My Halloween



halloween 1

Well lets start for the night before Halloween. I went partying with my roommates and some friends but without costumes. There were a few people dressed up for Halloween but mostly not.

The day of Halloween my roommates and I were late so we called an uber and we entered class just 20 min late. Then we had a costume party in EF (I was Charmander by the way) and it was so funny. I took a lot of pictures with people in costumes and there were a lot of great costumes and it is always good to see some good costumes.


44dd44d1-d844-4fd8-aa00-c15028265142Then with 2 of my friends we went to the pumpkin patch to take some pictures and to do like “North American” stuff on Halloween. It was really fun and I have great pictures of it.

Then in the night, I went to another party but my roommate and I got lost and we arrived at the party very late. Then the party was very boring so we left and on the way to my house  I saw one of my roommates with some girls in the neighborhood so i told the uber to leave me there and I went walking with them.

Then I arrived to my house and went to sleep.


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