bedside when he died in November 24, 1991.

Alternative Rock

by Sofia Rossi, Switzerland

The alternative rock is a genre of rock music that emerged from the independent music underground of the 1980s in United States and in United Kingdom. It’s also called “alternative music”, “alt-rock” or simply “alternative.” The alternative term consisting of music types that differ in terms of sound and social context. Despite being a genre that belongs to rock music alternative rock has many influences from other genres like folk, raggae, electronic and jazz. Today it’s more difficult to describe what alternative music is. Alternative can be described as music that challenges the status quo and that is anti-commercial, and anti-mainstream. However, alternative rock has paradoxically become just as commercial and marketable as rock.R.E.M

Alternative music didn’t become popular immediately. In fact, it became popular in the early 90s. In the 1980s, it was defined by it’s rejection of the commercialism of mainstream culture. Despite this there were a lot of famous bands like R.E.M, The Dream Syndicate, The Feelies and Violent Femmes. These bands were influenced by folk music.


In the 1990s alternauntitledtive rock started to become very popular. The music industry was enticed by alternative rock’s commercial possibilities. The most popular bands were Nirvana, Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dinosaur Jr. and Firehose. Nirvana’s second album, Nevermind, became a real commercial success and it marked the start of the grunge music phenomenon.

Today alternative rock is very popular. After almost a decade of domination by rap-rock and new-metal bands, alternative rock is finally innovative again. Most references to modern alternative rock music in the United States are to the Indie Rock genre. There are a lot of bands who play alternative rock and some of thuntitled2em are Coldplay, U2, Green Day and Bastille.

Alternative music is a varied genre. Over the years the music has changed and it’s constantly progressing. It’s an important genre for the story of the music.