Halloween in Santa Barbara

Andrea Rojas. Spain

My day started like a normal day. I woke up at 7:00 am and I came to the school. When I arrived at the school, my class was full with people of other level and it was nice because I could meet more people that i didn’t meet before so I liked it.

When I was in class, the teacher brought a lot of muffins and it was fantastic, we started to carve and decorate our pumpkin.

halloween 1.jpg

After doing our pumpkins we went out of class and we started to be with people from other classes and the rest of teacher began to distribute food and it was fantastic. Furthermore , while we made the pumpkins we took advantage of makeup. Moreover we decided to dress up with black clothes because we din’t want to be so disgusted.

halloween 3.jpg

In the school a competition of costumes and pumpkins were organized and it was fantastic and so funny because everybody was so motivated and wanted to participate.

halloween 2.jpg

Finally, to finish my day I went to The Habit to eat with my friends and then I went to State Street to do trick or treat.Yesterday was fantastic!

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