electric vehicles


Electric cars and trucks are powered by electricity, which as an energy source is cleaner and cheaper than oil. Even when the electricity comes from the dirtiest coal-dominated grid, electric vehicles (EVs) still produce less global warming pollution than their conventional counterparts, and with fewer tailpipe emissions (or none at all).California-based Lucid Motors, formerly named Atieva, unveiled a prototype of a luxury sedan the Lucid Air at its unveiling in Fremont

Some of the oil company’s  says that the electric cars can hurts our business in fact electric cars save the planet from smoke and everything but is the problem now that’s is the electric car cost more then gas cars and you need to wait time intell your car get ready to go !

In fact, widespread adoption of electric cars and trucks could save 1.5 million barrels of oil a day by 2035. To get there, we need smart government policies that incentivize investment in clean vehicle technology—helping move America toward a cleaner, safer, Half the Oil future .

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