USA Experience

By: Amanda Svensson- Sweden Klara Ek- Sweden Eva Selderbeek- Netherlands

The purpose of this video was to share our experience since coming to the United States. Since we been here we have been on a lot of road trips. Our first trip was to Las Vegas, where we had our first encounter with the real Las Vegas life. We drove through the strip, visited the casinos and even saw a Swedish comedian called Johan Glans.

The second trip we went on was to Los Angeles. We took the train to get there, which was quite an experience. The view from the train was spectacular, it involved a lot of the seaside and many palm trees. While we were there we went to two concerts, one of them was The 1975 and the other one was KYGO. During the day, we visited the known highlights, such as the walk of fame and the Hollywood sign.

Aside from our weekend trips, we also managed to see some of Santa Barbara’s highlights. For example, we went hiking and visited the Santa Barbara Zoo. This was our first experience with traveling through the United States.


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